The kingdom of Bhutan is a tiny landlocked country located in the eastern Himalayas wedged between India and China. The last existing Buddhist kingdom on earth, a country prioritizes. Its ancient Buddhist tradition while still embracing modern development. Welcome to NEST Adventure’s travel guide. I often receive an email asking for the Bhutan Itinerary. Commonly, it creates confusion for travelers because of the Bhutan Travel Policies. In this article, I will try to address any complexity what people typically have while planning a Bhutan itinerary for 3 days.

Before we dive deep into the article, you should know there are limited (only five of the) countries that have flight transit to Bhutan. This means the itinerary may depend on arrival and departure time base on the available flight time from those countries. While from Indonesia, the service only opens during busy tourist seasonal. There is two weekly flight from Bagdogra, India, Bangkok, Thailand, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Guwahati, India, Kolkata (Calcutta), New Delhi, and Singapore.Bhutan Travel Route via Air

The most common route is from Kathmandu, Nepal. There are more than ten flights every week by Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines available from Kathmandu. By far, Kathmandu Nepal is the largest transit point to enter Bhutan. My idea below about Bhutan itinerary for 3 days directly reflects from Kathmandu Nepal. However, If you change the destination name as Nepal or Kathmandu airport to whichever is your departure destination, the rest of the activities are the same. Available flight between Kathmandu and Paro Bhutan infographic


Why Nepal is Famous Gateway to Enter Bhutan

It is, in fact, the truth a majority of the people traveling Bhutan chose the air route from Nepal. As of 2020, there are more than ten flights in one week by Druk Air and Bhutan airlines between Kathmandu and Paro. While Druk air flight to Kathmandu is every day and Bhutan Airlines flights every other day. It’s a question I frequently received from my customers. Why should I go to Nepal just for Bhutan Itinerary (3 days) and here is why.

  • It is the opportunity to fly alongside the 7 out of 14 highest mountain in the world. That includes Mt. Everest and hundreds of other small peaks below 7,000m. (Make sure to have a left side window seat if possible)
  • The only available short (404km/ 1.20minutes) flight but one of the scenic and most challenging air routes in the world.
  • The only country with every day flights with two carriers and one of the cheapest of all.
  • Easy, affordable, and hassle-free visa and permit arrangments by a local Nepali travel company. All you need, find a ticket to Kathmandu (More than 30 international flights are available) and contact the local agency in Nepal. They will do everything for you.
  • “Kill two bird with one stone” For many, while visiting Nepal, Bhutan is a great add up destination.

The Reality of 3 Days Bhutan Itinerary

Remember, 2 night 3 days Bhutan tour starts the first half day from Kathmandu by talking 1:25 hour flight to Paro. If you choose Bhutan Tour Itinerary for 3 days from Kathmandu Nepal, you literally only have less then about 40 hours because of the flight schedule. There is one flight to Paro Bhutan from Kathmandu every day. However, if you want to reach Paro as early as possible, Monday and Thursday have an early schedule. The early flight on Monday is available at 9:45 am, and you will arrive Paro at 11:00 am. While Thursday flight departs at 11:20 am arrives Paro at 12:45. The rest of the other days in the week, the flight schedule to Paro is at 14:20 arrives Bhutan at 15:30 hour.

All flights from Paro to Kathmandu departs early morning at 07:30. This means the 3rd day is just catching your flight back to your next destination.

What I am trying to explain here is If you plan to arrive Bhutan either on Monday or Thursday, you relatively have few more hours then flying on the rest of the other days in the week. Most importantly, the early flight is the most scenic as the Himalayas opens nice and clear. Other than that, either day you fly the activities for 2 night 3 days plan doesn’t affect at all. If you have a few extra hours, you might enjoy having a single time (away from the tour company and guide beside) to mingle with locals and enjoy a local market, etc.

How Does Plan Look Like For 3 Days in Bhutan

Day 01: Kathmandu to Paro 

Keep all necessary documents from (us) agent in Kathmandu. Which refers to your visa, itinerary, flight ticket, and pickup details, then process to the airport. It is likely a 1.25-hour flight via one of the most challenging air routes in the world. On a clear day (especially on Monday flight), you will have the opportunity to fly alongside the 7 out of 14 highest mountain in the world. That includes Mt. Everest and hundreds of other small peaks below 7,000m. Once you arrive at Paro Bhutan, our representative will pick you up and drive to Thimpu to check into your hotel. These are the sites you likely cover on the first day of Thimpu Bhutan. I use the word “likely” it’s because incase your flight gets delayed or any technical issue, our representative may switch the place depending on the situation.

Tourism in Bhutan
The Mount Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Choyo during the flight between Kathmandu and Paro

Kuenselcholing View Point and Buddha Point, Kuenselphodrang:

Not very far from the capital Kuenselcholing View Point offers one of the most incredible views of Thimpu Bhutan alongside the snowy peak on the north. Buddha Point, otherwise also known as Kuenselphodrang in Bhutanese language Dzongkha, is one of the colossal statues of Buddha in the world standing at the height of 51.5 m.

Memorial Chorten: Built-in 1994, this place is the memorial of the third late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. Nationally known as the father of modern Bhutan, now has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thimphu.

Tashichho Dzong: This massive monument with three-storied towers at each of the four fancy corners topped by triple-tiered golden roofs was initially built in the 16th century. Although the building now is serving as part of the government official, no tourist would skip this place. Mostly because of the ancient Buddhist tradition architect and the wood carving is one of a kind in the world.

Thimpu Bhutan Travel Attraction Map and infographic
Day 01: Tourist Attraction map in Thimpu Bhutan

Day 02: (Thimphu – Paro) Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Taktsang) and Farm House, National Museum.

Today is the day you will visit an iconic monastery of Bhutan Tiger’s Nest, otherwise also known as (Taktsang) in Bhutanese language Dzongkha. Just for the monastery, it may take five to six-hour. It is about four to five hours of roundtrip hike plus one hour to visit the monasteries. The hike is about 6.5km (4 miles) with a 500m (1700 feet ) of elevation gain. While there is horse riding option available at the beginning of the hike but for average hikers, this wouldn’t be necessary. As we start our day early at 7:00 am, we intend to finish the hike by 1:00 pm. After a quick lunch, we will continiue further sightseeing to Farm House, National Museum, and some other local sites. Hopefully, some extra time in the evening to stroll around Paro.

Day 03: Paro to Kathmandu 

It’s the final day of 3 days Bhutan Itinerary. Our representative will make sure you will be dropped at the airport on time. Just a piece of advice, make sure to request a right-side window to enjoy the view of the highest mountain in the world. But be mindful, all passenger onboard is trying to get the same spot (A window seat). While it is nice to sit next to the window, think about what if you don’t get it? Anyone reading my article, be humble and let others enjoy the scenery by sharing the space if you are seated on the window side. It’s because of the cost factor to travel Bhutan a person next to you who didn’t manage to get the window seat may not return ever again in this air route.Mountain views from Kathmandu to Paro Bhutan flight

Best Time

Bhutan is located in the eastern trans-Himalayas with Tibet in the north and Indian on the east, west, and south. Weather in Bhutan is varied by place to place, depending on where you were.

The monsoons start from June to September with heavy rains and high humidity. During monsoon, the Himalayan vista might often bother by the cloud but the hide and seek between these two giants and the most dramatic to watch in Bhutan. Autumn starts from October to November. The sky remains unobstructed with clear views of the Himalayas. While it is normally sunny, a light snow shower might accord in the high elevation in late November.

Another best time is during the spring season of March until May. High up in the valley, seasonal flowers come in full bloom. The Mountain views are at their most visible with the clear skies. Here is the weather of Paro Bhutan and the temperature throughout the year

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min Temp °C -17 -15 -10 -5 -1 3 5 4 2 -5 -12 -16
Max Temp °C 1 1 4 7 10 12 12 13 11 8 5 3
Rainfall (mm) 4 8 16 21 24 40 75 72 34 14 4 1

What Should You Know before visiting Bhutan?

  • It’s the first tobacco-free country. Buy and sell tobacco is illegal in Bhutan. Tourists can bring only 200 cigarettes and make sure you will find a safe place; otherwise, you might be in trouble.
  • The last standing Buddhist nation in the world with a compulsory national dress for everyone.
  • The last country who experienced the radio (1988) TV and the Internet (1999).
  • The only country products and consumption is organic food.
  • In Bhutan, they don’t measure their countries progress in GDP (Gross Domestic Production). Instead, they use GNH (Gross National Happiness), which based on spiritual values. Bhutan has consistently ranked number #1 in Asia in the happiness index and top 10 in the world.
  • Bhutan is just about three times smaller than New York in size, with a population of about 750,000 people.
  • The first carbon negative country in the world, meaning it absorbs more co2 then it gives out.
  • 72% of the total area in Bhutan is forested, and the rest of the land is covered with mountains, wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves and green hills tarraces deep down in a valley.
  • The wildlife in Bhutan is preserved very well. If you harm, kill, or hunt an animal, you will be lifetime sentenced to jail.
  • Paro international airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. As of 2020, there are only 17 pilots in the world who are qualified to land in Paro Bhutan deep down in the valley of 2,200m.
  • 35% of the money that you paid as part of the package directly goes to the government fond of free health care, education and to maintain the tourist attractions.
  • If you love spicy food, you should try the Bhutanese menu. The eat chili during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • A phallic symbol in Bhutan is common, and you can see almost every monasteries, during the festival, etc.
  • You pay in USD or Bhutanese currency (NU), but receiving change in Indian rupees (INR) is common in Bhutan. Bhutanese currency NU 1 is 1 INR equivalent.
  • Mountaineering doesn’t allow in Bhutan. Anything below 6,000m considers as a trekking peak and legal to hike.
  • Summer means monsoon in Bhutan. Expect the rain and heavy snow in the country.
  • Do not discuss the royals or about the political issue and make a discussion matter of illegal things, such as Bhutanese refugees, public smoking, etc.

How Much is The Cost to Travel Bhutan With NEST Adventure

It is widely known USD 250 is the price to visit Bhutan during the main tourist season between September – November. While USD 200 for the rest of the month, otherwise also known as off-season price. If you are at least two or more in the group that considered a group price, but If you are single, there is a “single supplement charge” of USD 40 per day on top of the seasonal cost of USD 250 and USD 200.

If you are making Nepal as an entry point, there are some other expenses you should know. Such as flight ticket, visa fee, etc. here is the complete cost breakdown for 2 night 3 days Bhutan tour from Nepal.

   2 Night 3 Days Bhutan Tour Cost
Package fee/per day (Main season) USD 250×2 USD 500
Package fee/ per day (Offseason) USD 200×2 USD 400
single supplement charge USD 40 USD 40
Visa fee USD 40+10 USD 50
Kathmandu-Paro-Kathmandu flight Cost USD 225×2 USD 450
Full-time student under the age of 25 (25% less) 25% less 25% less

Note: NEST Adventure as one of the highest Bhutan tour package selling company, we offer an amazing discount for our customers. For market privacy purposes, we like to keep our best offer private. So If you wish to receive the best offer from NEST Adventure for your Bhutan tour, please get in touch with one of our team members. 

Why Should I Trust NEST Adventure For Bhutan Tour

If you recently finish reading everything above, you might be thinking, who the hell is NEST Adventure? And why should I trust this guy? Well, this is the section I will brief everything about NEST Adventure and the reason why NEST is the Best.

NEST Adventure center office based in Kathmandu Nepal, but we have a sister company in Bhutan call Dream Bhutan Travel and Tours, and here is their legal registration status in the Tourism Council Of Bhutan.

  • Highly rated customer reviews online. Please open this link and go to the search review section and type “Bhutan.” You will see all the reviews from our recent client.
  • We are one of the largest companies in Nepal operates Bhutan Tour.
  • Highly spoke by travel bloggers and seen as a world-class news publication
  • Better deal with NEST Adventure compear to any other agency
  • Easy, affordable, and hassle-free payment. You can only pay the visa in advance and the rest in person.
  • Only a copy of the passport is required to issue the visa.
  • Visa will be ready within 72 hours, which you can request to receive in your email.

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