Nepal is the perfect destination to give your kids a fun experience while stimulating the minds and exposing them to a world beyond home. You can explore amazing views, take nature walks, and visit the numerous Hindu temples. Make the trip special from the moment you leave your home country. You will be ready to begin the fun within moments of touchdown. For those who want to visit Nepal with their kind here is the top 10 family-friendly destination in Nepal.


Is Nepal a Good Tourist Destination?

Nepal is one place you can never get enough of. The rich culture, ancient cities, intense spirituality, and natural attractions will leave you and your family in awe. And the locals are beyond kind.

Exotic cuisines make any trip worthwhile. And Nepal is not short of renowned dishes. From pies to yogurts, and scrumptious little bites, your taste buds are in for a treat. Kathmandu Pokhara NAgarkot Tour destination map

What are the Best Places to Visit in Nepal?

1. The Himalayas

The Himalayas should probably be your first destination. It holds the world’s highest peak, Everest. Climbing it may not be on your agenda, but a plane tour around the scenery should be. You can take a flight over this great snow-capped mountain range and fly over Everest.

You could take a mini trek or take the tour in Pokhara, with a view of the mountains and watch a sunrise like no other. Pokhara is surrounded by a beautiful green forest and lakes like Phew Tal.Himalayas

2. Swayambhunath Monkey Temple

This is a sacred pilgrimage site and home to various shrines and temples, each beautifully decorated with prayer flags. Another interesting fact about the Swayambhunath temple is its holy monkeys.

Legend has it that the bodhisattva of wisdom had the lice in his hair transform into monkeys as he was raising the temple hill. In addition, the sites from the top of the hill are breathtaking.  Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)

3. Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is a small town that will teach you about the interesting Nepali culture and heritage. The Newari architecture very well-preserved and you cannot find a car along the streets. The town resembles a living museum. Just about 45 minutes northeast from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur Nagarkot tour could be a great alternative either for a day or overnight in Nagarkot.

There are temples everywhere with the most striking being the Nyatapola Temple which has a five-tier roof. Women in red dresses and men wearing hats wake up early to make offerings to these temples. You will also get to try Nepal’s most traditional and unique dishes such as the Samay Baji. You will also taste Juju Dhau, the best yogurt in the world, made from buffalo milk.

Nepal Itinerary 2 Night 3 Days
Bhaktapur Darbar Square

4. Chitwan National Park

This park harbors a Ramsar Site and a variety of mammals, fish, birds, and fish. You and your family can get to see the one-horned rhinoceros, the Royal Bengal tiger, and Gharial crocodile. Ideally 2 night 3 days in Chitwan National will let you explore the major activities to you and your family. There are multiple activities and tour packages available, however, with a family, you may want to consider the one your kids will like it.

The Island Jungle Resort is also within the Park. Here, you will be treated to delicious Nepal food, elephant rides, butterfly gardens, and nature walks.  About 160 km between Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park, there are multiple choices and ways to get there. 1 Night 2 Days Chitwan Jungle Safari in Nepal

5. Patan Lalitpur

This is a beautiful and historic city with exquisite architecture, religious art, and wooden cravings that will grab your attention. You will also get to visit the Golden Temple and the Khumbeshwar Temple. Visit the Krishna Mandir and the Patan Museum.

You will love the golden gate, which is the entry to the Patan Museum. It has a golden Torana that has Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, and Kumar.

Patan Durbar Square
Patan Durbar Square

6. Changu Narayan

This is the oldest Hindu temple. It is built in a two-tiered pagoda style and guarded by beasts such as normal and winged lions, elephants, and ram-horned griffons. Also a perfect day hiking gateway to Nagarkot. If your kid loves short hiking adding one of the most historical sites Changu Narayan as a side trip, this idea might just be perfect for your family.

In Changunarayan there is a statue Vishnu, the creator of life, and various images, each with a historic story to tell. The temple is still held for rituals and within the complex is a squat temple for the Tantric goddess. While Nagarkot is a hill station with some of the most amazing views of the Himalaya. On a clear day, it is believed that Mount Everest could be visible from Nagarkot.  If you think hike might be difficult for the little one there is a way to get Nagarkot from Kathmandu. You can either take the local bus or a private car and drive stright to Nagarkot.

Nagarkot Mountain View, during Kathmandu Nagarkot tour
Mount Ganesh Himal and Langtang Range from Nagarkot during Nagarkot Kathmandu Tour

7. Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kumari Bahal is a three-storied temple Kathmandu Durbar Square with a peculiar story. The temple houses the Kumari Devi, a living goddess. She is a young girl, believed to embody the Hindu mother goddess.

During the festivals such as Indra Jatra, she is paraded around the square in a gilded chariot and worshipped. The worshippers try to read specific signs from her that could tell of their fortune.

8. Boudhanath Stupa

This is considered the largest stupa in Nepal. It began in AD 600 and is painted with the eyes of Buddha and is a highly symbolic construction worth your attention.

The base of the stupa has 108 tiny images of Dhyani Buddha Amitabha and numerous prayer wheels.

Bouddhanath Stupa
Bouddhanath Stupa

9. Lumbini

You cannot fail to visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha). You do not have to be a Buddhist pilgrim to enjoy the beautiful monasteries. The Mayadevi Temple is the exact spot where Buddha was born. It dates back 2,200 years.

You can meditate in the Panditarama Vipassana Center, interact with the monks, and learn about the rich spirituality of the Buddhists.


10. Pashupatinath

This is among the most important Hindu temples. Located on the bank of the holy Bagmati River. It is enlisted as a world cultural heritage site and the temple premises act as an open museum. It is popular among art historians due to the various temple designs, statues, and sculptures.

There is a vibrant market surrounding the temple packed with religious stalls selling offerings, incense, and pictures of deities and temples.Pashupatinath Temple


Nepal is an excellent destination for a family trip. There is so much to see, learn, and experience. The trip will open your eyes to a different way of life as you have some fun.

Consider private aviation as a way to travel faster and more comfortable to certain areas in Nepal.

Respect the culture of the people by following their practices as instructed by your tour guide or as you observe from the locals. For instance, remove your shoes when entering the temples.

These are some of the best family-friendly destinations in Nepal. What place are you going to visit first? Leave a comment and let us know.

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