Legal Documents
 "We are uploading actually certificate very soon. As NEST Adventure just completed 5 years in business we are waiting for all re-newed document from our lawyer. Not to have any miss conception to our customer, we just removed the expired certificate. However, we have mentation our registered number below. Which is the same for a lifetime. If you have any questions please contact our office."

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN)

TAAN is vital agencies representing all Trekking and Tour Company from Nepal. In order to do Trekking in Nepal one need to obtain conservation area project entry permits and trekkers information management system (TIMS) card, which is issued by TAAN. So in order issue the trekking permits company need to affiliate with TAAN and this is membership card of Nepal Explore Summit Treks (P) Ltd. for one visa year and each and every year we need to renew to this and will be updating with newly scanned documents. 

Our TAAN membership registration number is 0668 Or you can check the listing here.

NMA, which stands for Nepal Mountaineering Association, is a collective organization of agencies in Nepal operating peak climbing and expedition. Entire peak climbing and major expedition permits are to issued through NMA office and this scanned copy is membership card of Nepal Explore Summit Treks (P) Ltd. and hence verified as well as authorized agencies to operate expedition in Nepal.
NMA membership number – AM#1033

Foreign Currency Transaction Authority Paper
All trekking agencies in Nepal in order to be legal need to get permission from Nepal Rastra Bank for doing monetary transaction on foreign currency apart from Nepali and Indian currency. This is paper from Rastra Bank with license number – Tre/1434-01-070 on behalf of Nepal Explore Summit Treks (P) Ltd. for dealing with foreign currency and had clearly state that can accept foreign currency for business purpose, not allowed to buy and sell foreign currency.  With our companies’ dollar account on Siddhartha Bank (P) Ltd we are authorized for dealing on foreign currency during the transaction.
Nepal Rastra Bank License Number - Tre/1434-01-070
Bank for USD account – Siddhartha Bank (P) Ltd.
Location for foreign exchange – Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal

Private Association Number (PAN)
Unless the company is doing large-scale business and registered on VAT, it needs to get associated with Private Association Number under ministry of finance. This is scanned copy of private association number registration under ministry of finance and had clearly state that all detail of income is needed to be displayed under Nepal Rastra Bank within one visa year.
PAN number – 601467552
Type of tax contributor – Private Limited
Transaction details  - Trekking / Travel / Tour related activities

License from Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation
In order to operate travel and tour company in Nepal one need to obtain permission from ministry of tourism, and without this it is not legal to operate tour and trekking in Nepal. And this is scanned copy of license from ministry of tourism for operating Nepal Explore Summit Trek  (P) Ltd. from 8th Oct 2013 to 1st Oct 2018 and once it expire we will renew it an update new documents.
License Number – 1644
License for operating – Trekking Agencies
Name – Nepal Explore Summit Treks (P) Ltd. 

Nepal Government Ministry of Industry
In order to operate small scale industry, one need to listed on the ministry of industries and this is scanned copy of the document from the ministry of industries stating that Nepal Explore Summit Trek (P) Ltd. is listed with a capacity of dealing with treks and tour and with total amount of 2.5 million Nepali Rupees.
Listing Number – 12711/182
Categories – Small Scale Industry
Maximum number of employee – 200

Certificate of Incorporation of company
On behalf of Nepal Explore Summit Treks (P) Ltd. this certificate is issued according to companies act 2006. Once we are associated with all necessary department of government this certificate is issued from company registrar for the successful accomplishment of registration of the company.
Registration Number – 116524/070/071
Issued from – Ministry of Industry, Office of company registrar 

You can also search  "Nepal Explore Summit Treks" for the online listing from Company Registration office website.


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