For many people, the name Tibet conjures up images of the roof the world, drylands, snowcapped mountains, monks in red robes and the Potala Palace. Yes, the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China is all that and more! We can take you on tours ranging from visits to the capital city of Lhasa to the revered Mount Kailash and the Base Camp of Everest (on the Chinese side). There is such a variety of trips to this fascinating country we are sure you will
find something to suit you. Whether you fly into Lhasa to explore the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temples, and bazaars, or whether you drive in by jeep to experience something of the countryside or join us on a trek to and around Mount Kailash or Everest Base Camp – we can find something for you.

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Normally, USD 650 is the cheap price to visit Lhasa Tibet during the main tourist season and the same trip can cost USD 1500 which is the expensive version. If you are at least two or more in the group that considered a group price, but If you are single, then the price may be a little expensive.

If you are making Nepal as an entry point, there are more expenses you should know. Such as flight ticket, visa fee, etc. here is the complete cost breakdown for Lhasa Tibet Tour 4 Night 5 Days from Nepal.

Lhasa Tibet Tour 2 Night 3 Days
Package fee/per day (cheap one) USD 650
Package fee/per day (an expensive one) USD 1500
Visa fee for US passport Holder USD 140
Visa fee for Canadian Passport holder USD 75
Visa fee for other countries USD 30-155 according to the country
flight Cost USD 350-500 depending on where you are flying from

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Get In

A large number of tourists visiting Tibet first arrive in Kathmandu Nepal and then to Lhasa Tibet. All because of the opportunity to see the highest mountain in the world. It is literally flying more than half of the airspace of the Himalayas. However, Nepal is not only the route to get into Tibet. There are other countries that have flight transit to Tibet. You need to Flight to China and take the train or take a flight to Tibet from China. 


The accommodation facility is little in Tibet. For all kinds of budget people, Tibet has the place to stay. Compared to other cities, Lhasa has good accommodation with modern facilities and services for its customers. Facility including wifi, air conditioning, hot water, and so forth are available. You can find a single room or twins in Lhasa. You need to pay USD 8-12 for a twin room without an attached bathroom in Shigatse / Lhasa. If you go for an expensive hotel you have to pay USD 30-60 for rooms with bathrooms and toilets.


Part of the package, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is included. You can get local and all westerner food, with definitely, a mouth watery taste in Tibet. While visiting Tibet don't forget to try some of the most common local food tsampa, Lhaping, MOMO and so forth.  

Other Expenses 

All meals, ground transportation, a local guide, entrance fee to the attraction, accommodation are part of the package that you should arrange in advance. However, personal expenses, tips, and donation shopping, etc. should be extra. Tibet is also a great place for shopping. It has many artistic souvenirs that your friends and family will love to have one. Thanka painting, singing bowl, a statue of Buddha, colorful Buddhist door curtain, praying flag might be the best souvenirs from Tibet.  

Best Time 

Tibet is located in East Asia on the Tibetan Plateau, the world's highest plateau. The climate in Tibet is dry and global with strong wind, fluctuation in summer day time temperature and low humidity. The average rainfall in Tibet is 12 inches and often rains during monsoon. 

The best time to travel to Tibet is Early April to Mid June and Mid Sept to End Nov. The climate is dry and clear with good mountain views at this time of year. Also, you can visit Tibet in Dec to mid-Feb if you are prepared for cold.

It is advised not to travel in March as Tibet is closed during this month.

What Should You Know before visiting Tibet?

  • Tibet is known as the roof of the world.
  • You need an organized Tour to travel to Tibet and independent travels are not allowed to travel to Tibet.
  • Each year during the month of March Tibet is closed for its travelers. The date may vary between Feb to early April.
  • We can go to Everest Base Camp as there is the base camp on the Tibetan side too. It is easy to reach the Tibetan EBC compared to Nepal. You can even view the peak from that side.


Day 1
Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa

Today we will take the flight to Lhasa which takes an hour over the scenic mountain ranges. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet with an elevation of 3,665. Lhasa is also known as the place of Gods and home of Dalai Lama. Upon arriving at Lhasa, we will drive for about 1 hour to our hotel. Stay overnight.

Day 2
Sightseeing tour of Lhasa

Early after breakfast, we will head for the sightseeing tour of Lhasa. We will visit the Potala Palace, which is built at the top of the single hill. After that, we go for Narbulinka, which is known as the Treasure Park. It covers around 360000sq m and is the biggest garden in Tibet made by the human. We then get back to the hotel. Stay overnight.

Day 3
Sightseeing tour of Lhasa

Today also we will be going for the sightseeing tour of Lhasa after breakfast. Firstly, we will visit Sera Monastery, which is 5 km north. It is one of the beautiful monasteries where once more than 5000 monks used to stay. Secondly, we will visit the Jokhang Temple of old Lhasa. It is the religious relic of Tibet where the Chinese Princess Wen Cheng on her wedding brought a golden Shakyamuni Buddha as a gift to the Tibetan king Songtsen Gompa. Further, we will go to Barkhor Market, the religious and social focal point of Lhasa. After that, we will get back to the hotel. Stay overnight.

Day 4
Visiting the rest Lhasa

After breakfast, we will head to visit the rest of Lhasa. We will visit the Tibetan Medical foundation, get back and stay overnight in Lhasa.

Day 5
Fly from Lhasa to Kathmandu

Waving goodbye to the beautiful place Lhasa, we will fly back to Kathmandu.

Frequently asked Question

Where is Tibet?

Tibet is located in the southwest of China. It is bordered by India, Burma, Nepal, and Bhutan. U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo are the three original provinces of Tibet.

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

The best time to visit Tibet as a tour is from April to October when the days are warmer with a beautiful climate.

How to get to Tibet?

The best option to get to Tibet is from Kathmandu's flight to Lhasa. Also, you can take flight from China.

Do I need visa for Tibet?

Yes, you need to have a vis to travel Tibet. All the non-Chinese resident needs an entry permit for Tibet.

Is Tibet Safe?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Tibet as the crime rates are low. However, it is better to take care of yourself and your backpack and also travel with a professional guide.

What to do in Tibet Tour?

The things that can be done in Tibet tour are sightseeing, visit Potala palace, visit Norbulingka, Sera Monastery, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor market, etc.

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