Extended itinerary to the Mansarover and Lhasa, Mount Kailash along with the Tibetan capital Lhasa is dream of the travellers. For many people, the name Tibet conjures up images of the roof the world, drylands, snowcapped mountains, monks in red robes and the Potala Palace. Yes, the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China is all that and more! We can take you on tours ranging from visits to the capital city of Lhasa to the revered Mount Kailash and the Base Camp of Everest (on the Chinese side). There is such a variety of trips to this fascinating country we are sure you will
find something to suit you. Whether you fly into Lhasa to explore the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temples, and bazaars, or whether you drive in by jeep to experience something of the countryside or join us on a trek to and around Mount Kailash or Everest Base Camp – we can find something for you.

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Frequently asked Question

Where is Tibet?

Tibet is located in the southwest of China. It is bordered by India, Burma, Nepal, and Bhutan. U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo are the three original provinces of Tibet.

When is the best time to visit Tibet Lhasa and Mount Kailash??

The best time to visit Mount Kailash is the end of April to July and mid-September to early October.

How to get to Tibet?

The best option to get to Tibet is from Kathmandu's flight to Lhasa. Also, you can take flight from China.

Do I need visa for Tibet?

Yes, you need to have a vis to travel Tibet. All the non-Chinese resident needs an entry permit for Tibet.

Is Tibet Safe?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Tibet as the crime rates are low. However, it is better to take care of yourself and your backpack and also travel with a professional guide.

Where is Mount Kailash?

Located near Lake Mansarovar and Lake Rakshastal, Mount Kailash lies in the far west corner of Tibet.

Is passport required for Mount Kailash tour?

Yes, a valid passport is required for Mount Kailash tour.

Can I go solo?

Individuals are not allowed to travel to Mount Kailash according to China's regulation. You need to consult the tour operator or organize a group tour.

Is there any age limit?

From 14 years kid to 60 years adult, anyone can do the trip. However, you need to be healthy.

What kind of physical fitness is needed?

For Mount Kailash tour you need to be physically and mentally healthy. It is better to have a medical check-up before starting the tour.

What kind of accommodation is found?

Hotels and guests house is found in Mount Kailash tour. But you need to know that the quality depends upon the place to place. You will be staying in the camp on this tour.

What about altitude sickness?

If you got caught by altitude sickness, make sure to keep yourself hydrated, take rest, go slow, avoid the intake of alcohol, etc.

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