Nepal, the country falls under the bucket list of Traveling of many around the world. When it comes to Trekking and Peak Climbing in Nepal’s Himalaya or mountains, it is the most exciting and adventurous place to visit.

According to the Nepal Mountaineering Association, 33 of Nepal’s peak has been added to the list of peak climbing. It may be difficult for you to go through all the 33 mountains, so if you are planning for climbing the peak and ready for the challenge and adventure, we provide you the Top 5 peaks to climb in Nepal.

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Island Peak Climbing

Located near the Everest Base CampIsland Peak lies at an elevation of 6,189 meters from the sea level. It is also, in other words, known as Imja Tse. Looking like Island in a sea of ice, it was named Island Peak by Eric Shipton. The peak can be climbed with little experience as it is an easy climbing peak compared to others.

Island peak

           Info of Island Peak

  • Altitude: 6,189 m from sea level
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Permit Group: B
  • Location: Sagarmatha National Park, Everest region
  • Accommodation: Lodges/Tea house/Guest house/Tent while climbing
  • Climbing days: 2 days with Base Camp
  • Best time: April-May and October-November
  • Attraction: Sagarmatha National Park, Namche, Culture and tradition, Local Sherpa, Tengboche Monastery, Island peak, etc.

Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal

Mera Peak is located at the southeast of Island peak and south of Mt Everest between Hongu and Hinku Valley. With an elevation of 6,470 meters, it is known for the highest peak climbing in Nepal. As climbing is straight technically, the way is easy. Among all the other peaks in Nepal, the Mera peak provides a clear and excellent view. For people who are looking for camping, climbing, and expedition, Mera Peaks is the best choice.

Mera peak

           Info of Mera Peak

  • Altitude: 6,470 m from sea level
  • Level: Easy
  • Permit group: B
  • Location: Sagarmatha National Park, Everest region
  • Accommodation: Lodges/Tea house/Guest house/Tent/Camping while climbing
  • Climbing days: 3-5 days with Base Camp
  • Best Time: September-November
  • Attraction: Culture and Tradition, Local Sherpa, Sagarmatha National Park, Hongu and Hinku Valley, Mera Peak, etc.

Lobuche Peak Climbing in Nepal

Closer to the Everest Base CampLobuche Peak is situated in the Lobuche village. With an elevation of 6,119 meters, the Lobuche peak is the best climbing peak for the beginners. Climbing Lobuche is Technical. The climber may not need training or experience, but they need to know climbing with crampons, ropes, etc. The view of Lhotse and the south of Everest is seen clearly from Lobuche Peak.

Lobuche peak

          Info of Lobuche Peak

  • Altitude: 6,119 m from sea level
  • Level: Moderate
  • Permit Group: B
  • Location: Sagarmatha National Park, Everest region
  • Accommodation: Lodge/Guesthouse/tent/camping
  • Climbing days: 3-4 days with Base Camp
  • Best Time: March-May and October-November
  • Attraction: Sagarmatha National Park, Tengboche Monastery, Everest Base Camp, Sherpa Village, Lifestyle of Locals, Namche, etc.

Pisang Peak

Closer to Annapurna Circuit and above the Pisang village, Pisang peak is located at the north of Manang. With an elevation of 6,092 meters, Pisang Peak is famous for Nepal climbing peak. As compared to other peaks, Pisang Peak is Technical. The climbers need to have experience of mountaineering to climb Pisang Peak. For those who are looking for peak climbing in other regions than Everest, it can be the choice.

Pisang peak climbing in Nepal

            Info of Pisang Peak

  • Altitude: 6,092 m from sea level
  • Level: Difficult
  • Permit Group: B
  • Location: Annapurna region
  • Accommodation: Lodge/guest house/tent/camping
  • Climbing days: 2-3 days with Base Camp
  • Best Time: March-April and September-November
  • Attraction: Muktinath, Annapurna Conservation Area, Jomsom, Thorong La Pass, etc.

Chulu West Peak

Chulu Peak climbing comprises of two different summits, Chulu West and Chulu East. It is also the optional side trip apart from the Pisang peak. Chulu west peak lies in the Annapurna region with an elevation of 6,419 meters. It is a technical Nepal climbing peak like Lobuche Peak.

Chulu peak climbing in Nepal

          Info of Chulu West Peak

  • Altitude: 6,419 m from sea level
  • Level: Moderate
  • Permit Group: A
  • Location: Annapurna region
  • Accommodation: Lodge/Guesthouse/Tent/Camping/Tea house
  • Climbing Days: 5-6 days
  • Best time: March-April and October-November
  • Attraction: Muktinath, Annapurna conservation area, Jomsom, Chulu peaks, etc.

Aside from the peaks as mentioned above, there are several other alternatives of Peak Climbing in Nepal, for which you can browse categories list of Nepal Mountaineering Association’s Official Websites. For further higher Expedition in Nepal, you can consult with us at We wish you a memorable Peak Climbing trips, climb safe, happy Climb. If you enjoyed reading this article share it with your friends and family! This might be the missing exclusive information they were looking for! We would also appreciate it if you could give us a rating below. You can also comment us below.

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