The only nearest hill station from Kathmandu, the Nagarkot is located about 32km east from the capital. Almost no tourist missed this beautiful landmark while visiting Nepal. Traveling options between these two cities always in a high inquiry in traveler’s forums for asking how do I get Nagarkot from Kathmandu?. In this article, I will breakdown all of the options available to reach Nagarkot from Kathmandu. Those include in a local bus, Tourist bus, and private car and taxi.Himalayas View from Nagarkot


Kathmandu to Nagarkot by private car

The easiest way to reach Nagarkot is to rent a private car or taxi but as an alternative, it is also reachable by a local bus.  We would suggest arranging in advance if you would like to use a private car or hire a taxi to get to and from Kathmandu.  If you are lucky, you might be able to get a taxi from Nagarkot back to Kathmandu but most likely the cost is higher than you would expect. Also, there are not fix taxi stand in Nagarkot. If you wish to travel by private car you should book in advance. Nagarkot is one of the most popular side trips from Kathmandu. Kathmandu Nagarkot Bhaktapur tour is the iconic destination for any traveler. If you wish to make it all of them including Changunarayan in 2 nights 3 days using the private car the cost will not cross more than USD 150.
One of the bus riding experience in Nepal,

Kathmandu to Nagarkot Bus
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Kathmandu to Nagarkot using the local bus

Trekker’s traveling around from Boudhanath, Pashupatinath:  Nagarkot is reachable from the cultural world heritage sites, Boudhanath and Pashupatinath, which are nearby Ringroad.  From there, you could take a Bus to Bhaktapur, and from Bhaktapur, transfer to another bus to Nagarkot.  To be sure, you can ask the bus driver about your final destination and directions.

Traveling from around  Thamel and Darbar Square area

If you live close to the city center, or around Thamel, then you should go to, Bhaktapur bus park (terminal) which is within walking distance from Thamel. Buses depart every 10-15 minutes to Bhaktapur.  The journey is roughly 45 to 1-hour  bus ride. If your main destination is Nagarkot, then you have to change again next bus to Nagarkot Buses to Nagarkot is available from the same destination you end up your journey from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur. You may want a ride on top of the bus (roof) to Nagarkot from Bhaktapur is one of the most incredible experiences of travel in Nepal by bus. 

Traveling from Kathmandu Airport to Bhaktapur  Nagarkot

Just go outside the Kathmandu Airport gate, again this is past the roundabout and by the main road.  From there, you will see a bus station on the left side of the main exit. Make sure you listen well, as they will only call out their destinations.  Look out for buses calling to “Bhaktapur ”. Or the easiest would be to simply ask locals where to find buses to “Bhaktapur” and they will easily give you the bus number and company name.  Just catch the bus to Bhaktapur and get off at the last station. and catch again next bus to Nagarkot.

Tourist Bus

I was questioned multiple times from my readers “If there is a tourist bus between Kathmandu and Nagarkot“? If you try to look for an answer online, you will find a mixed result mostly from around 2011-2012.  As of today (15 November 2019) I am here with some recent information about tourist bus service between Kathmandu and Nagarkot.

There is no longer a tourist bus service between Kathmandu and Nagarkot. A majority of tourists would visit Nagarkot as a day trip from Kathmandu including other cultural world heritage sites such as Bhaktapur, Changunarayan, etc. At the same time, a different visitor has their uniqueness. “One stone two birds” They would probably prefer to include additional activities such as day hiking, or overnight Sunrise sunset hike, etc. Due to the various cause, there is perhaps too little tourists who would only like to go Nagarkot and back to Kathmandu. In the year 2019, this service is no longer available, As I suppose, the company didn’t run very well.Nagarkot Nepal


How do I get from Nagarkot to Kathmandu?

The only convenient way to get Kathmandu from Nagarkot is in a private car. There are local bus routes available between Nagarkot-Bhaktapur-Kathmandu for budget options. However, you may need to change a couple of buses to get back to Kathmandu. There is no tourist bus on this route and no permanent taxi stand. Find out more options on this link.

How far is Nagarkot from Kathmandu?

The distance and travel time between Kathmandu and Nagarkot depends on where you live. If you are in central tourist town Thame, It is about 26.9km, and travel time might take about 1:12. Due to the road condition, it might take more time to reach Nagarkot compear to its distance. Find out more options and information on this link.

How far is Bhaktapur from Kathmandu?

The distance and travel time between Kathmandu and Bhaktapur depends on where you live. If you are in central tourist town Thame, It is about 15.8km, and travel time might take about 45 minutes. Depending on the traffic on the road and traveling time, it might take more time to reach Bhaktapur compear to its distance. Find out more travel options and information on this link.

Can you see Everest from Nagarkot?

Yes, On a clear day It is to belives that Mount Everest can be visible from Nagarkot. Remember, Mount Everest is about 143km air distance from Nagarkot. So, the shape of the mountain view might be very small. However, Nagarkot offers some of the close views of Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Manaslu, and Everest Range.

What mountains can you see from Nagarkot?

On a clear day, 8th of the eight thousener mountain, including Everest (8850m), Cho Oyu, Mount Shishapangma, Mount Manaslu (8156m), Mount Annapurna (8010m), and Mount Dhaulagiri (8176m), can be seen from Nagarkot. You will also have a chance to view many other mountains below 8000 meters such as Numbur peak (6,958 m), Melungtse (7200), Gauri Shankar (7,134 m), Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m), Langtang Ri (7205 m), Phurbi Chyachu (6,722 m), Ganesh Himal(7,422 m) , Himalchuli (7900m), Gur Karpo Ri (6,874 m), Gyaltzen Peak (6,705 m), etc.

How is the road condition between Kathmandu and Nagarkot?

It’s a well-cemented road condition between Kathmandu and Nagarkot. However, highway up to Bhaktapur is wide enough, but once you reach the mountainside, the road is a narrow, windy, mountain road. It only has one lane that requires sharing with oncoming traffic.

How to reach Nagarkot by bike from Kathmandu?

Biking to Nagarkot is another excellent alternative way to reach Nagarkot for an adventure lover. However, It is not an easy task. Until Bhaktapur is the flat and smooth but about 12-15km road is stright uphill until you reach Nagarkot in the windy mountain road. If you are one of them, like to burn your calories while ascending and enjoy the downhill ride around Nagarkot and other neighboring village Mountain biking to Nagarkot might be an ultimate choice.

Kathmandu to Nagarkot car hire?

For someone who likes to take a day tour to Nagarkot or an overnight sunrise tour, renting a car might be an easy option. You can hire a car for Nagarkot in about USD 50-80 per day in Kathmandu.

Which is the bus route from Kathmandu to Nagarkot?

There are several routes, depending on where you live. If you live near the ring road, you can catch a bus coming from New Bus Park, going to Bhaktapur and take another bust to Nagarkot. Or anyone near Thamel can walk to Ratnapark or Bagbazar from where you can take the bus to Bhaktapur and then to Nagarkot.

How much is the taxi cost from Kathmandu to Nagarkot?

Depending on how good you are making a deal with a taxi driver, It is reasonable to pay NPR 2,500 to up to 3,000. If you want to take the same taxi back, remember they might ask the additional cost in the meantime you are sightseeing or waiting. Also, you should keep in mind there is no regular taxi stand in Nagarkot unless you found someone who just drops their customer. It is ideal for arranging in advance if you are planning to take a taxi back and forth.

How much is the taxi cost from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot?

NPR 1,000 or less for the taxi fare is ideal from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot. It might be slightly cheaper to go both ways since most of the taxi returned to the city for their business. As earlier, I said it depends on a taxi driver and yourself on how good you two are making a deal.


If you wish to travel Nagarkot, you must take a private tour, or the budget options would be a local bus. If you are interested in a private trip to Nagarkot Bhaktapur from Kathmandu, It is available between USD 50-70 for up to 4 people in one car. Besides, if you like to add a night in Nagarkot, it will be roughly 30 for one night two days tour.  You can also tailor-make your plan including a hike,  guide, accommodation, etc. If you require additional information about the private, please do not hesitate to contact us at –

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