Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary 22 Days is for those who want to experience the Little Tibet or Tsum Valley as part of the Manaslu trek. The Tsum Valley is another popular side trip from Manaslu, which requires one week of a special permit in addition to the ACAP, MCAP and Manaslu trek permit. The cost of the Tsum Valley permit is cost you US$35 for 7 days.

You may want to inform your local company if you wish to pass through Tsum Valley so they can arrange the necessary permit. However, Manaslu trek itinerary could be design based on your interest as well. As fast as 12 days or 14 days with side trip. Or even up to 22 days including a side trip to Tsum Valley.

Important Note: The classic itinerary for the Manaslu trek with Tsum Valley used to take 22 days. But recently, the Trek starting point has been pushed further up due to new road construction. If you drive in a private jeep, you may be able to reach  Machhekhola or even Jagat in the dry season. However, in present days a local bus can only reach Sotikhola. You can either take a private jeep and skip the lower part with a covered motorable trail or take the local bus and hike in the motor track.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary 22 Days

Days                                Day to Day Itinerary         Elevation       Everyday trek hour
   Meter     Feet
1 Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola Via Arughat 710m 2,328 ft 7-8 hours drive
2 Trek from Soti Khola to Maccha Khola 930m 3,051 ft 8-9 hours trek
3 Trek from Maccha Khola to Jagat 1,410m 4,625 ft 6-7 hours trek
4 Trek from Jagat to Lokpa 2,250m 7,382 ft 7-8 hours trek
5 Trek from Lokpa to Chumling 2,600m 8,530 ft 6-7 hours trek
6 Trek from Chumling to Chekampar 3,030m. 1,942 ft 6-7 hours trek
7 Trek from Chekampar to Mu Gomba . 3,245m 10,646 ft 8-9 hours trek
8 Trek from Mu Monastery to Chekampar 3,030m 9,940 ft 8-9 hours trek
9 Trek from Chekampar to Gumba Lundang . 3,200m 10,498 ft 8-9 hours trek
10 Acclimatization & rest day in Gumba Lundang (side trip) 3,200m 10,498 ft 8-9 hour trek
11 Trek from Gumba Lundang to Ripchet 2,670m 8,759 ft 7-8 hour trek
12 Trek from Ripchet to Deng 1,804m 5,917 ft 6-7 hours trek
13 Trek from Deng to Namrung 2,630m 8,626 ft 6-7 hours trek
14 Trek from Namrung to Sama Gaon 3,530m 11,578 ft 5-6 hours trek
15 Acclimatization & rest day in Sama Gaon (Possible side trip) 3,530m 11,578 ft 8-9 hours trek
16 Trek from Sama Gaon to Samdo 3,860m 12,660 ft 4 – 5 hours trek
17 Acclimatization & rest day in Samdo (Possible side trip) 3,860m 12,660 ft 8-9 hours trek
18 Trek from Samdo to Dharmasala 4,460 m 14,629 ft 4-5 hours trek
19 Trek from Dharmasala to Bimthang via Throng pass (5,160m) 3,700m 12,139 ft 8-10 hours trek
20 Bimthang to Tilije 1,700m 5,576 ft 5-6 hours trek
21 Tilije to Tal. 1,080m 3,542 ft 5-6 hours trek
22 Drive Tal to Kathmandu 1,300m 4,265 ft 7-9 hours drive

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