Trekking to Annapurna region is not that difficult. But when it comes to climbing Mount Annapurna (8,093m) it is the most challenging mountain in the world. We all know that the Annapurna region is the famous Trekking region in Nepal. But do you know how deadly Annapurna is for climbing? Here in this article, we will provide some of the information on Why is Annapurna so deadly?

Annapurna is a fascinating mountain that attracts many people. Each year many people arrive in Nepal to view and climb the alluring Annapurna. Unfortunately, only a few are successful in doing it. Up to date, 157 climbers have successfully climbed the Annapurna. However, 60 climbers died while climbing since 03 July 1950. 

Why is Annapurna so deadly?

Due to the high Fatality Rate, risk of Avalanche, difficulty, and changing climatic conditions, Annapurna is considered as the deadly peak to climb. 

Here is the reason why is Annapurna so deadly:


Risk of Avalanche

We have heard a lot of news about the Avalanches in Annapurna. There are many avalanches seen in Annapurna, unlike other mountains. Due to which the route to Annapurna becomes challenging to climb and riskier too. 

The Avalanche can make the terrain difficult. The fall of snow masses, rocks, ice can cause problems while climbing. The climbers have to walk from the ice cliffs or seracs, which can break anytime. And the snow-ice is so big that the legs can dip inside. 

Many people have died due to the fall of overhanging and unstable glaciers. In 2014, Snow blizzard Killed 12 in Annapurna Circuit Nepal 200 are still missing

The source is from the BBC. See the link below to read the article.

Annapurna avalanche 2014

Climatic condition

Annapurna is an icy mountain. The weather condition is unstable and can change anytime in Annapurna. It is complicated for the climber to climb such a peak with unpredictable weather. High wind and storms of snow can be a threat to the climbers. Similarly, the high winds and snow with the unpredictable weather in Annapurna can freeze you and sometimes blow you away, trapping you in the ice. 

Difficult landscape

There is a high fatality rate in Annapurna due to the challenging landscape, which is the result of ice walls, steep slopes, and crevasses. Steep sections can be found in many places that can make difficulty in walking too. Many climbers have faced death due to the unstable and rough terrain. 

Why is Annapurna so deadly?

Less local support

As the Annapurna is less climbed mountain due to the challenging factors, it is hard to find other people and guide while climbing. The tea houses near the Base Camp are also 4 hours away, and there are only a few climbers who are well known about the Annapurna climb. One has to walk a whole day to find the human settlement. So stop thinking that you will get help from the locals as the locals are a lot more away from the climbing place. 

Height gains

The hight gains of Annapurna from the base camp to the summit are more as compared to Everest, which may take more time for the summit. The more time you take to climb the mountains, the more time it takes to come back. This may result in more risk as you have to spend a lot of time climbing on such a steep mountain. 

When you are climbing uphill, then you have to carry your oxygen, which can add weight and make your walk difficult. Also, the climbers are allowed to take a limited amount of oxygen due to the load. So you have to return before it finishes. 

Helicopter evacuation 

Because of the unstable landscape, the helicopter evacuation or rescue members cannot come immediately. If any of the climbers need emergency help, then it is a challenging issue to cope with. The snow-covered mountain, risk of Avalanche, snowstorm, and the geographical factor is the main issue why people in Annapurna mountain climb lost or die. 

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