As a female hiker, if you are planning to hike Everest Base camp. This is the ultimate Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker’s you should consider. My name is Marie, and I traveled to Everest Base Camp with one of my best friends, Christine. We heard about Nepal and Everest Base Camp but wasn’t sure if we will ever make it until we met some backpackers in Hanoi Vietnam who just came from Everest Base Camp Nepal. It was a great talk and inspiring for us when they said Nepal was their favorite country and Everest Base Camp itself. That’s when we decided “Ok,” our next destination is Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal. 

Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker's

From my extensive research, I discover – as much as it sounds exciting as a female hiker, there are so many things to consider while packing. In this article, I am keen to share my experience after my trek. Mostly what did I missed to bring and the most useful stuff from my packing list. In addition to that, I am covering some of the most common questions you may have on Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker — mainly the facilities and the available resources on this trek for female hikers.



When it comes to clothing, if you are a hiker with previous hiking experience, it is nothing different from what you usually pack for hiking. It is freezing and windy at the high altitude. It is extremely important you should travel light. Especially if you are hiking without support. We hired a guide and porter, but I could imagine how hard it could be if I’m to put loads on my shoulder where the oxygen level is below 50%. 

  • Do not overpack and consider washing the same cloth. For the first few days, a bucket shower is available for an extra cost and laundry facilities.
  • Prepare one set warm layer and few additional inner cloths (Shocks, bra, and underwear ) to change in the high altitude. Where laundry is not available even so, the weather is cold; it is hard to dry out.
  • Hire a porter (unless you are strong enough to carry your backpack)

Here is the list of clothes that a female trekker should carry for EBC trek. 

Long-sleeve Shirt

Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker's

While on the trek to EBC, you won’t get much time for washing. Most likely, you will need to wear the same clothes over and over If you prefer to stay light. For this carry the shirts which do not smell bad and get wet quickly by the sweat. It is good to have a synthetic or woolen shirt. 

Quick-dry sports bra

Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker's

The bra is an essential cloth for females. They use it daily. For trekking to Everest Base Camp, sports bras play a vital role. You won’t have time to wash it when you reach the high altitude. It is suggested to carry a bra with softness having extended length and stable inner shelf. Also, it should be stink-free and help absorb the sweat. 

Under Pants

Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker's

For trekking, a pair of underpants is a must. It is suggested to have underpants with a softness that can be worn all day comfortably. The materials used should be capable of preventing chafing, rubbing, and maintain the body’s natural temperature. Similarly, it should be quick-drying and breathable.

Hiking socks

Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker's

You need a perfect pair of socks for Everest Base Camp Trek. Walking for about 6-7 hours per day can be pressure on your feet. It is crucial to carry proper socks to keep your feet dry and warm. It is suggested to take woolen socks, which are breathable and cotton socks, which are good at absorbing. 


Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker's

Depending on the time and season, the weather will be cold. During the day you go Base camp or sunrise for Kalapatthar, you need a good pair of Gloves, which should be a windproof and warm layer inside. 

Down Jacket

Down Jacket Price in Kathmandu Nepal

Many people trek to Everest Base Camp in Oct-Dec, which is the peak season of trekking in Nepal and also the cold season. Down Jacket is essential to save yourself from the cold in Everest Base Camp. The morning and evening in Everest are cold and windy. Thus, it is suggested to bring down Jackets to keep yourself warm in the trekking. For down jacket price in Nepal, click here. 

Water and Windproof JacketsPacking List for the female trekker's

The weather is unpredictable in Everest Base Camp. The place is windy and cold. Also, if you are trekking in the monsoon, you may encounter the rainfall. So it is essential to bring waterproof and windproof light jackets. 

Trekking Trousers

Packing List for the female trekker's

It is suggested to carry a pair of convertible trekking trousers. It helps you to adjust to any weather in Everest Base Camp Trek. 


Packing List for the female trekker's

For saving your skin from the sun rays as the face and neck are directly exposed to the sun, the cap/hat is necessary. A lightweight cap or hat is suggested for comfortable trekking. 

Neck gaiter and headbands

Neck gaiter

A neck gaiter is perfect for keeping you warm and block the strong wind in your face and neck, whereas headbands help keep your hair tied without bothering while on the trek. As Everest base camp is a cold windy, it is easy to burn your skin. So be mindful.  

What Kind of shoes to carry for Everest Base Camp?

You need to walk for 6-7 hours each day while on the trek. The shoe plays a vital role in saving your feet from the cold by keeping them warm and dry. The trail has a lot of up and down, rough and strewn with rocks. Be mindful you will need high ankle hiking boots. While I just carried one hiking shoes and slippers, I survived well enough. Here is the list of shoes that the female trekkers need to carry on Everest Base Camp Trek.

Hiking Boots

hiking boots

For comfortable trekking, proper hiking boots are necessary. The route to Everest Base Camp is rough and tough. It is suggested to bring durable and comfortable hiking boots to save your feet from rugged trails. Also, make sure the shoes are waterproof and of your perfect size. 



After the trek, you will stay in someplace where you will want to roam around. You can pack the sandals to make yourself before and after the trek in Everest Base Camp. 

Snickers / Inside socks 


The snicker is optional. However, it is very comfortable to have one when you reach the camp. The weather is freezing, so you can give a rest for the hiking boots while using other snickers. This shoe helps you to keep your feet warm in the extreme cold area. If you want to reduce the load on your shoulder home, wear winter shoe works fine. You would also see hikers wear hiking boots at all times. 

Medication and other essential items for Female Trekkers

If you are in some medication, then do not forget to carry the medicine with you. Because you may not be able to find the same drug in Everest Base Camp. Also, some personal stuff requires as being a female trekker. Here is the list of medication and essential items for Female trekkers. 


In Everest, you might suffer from high altitude cough, light headaches, and dizziness on the process of acclimatization. Although these symptoms supposed to go away after acclimatization, sometime it may stay longer. It is good to have some in your first aid list. 

Water Purifier

On the way to trek, you will have to drink water from a natural source like a river, lakes, etc. Those water may be unhealthy for drinks. Therefore, the Water purifier is suggested for your safety. 

Blister Plasters

Due to the unfit shoe, blisters can be seen in your feet, which can make you difficult while trekking. So, blister plasters are essential to carry.

Personal medication

If you are under some medication, do not forget to bring those with you as health is wealth. You may not find those medicine here, so it is suggested and a must to bring personal medicine with you. 

Sanitary Pads

Females go through the menstrual cycle every month. The menstrual cycle can occur anytime during the trek. Thus, it is crucial to carry sanitary pads with you. You can also buy those in the Everest region, but it is a little expensive there. 

Diamox Tablets

Everest Base Camp falls under high altitude trek. As you go higher, the elevation increases, and there is the chance that you may be caught by altitude sickness. For that, Diamox Tablets need to be carried. 

What gears should be carried by the female trekkers?

Gears play a vital role while on the trek. Without sound equipment, trekking is not possible. Here is the list of some essential gears that need to be carried

  • Trekking poles
  • Headlamps
  • sleeping bags
  • Hiking Backpack
  • Water bottles
  • Maps
  • Oximeters

Trekking Checklist Equipment

Other items 

  • Camera
  • Batteries and charger
  • Sunglasses 
  • Headphones
  • Toiletries
  • Lip balm
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorants
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Shampoo
  • Towels
  • Wet wipes
  • Soap

Most Important things that should not miss 

Some things are essential, which needs to be with you all the time on the trek.

  1. Passport
  2. Permits
  3. Cash
  4. Travel insurance

Available Resources Along the Way 

The trail to Everest Base Camp is probably the most developed hiking route I have ever been to. Allowing hikers to shop almost every camp, email, internet, and cellular data all the way up to base camp. A local market Lukla and contact us., offering all kinds of shopping and seasonal markets, ATM, banks, money exchange, gear shop, Irish pop, Germany bakery, pool house, etc.  

So, let’s say you can find almost everything that you get in your local grocery store. However, you should remember the cost is higher up in the Himalayas. The transportation is by plane and helicopter. 


I hope the above article Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker will help you while packing for the Everest Base Camp Trek. If there is anything that is missed, do not hesitate to comment us below. 

If you enjoyed reading this article, share it with your friends and family! It might be the missing information they were looking for! We would also appreciate it if you could give us a rating below. If you have any queries about this trail, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

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