For those who have less time, are here on business trips, or simply are not into trekking, but who want to see Mount Everest, then a mountain flight in Nepal is just perfect!  These flights depart every morning from the airport and take you on about an hour’s journey of a lifetime along with the Himalayan range and as near to Everest as you can get without hiking for days!  And what’s more, on these small aircraft, a window seat is guaranteed!  Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines both have mountain flights.  Just let us know when you would like to go and we will do the rest.

Everest mountain flight

We can also arrange a helicopter tour to take you into the mountains – if you have the budget for this there is a helicopter for you!  Naturally, it costs much more than a seat on a plane but the experience is a bit different also.  Or why not try the, relatively newly introduced, Breakfast on Everest.  There are a couple of options here but basically, the helicopter will take you to a hotel overlooking Mount Everest and other stunning mountains, where you will have breakfast before it flies you back to Kathmandu!  The round trip will take around 3 to 4 hours but the memories will last a lifetime.

Highlights of Mountain flight in Nepal

  • view of high mountains, greenery forests, vast landscape, and diverse ecosystem
  • short Tour which is better for people with less time and does not want to walk
  • view of flora and fauna
  • Flight over valleys and plateaus
  • Relaxing 1-hour trip

The Cost Includes

  • Chartered Helicopter
  • All government tax
  • Sightseeing for 4 hours as per in the itinerary
  • Passenger insurance from the helicopter company

The Cost Excludes

  • National park entry permit (NRS. 3,400 per person)
  • Airport tax (NRS. 200)
  • Any meals, drinks or personal expenses
  • Tips


Day 1
Drive from Hotel to Airport
Day 2
Day 3
Kathmandu to Lukla Flight
Day 4
Refueling in Lukla
Day 5
Lukla to Everest View Hotel or Kongde Resort (Yeti Mountain Home)
Day 6
Frist shuttle three person to Kalapatthar and landing for 10-15 minutes.
Day 7
Kalapatthar to Everest View Hotel or Kongde Resort via EBC
Day 8
Champagne Breakfast while three others will depart for Kalapatthar and EBC
Day 9
Everest View Hotel or Kongde Resort to Kathmandu

Frequently asked Question

How can the middle one enjoy the view with 5/6 people on board?

All six passenger can fly from Kathmandu - Lukla and up to Everest View Hotel or Yeti Mountain Home. Once you get the viewpoint, there will be two shuttle three passenger at a time, so everyone gets the window seat. At the same time, everyone gets the opportunity to spend time at the hotel enjoy the view and time for breakfast while we do the two shuttle. Sometimes the shuttle point could change either Pheriche or the two resort as mentation above. Depending on the weather condition and wind speed the pilot will decide where to make a shuttle point. However, it is still provided time in Everest View Hotel or Yeti Mountain Home for breakfast even if the shuttle point is Pheriche.

What is the weight limit?

As we all know, the Helicopter could only carry limited weight. Especially higher the altitude lower the weight limits for Helicopter. The helicopter used for Everest tour could hold up to 450kg. But after 4,500m Helicopter only could hold 250kg in total. It is necessary that you should provide your weight details while processing the bookings.

What is the Best time to go?

The most uncertain part of the EBC helicopter tour is the weather. It is not only the possibilities for the flight but also the view of what you will get during this tour. This is the only reason; we would recommend you to visit Everest Base Camp on a Helicopter during the best time of the year. Autumn and spring is the best time to plan this tour. From the last week of September to until mid-December is the best autumn weather and during the first week of March to until May also remains the sky nice and bright. This time of the year a large number of tourist visits Nepal. So you have high chances to meet the other group who could share a flight with you.

What types of cloth to wear?

Depending on the season, the weather varies in different elevation and place where you would stop. A universal principle, higher the altitude colder it becomes. So prepared for both low elevation (warm weather) and freezing temperature for high elevation.

Is the helicopter landing at Everest Base Camp?

There will be two choices; either landing at Kalapatthar 5,550m (18,208 ft) or Everest Base Camp 5,380m (17,600 ft). You can't get the view of Mt. Everest from Everest Base Camp. But the Kalapatther is a viewpoint located at higher ground. Most of the tourist who chose to take a Helicopter tour, they land at Kalapatthar from where you will see, extremely close view of Mt. Everest and Basecamp itself. When you take off, a pilot flew over Everest Base camp and returned back to Kathmandu. It is also hard to find a landing spot on EBC due to it is located in the moving glacier. During the Everest expedition month, the climber makes temporary helipad in Base Camp. If you are lucky ever in this region around this time, you may request a pilot for quick landing to get the picture of Everest Base Camp as well. Some pilot may allow you to land in Basecamp some may not.

What are the Cancellation policies due to bad weather condition?

Typically, there is a high chance of flying in a helicopter then regular mountain flight jet. While the regular flight to Lukla is being canceled helicopter could do rescue operation and transport the passenger to Lukla. That means flying option with a helicopter has higher chances. But in case the weather is bad, even the helicopter couldn't make it, your money will be 100% refundable or schedule for the next day. Or Flying to Annapurna Base Camp is also an option.

Can I bring Infant, Child in this tour?

Yes, a child under two years can travel for free of cost and child above two years required to pay the full amount the same as an adult. And it is entirely safe.

Should I worried about altitude sickness?

Not at all! Let me tell you why? 5,550m in 4 hours it may sound crazy but the concern about altitude sickness is the timing and itinerary. As long as you will not spend more time in a high altitude area, you will be fine. Altitude sickness is not something appears instantly when you scale up. It is the matter of a long period when your body changes altitude need more time to adapt with thin air.

Is there supplementary oxygen available on board?

Yes, there is.! The same type of helicopter used for search and rescue does this kind of job, and they always have an extra oxygen cylinder onboard. In case anyone required supplementary oxygen.

Is the Helicopter pilots experience and safety ??/

The same helicopter used for search and rescues from up to 7,000m will take this job. So you can be sure the level of experience and their expertise on this tour. I will confidently say this is a piece of cake for the pilot. You may have heard some news of crash in Nepal, but there is no single helicopter crash on Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour history.

How about someone with Hyponatremia, Asthma or physical disabilities?

The answer is YES! Someone with Hyponatremia and Asthma could still do this tour with extra oxygen. For someone who is physically disabled could also do Everest Base Camp helicopter tour. Although there might not be enough place to roll a wheelchair, it can be transported on a helicopter and make them sit to enjoy the view while landed. Everest Base Camp helicopter tour could also be a lifetime experience for an elderly or senior citizen. If you want to give a lifetime surprise to your elderly parent's grandmother or a grandfather, this is the tour you should take them in Nepal.

How to book the trip?

If you set up your mind to chose one of the options as described above, It is straightforward if you decide to go with mountain flight in a sharing plan with Buddha Air or Yeti air. You just need to find out the agency who could reserve a ticket for you. Or if you are happy to pay full fare, you can also book from the airline's website itself. As long as the concern about helicopter sharing tour you need to be careful while finding the right agency. Helicopter company doesn't deal with finding a passenger for the flight. All they do is schedule flight once bookings arrive. For example, air dynasty has fix date departure for the flight on their website, but If you are single and inquire them to join, they simply ask you to contact them again closer to the date. That means they also had to wait for a reservation to come through the local agency. A lot of local agency post similar package online but very few of them are specialized.

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