Nepal is located within the folds of the Himalayas mountain range, in the border between India in the south and China to the North. To visit this country is easier then you could imagine.  The first thing,  to get the visa is even easier. Except for the few African Nation, including Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, need a visa in advance to visit Nepal, but the rest of the world receive a visa on arrival. The Nepal government has recently increased the Nepal Visa Fee for all tourist and this article is all about the new updates base on the recent changes.
Nepal visa fee


Coronavirus visa on arrival updates

Visa on arrival update: In order to prevent the Coronavirus outbreak in Nepal, the government temporary suspension of visa on arrival from March 07.  As of March 01, 2020, The visa on arrival restrictions is limited to the five most prone countries to the COVID-19
  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Italy
  • Iran

Anyone from those countries traveling to Nepal must get a visa from Nepal Embassy to their country and submit a health clearance certificate while applying for a visa.

New Visa Fee For Nepal From 17 July 2019

Nepal government has slightly increased the visa fee for anyone visiting this beautiful country. The new visa fee will come into effect from July 17, 2019. Based on the earlier decision of the government, here is the new Nepal visa structure.

    New Increased Visa Fee For Nepal From 17 July 2019
Visa Types Duration Fee in USD
Multiple entries 15 Days US$ 30 or equivalent convertible currency
Multiple entries 30 Days US$ 50 or equivalent convertible currency
Multiple entries 90 Days US$ 125 or equivalent convertible currency

The immigration of the visa department has also increased the visa extension fee. Once you received the visa on arrival at the entry point if you would like to extend additional days in the country you are required to visit the immigration office in Maitighar Kathmandu. After completing a certain document, they will extend your visa by day and here is the new increased list.

     Visa extension fee      USD per day
Within the valid visa period USD 3 per day
With multiple entries extension USD 25 per day
The late fee on visa extension (after visa expiration) USD 5 per day

After almost a decade, the Nepal government decided to hike such fees in May 2019.  While the Nepal government is hosting the “Visit Nepal 2020” event, the Tourism entrepreneurs are against the government’s decision of making the visa fee increased. In other lines of the notice, which government recently published addressed that “They will come up with a particular scheme for Visit Nepal 2020 campaign ” However,  the possibilities, the Nepal visa fees will increase again after the 2020 event.

How significant is the increment from the old structure?

Nepal government claimed, the old visa rate for Nepal was almost last for a decade. Based on the new increment, the Nepal government increased USD 5 in 15 days multiple visa fees, accordingly USD 10 in 30 days and USD 25 for the 90 days. Before 17 July 2019, the visa fee for Nepal was USD USD 25 for the 15 days Multiple entries, accordingly USD 40 for one month and USD 100 for 90 days.

How to process Nepal Visa On Arrival in Kathmandu airport?

Online: You can process the visa form in advance from your home country. Please visit this link and fill out the information. Once you submit the information, you will receive a confirmation barcode. You may want to print it out and bring it with you. Once you arrive in the immigration hall, you are still required to fill out the arrival card and then you may process for the visa payment once you collect the receipt from the bank counter, located on the left corner of the immigration hall. You can now prose with the immigration officer. Be prepared in hand for your visa payment receipt, passport, and barcode you printed out in advance.

Nepal visa fee

Important note: “Barcode only valid for 15 days. Please make sure you will only process immigration form through online before 15 days of your arrival”. 

Without online form: If you already don’t have an online form, you can still fill out using  Kiosk machines upon your arrival at the airport. Once you complete the way, you may process with payment. Once you have the application number, you are good to go!

Nepal Embassy Near Your Location: You can visit the Nepal Embassy near to your location in advance and have the most trouble-free process.

Nepal Entry Point

Kathmandu airport is the only international airport in Nepal. If you are entering the country via air, you must arrive in Kathmandu and process the visa application as I explained and process to your destination. However, there are few other entry points via land. Visitors can enter Nepal from the border between Nepal and India and Tibet China. Here are the location and areas.
⇒ Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu
⇒ Birgunj (India border)
⇒ Bheemdatta (India border)
⇒ Dhangadhi (India border)
⇒ Nepalgunj (India border)
⇒ Kakarbhitta (India border)
⇒ Kodari (China Tibet Side)
⇒ Gyiroung (China Tibet Side)
⇒ Siddharthanagar (India border)

Country list: Visa Required For Nepal in Advance

Citizens of the following states are required to apply for a visa before arrival in Nepal. The rest of the other countries could collect their visas on arrival.


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