A big question over the internet whether Makalu Base Camp Trek permit is part of the restricted area or not? Well, the answer is both Yes and No.

Government policies in Nepal require some of the trekking areas to have a special permit. Especially if the trekking area is an open border or has a connection with another country. Mount Makalu, the 5th highest mountain in the world, also shares some open area borders with China (Tibet). While some part is not within the restricted area, but the village of Kimathangka, Chepuwa, Hatiya, and Pawakhola requires a special permit.

If you are planning to explore part of the Kimathangka area, then you should be prepared for Makalu region special trekking permit. However, the only base camp in and out route doesn’t require a special permit. In this article, we are giving you some essential ideas on how and where to get the Makalu Base Camp Trek Permit. Please scroll down below for further answers to the following details.Permit Description Chart


Types and cost of the permit

Types of a permit for Makalu Base Camp trek requires are:

  • Makalu Rural Municipality is USD (2,000 NPR / USD 20)
  • Makalu Barun National Park entry fee (3,000 NPR / USD 30)

Previously I published an article to help guide an independent solo hiker for the Makalu region. You may want to check that out first has loads of information.

If you are an independent looking for adventure in the Makalu region, you are only allowed to go up to base camp and returned the same way out. If you want to have a Makalu Base Camp Itinerary with a circuit route ending in the Kanchenjunga Base Camp region, you may need to enter the restricted area village of Kimathangka, Chepuwa, Hatiya, and Pawakhola. It requires a special permit, trek with a minimum of two hikers permit issued by a local agency.

  • For the first four weeks per week per person US$ 10 and thereafter per week per person US$ 20,

Manaslu Trekking permits for the Child under 10 Years old

If you are trekking in Nepal with a child under 10 years old and wondering how much would be the trekking permit cost? Yes, a lot of people ask me this question. The Trekking permit fee, including restricted area permit, and national park fees are free! However, you still need to go through all the permit making processes and submit a necessary document that means only the cost is free but the process is still the same as the adult.

Do I need a TIMS card for Makalu Base Camp Trek?

TIMS card (Trekking Information Management System) is not necessary for a Makalu region. Makalu Rural Municipality fees have replaced the TIMS card. Any other region as long as you hold a special trekking permit, TIMS card isn’t required in any restricted trekking region in Nepal. But it is always advisable to check in advance with your local company (Contact Us). For example, if you have a connecting trip after Makalu, such as Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp, then the TIMS card is compulsory.

Where can I get Makalu trekking permit?

All restricted trekking permits, including the Makalu region, will be issued in the trekking department of the Nepal immigration office in Maitighar, Kathmandu. For your information, Nepal Tourism Board and TAAN don’t issue restricted trekking permit, but other trekking permits such as national park permits are released here. If you are an independent hiker running out of time or don’t have an extra day to spare for permit making process in Kathmandu, you can also collect them at the entry point of Makalu Barun National Park.

Can I Apply Trekking Permit myself?

This is a very important question that every traveler should know. Please note If you are an individual trekker only visiting Makalu Base Camp, you can di it by yourself. That can be done either in Kathmandu or at the entry point. Or If you are exploring the restricted area, making a loop via Kimathanga, all permits should be done by local trekking agencies in Nepal. Here are the requirements for the restricted permit.

  • You must hire at least one authorized person from the local trekking agency in Nepal, either a professional guide or licensed porter.
  • Should be at least two people in one group (not including the guide or porter).
  • File your special permit through an authorized local trekking agency. (Individual tourist can’t issue this permit)

Required document to issue the permit

For Independent hikers, all you need is a copy or an original passport when you present at the checkpoint. For someone who is exploring Makalu Base camp plus the restricted area, you need the following list. However, you should meet the government requirements as discussed above, and then a local trekking company will process your permit.

  • Original passport with your Nepal entry visa with the arrival stamp
  • Two passport size photos (if you have one online copy, you may only need one)
    Travel Insurance that covers emergency evacuation up to 6000m. (Not mandatory only recommended)
  • Of course, money

Can I expedite or advanced the permit

This completely depends on the local trekking company you choose and whether they can deal with the immigration staff. You should check in advance with your company (contact us) if this is possible. But in our company’s experience, we have been doing this for a long time. (There are a certain way to make it happen, but for privacy reason, I can’t disclose) In general, the documents we require are:

  • A clear scanned/screen shoot of passport
  • Copy of Nepal visa obtained in advance from your country (Not mandatory, but recommended If you can arrange that)
  • A copy of your return flight ticket that clearly shows your arrival and departure date. (Mandatory)

Understandably, this might be required due to the traveler’s required time frame. Other reasons could also be that the immigration office opening time and public holidays could affect your application. Note that the immigration office only opens from Sunday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. The office remains close during public holidays and Saturdays, so it’s always a good idea to check in advance if you are arriving on during the holiday.


If everything is on track and all requirements are complete, the Makalu Base Camp Trek permit should be ready within a 2 to 3-hour. As one of the virgin trekking trails of Nepal, Makalu trek is becoming more popular each season. Due to the tourist number is growing in Everest and Annapurna each season, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Nar Phu Valley are a great alternative. If you need to know anything apart from what I mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give you additional information.

If you are indeed planning this trip you should know the best time and other essentials such as itinerary. Makalu Base Camp trek is one of the challenging treks in Nepal. Especially the three of the high passes remain dangerous during snowbound. You should always get the information from the local and a guide about the trail hazard etc.

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