March 26, 2020: 17 hikers were rescued from Lukla Nepal this morning and Buddha Air is on his operation to rescue more from Pokhara.

March 25, 2020: The third day of the country lockdown in Nepal has left Hundreds of tourists stranded in the mountain. While embassies in Kathmandu from different countries have been called to join their rescue flight back home the lockdown is creating a massive impact to get back to catch their flight back home. Early this morning hikers from Jomsom, share her Facebook post saying “Nepal is in the country-wide lockdown. We voluntarily agreed to leave ACT track to make it out of the country. We signed many papers with strange statements to be allowed to travel and made it through the hectic bus registration process.’

March 23, 2020: One case of COVID-19 in Nepal. A 19-year-old Nepali girl coming back from France has been tested positive today. She was in isolation after coming home, but the family is being tested and contact tracing started.

March 22, 2020: Nepal closes down all the boarders from entering the country including open borders entry points with India.

March 20, 2020:  The government of Nepal in association with Nepal tourism board, and Trekking agency association of Nepal TAAN decided to close down all trekking permits until further notice.

Hotel association of Namche, in the Everest region, has closed down all the hotels, tea houses, and lodges in the Everest region.

Due to the lack, of business and fear of COVID-19 all the five-star hotel, casino, in Kathmandu is shutting down.

5 of the tourist this morning were taken by the government from their hotel in Thamel Kathmandu for not following the self-isolation period.

A number of people living in Kathmandu moving out of the city because of the coronavirus fear.

Schools, collage, and anything related to mass gathering institution has close down in Nepal.

Vehicles have been banned completely at Jamunaha of Nepalgunj to prevent the spread of #coronavirus in the main border of Western Nepal.

Addressing to the people of Nepal, Prime Minister KP Oli announces a ban on all international flights between 22-31 March to Nepal. Within the nation long-distance bus service closing from March 23rd until further notice.

March 01, 2020: Coronavirus visa on arrival in Nepal updates: In order to prevent the Coronavirus outbreak in Nepal, the government temporary suspension of visa on arrival from March 07. As of March 01, 2020, The visa on arrival restrictions is limited to the five most prone countries to the COVID-19 China, Japan, Korea, Italy, and Iran.

Anyone from those countries traveling to Nepal must get a visa from Nepal Embassy to their country and submit a health clearance certificate while applying for a visa.

Once you arrive in Nepal you are required to put yourself in isolation (quarantine)  for 14 days in the hotel. Please remember you are not allowed to go outside until you got the certificate that you are safe to move around.

Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign is withdrawn: Due to the world crisis of the Coronavirus Nepal government, the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation called off the campaign for 2020. Based on the local news published in eKantipur the prime minister KP Oli order to call off visit Nepal year 2020 campaign has proposed to organize on 2022

February 25, 2020: A Sevier concern among the visitors; is Nepal safe to travel for a holiday as the country is approaching the second-largest hiking spring season March until May. A lot of holidaymaker’s dream comes true vacation in the Himalayas is becoming an alarming sensation as Nepal is a neighboring country right next to China. I’m not here to debate on medical-issue; neither I’m an official to do so. I’m here to share what I know about the Coronavirus situation in Nepal and its safety for travelers.

As of February 24, 2020, based on Aljazeera 32 years, old man has tested a Coronavirus in Nepal and discharged after recovery.

coronavirus symptom
Based on the survey on 41 people from a Coronavirus effected 98% of them had a fever while 76% had a cough, 55%.

Is Nepal safe from a Coronavirus?

A serious question among many why Nepal has no effect of Koranavirus while the neighboring country, China, is suffering so hard? The Korean health expert recently announced that the species people use in South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan) has the most anti-bacterial power fight against the syndrome of flu. Since Koronavirus is another form of the deadly flue, the effect on those people whos been using such mix species for a generation likely has fewer chances of infection of Coronavirus. Well, this is not an official statement, but it seems somehow matching with Korean health expert’s presumptions. It’s because

  • The only person said to be infected by Nobal Coronavirus in Nepal walked home after recovery.
  • The Nepal government rescued at least 182 Nepali students from the heart of Wuhan China, (Where Thousands of Coronavirus suspects are) who has tested no Coronavirus.
  • South Asian country India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka have the minimum number of Coronavirus count compear to the outside world.

All the logic I made above is my personal opinion to show how safe is Nepal from a Coronavirus. As a matter of fact date 24, 2020, Nepal is completly safe from Coronavirus. As the country is celebrating Visit Nepal Year 2020, the tourism minister Yogesh Bhattarai told OnlineKhaber, “tourists visiting Nepal need not fear coronavirus infection in Nepal.” The country is well prepared for any action necessary. He said all international entry point has screening centers to detect the patient with symptoms. And medical supports are stand by.

What Government Has Done SO Far To Protect The Country

A lot of experts (Foregioner living in Nepal) underestimate the work that the Government of Nepal is doing to mitigate the effect of Coronavirus. I suppose it’s the way to look down a poor neighbor next to a wealthy community. I didn’t mean to say that Nepal is well capable of doing things at the same level as the developed country. As we all know, Coronavirus is a worldwide concern. But as far as I know, when the world was suffering from SARS, the Ebola Nepal Government’s attention level was probably a zero back then.

However, with Coronavirus, we must admit the government is on high alert. The only solid reason I’m certain It’s because of the Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign. Also, the newly elected tourism minister Yogesh Bhattarai is trying to stand stronger on his feet next to Rabindra Adhikari (previous minister), who was killed in a helicopter crash was trusted in his word and loved by the people.

  • All flights to Nepal coming via China is now suspended
  • Nepal-China entry border via Land currently suspended
  • Upon the arrival gate of the international terminal liquid sanitizer agent spray are present to destroy COVID-19.
  • The only international airport in Kathmandu (TIA) uses the thermal scanner plush the thermal gun to measure the body temperature of each arriving passenger.
  • For those who is traveling to Nepal from 5 of the country (China, Japan, South Koria, Iran, and Italy) which has a higher number of COVID-19 infection visa on arrival for them has suspended.
  • All international entry point has screening centers and medical team to provide support.
  • Nepal government and The National Public Health department recently extend Laboratory to each private hospital to test coronavirus suspect patients.
  • The government is making sure all private hospital, to have ventilator supported ICUs, doctors, and nurses to be on standby.
Health Desk In Kathmandu Airport
Coronavirus Health Desk in TIA (Kathmandu Airport)

Should You Postpone Your Holiday to Nepal Because of Coronavirus?

Like I said, in the beginning, I’m just a person who harvests the word what I see around Nepal. As of February 24, 2020, Nepal is completly normally. As usual, people on the street with a mask. It’s a practice here in Nepal even before Coronavirus people go outside wearing a mask because of the air pollution. However, prevention is better than cure; you may want to follow a particular hygiene process to keep you safe.

  • Keep your mask on at all time If you are city traveler
  • Wash your hand quite often more than usual (recent survey said washing hand quite often helps mitigate Coronavirus)
  • Make sure you will have sanitary gel all the time. This will help to clean yourself in no time whenever you are in contact with the public property.
  • Make sure the city hotels are clean, and the staff follows the sanitary processer.
  • If you are a hiker, you may want to spend more time in the cold air as the infection in the mountain is likely less then warm city pollution.


If I simply ask you which country probably has the best healthcare? The answer is maybe the first world country, Europe, America, Australia, UK, China, Japan, Singapore, the Middle East, etc. But If you look at the data, probably those are the most unsafe country right now from a Novel Coronavirus. The country who live in poverty and pollution seems to be doing just fine. It’s because there is no flu shot vaccine in those countries. Instead, the people have ani-virus built in their body naturally to fight the flu.

If you are reading this write up and wondering is Nepal is safe to travel? Or should I still visit Nepal while hundreds of people are daying in the neighboring country? I would gladly announce, come and visit our nation drink/eat some natural herbal product with our thousands of years legacy proven methodology.

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