Hiking is a fun thing to do. People who are busy and stressed out with their daily life or work life, they can go for hiking in their vacations. benefits of hiking can be energizing yourself, making your body, mind, and heart in balance, stressfree, enjoyment and change in the lifestyle for some period.

For several travelers, the ultimate goal is to find that oasis that has not been touched by modernization.  Nepal has always been the Shangri-la, From simple sightseeing tours to see hundred years old temples and walk along the buzzing street of Thamel in Kathmandu. or head to your once in a lifetime adventure and feel the Himalayas on your feet.

Nepal has always been known to be a haven for backpackers, travelers, and tourists, alike!

Our young (but very experienced!) team NEST is dedicated to ensuring you find the adventures you are looking for whether in Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan!  As fellow travelers and world wanderers, we take pride in showing you what these countries have to offer.
We organize trekking for any ages and levels of experience, tours, and sightseeing, or other adventures you might be interested in such as rafting, cycling, climbing, etc.   we are more than happy to help you and point you in the right direction! Consider us an extension of your tourist guidebook!

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