More often than it is, the question commonly asked on the internet is, “When is the best time to trek Manaslu Circuit?”. It is, indeed, the weather change is real, and the Manaslu region isn’t far from its affected zone. In this article, I will discuss not just the best time of the year but also the general ideas about the topography of the reason, snow conditions throughout the year, possible avalanches, landslide season, wind speed and direction, humidity, etc.

A little background about myself and the authentication of my knowledge in the Himalayas to my readers. My name is Raj a local guide born and raised in the area. I have been writing about Nepal for a long time, and here I am keen to share some ideas that everything you should know about Manaslu trek. Especially when is the best time for this trek? For this article, I’m sharing a logic by month to month. So that way you know which month you should consider traveling in this region. 

Manaslu Circuit trek
Mount Manaslu the 8th Highest mountain in the world, is in the background during golden hour. Pictures from Loh


Manaslu Circuit Trek in January 

Generally, January has the coldest climate. The temperature is too low that it might tumble down to – 15 degrees Celsius/ 5 degrees Feerenhighit. It is difficult to anticipate the heat as the winter storms visit this area from time to time in this month of the year. Manaslu’s cold and frosty climate makes January one of the less crowded months for trekking. Even though the temperature is cold and frigid, the sky appears nice and bright throughout the day. The perspective of snowcapped mountains, solidified cascades, waterfalls, lakes, and the stream is pristine in January. 

January is not the best, as it is freezing in the high pass and likely snowbound. Before mid-January, however, it is common to see some hikers in Manaslu during the first week to the third week of January. If you are one of them, planning to Trek Manaslu in winter, here is what you should consider.

  1. Bring enough layers for the winter the wind speed will reach up to 15 miles per hour on a worse day. 
  2. Microspike is a life savvier; don’t forget to include them in your packing list. 
  3. Until mid-January weather isn’t bad but in the high pass it may snow in late of January.
  4. Choose a local company that has established experience in the region. 

Important Note: Dharmasala and Bhimtang (A camp before and after the high pass) might be closed. You need to make sure you are accommodated for those days. Each company has its own style on how they organize in winter trek.  The most companies organized primitive camps in Dharmasala and Bhimtang. which might be too difficult to spend a night out in the snow where the outside temperature will go -30’C at night.  Alternative Route For Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Trek in February 

Occasionally, February brings snow showers in the Himalayas. But it is the most dramatic way. The area above 3,500, may covered in snow. If the snow remains heavy, it could be dangerous in the high pass. The first half of February remains cold and frigid, while the end is fresh spring. From mid-February, the winter starts to vanish. The temperature ascends just as snow begins liquefying. Likewise, Rhododendrons and other blossoms in the forests begin to sprout. From mid-February, a hiker starts exploring the Himalayas. But in the last couple of years, Manaslu and other classical trails, such as Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base Camp, were closed because of the heavy snowfall. Please make sure you will contact your agency before making a plan. 


  1. Manaslu is slippery and wet in this month because of the melting of snow. There can be a dubious climate. 
  2. Ensure that you gather your sacks appropriately with winter garments and types of gear because the climate is unpredictable. 
  3. An extra layer, microspike, hot and cold thermos bottle, gaiters, and Pancho, are essential.

Manaslu Trek During Winter December and January

Manaslu Circuit Trek in March 

 March is one of the best times for Manaslu Circuit Trek, as this is when spring begins. It is likewise the peak month in Nepal for trekking. The temperature appears to be calm. The days are splendid and warm, with the forest where distinctive colorful flowers bloom.  Similarly, the temperature rises from 2 to 8 degrees, which makes the area friendly while walking. 

 Additionally, the climate in Manaslu in March is neither too cold nor excessively hot. The skies and snow-capped mountains are visible nice and clear. However, it is the start of peak season, so the trail start to be crowded, as well as tea houses, are occupied. 

 Overall, March is perhaps the most fabulous month for Manaslu trekking because of the ideal temperature. Before going to Manaslu, make sure to book the tea house earlier as the limited tea houses will start to overbooked. Tsum Valley Trek in Nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trek in April 

 April is the month hikers considers as one of the best time to trek Manaslu. When the temperature is all around adjusted. It is additionally the peak month like March for trekking in Nepal. Similarly, numerous climbers and experts with their client trek to Manaslu in this month. Likewise, the flower in the forest with Rhododendron of various colors can be seen. The climate is flawless if anybody wants to trek in April. Indeed, even one can discover other trekkers from multiple nations and make new friends. 

 However, because of the peak season, the trail is crowdie. The tea houses are mostly occupied. It is recommended to book the tea houses in advance if you are trekking Manaslu in April.  

Manaslu Circuit Trek in May 

 The month of May is once of the less crude but splendid weather in Manaslu. May is the end of spring when the temperature rises to 20 degrees. The days turn out to be longer and splendid. Manasu is off the beaten path as there are not as many as hikers compear to the other classical trail in Nepal. It ends up hard walking in the day time for individuals. 

 Also, the way, particularly in the lower spots, appears to be dustily followed by hot and sweat-soaked days for the individuals who can walk and appreciate the warm temperature. 

 Manaslu Circuit Trek in June 

June is the initial month of summer pursued by the monsoon in Nepal. However, the monsoon doesn’t start until the last week of June. It is still the perfect time for Manaslu until the end of June. The temperature begins getting hot, and the possible rainfalls. Toward the beginning of the day, the temperature cools and makes the environment ideal for walking.  

 Besides, if you are planning to trek to Manaslu in June, make sure to carry high ankle boots. Likewise, bring insect repellant to spare yourself, which is handy for a humid and lowe alpine area. 

 Manaslu Circuit Trek in July 

 July is the month of monsoon. The widely varied vegetation with thick forests appears to be extremely pleasant in this month. Primarily, waterfalls, brooks, streams, cascades come to life because of rainfall. They become extremely dramatic with the numerous waterfall, green vegetation, and the hide and seeks between the mountain and clouds. 

 In numerous ways, landslide and blockage of the street can be seen, which makes the circumstance extreme. In like manner, the flight gets postponed or dropped because of unforeseen rainfall and clouds. 

 If you intend to trek to Manaslu in July, then you have to set yourself up with appropriate types of gear. Likewise, you have to acknowledge the difficulties and blockage on the way. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek in August 

 Only the rain shadow part of the Himalayas, such as Upper Mustang, Annapurna Circuit, Nar Phu Valley Upper Dolpo, are the ideal for a hike during this time of the year. August is the primary monsoon season in Nepal, with more rainfall compared to July. The rain causes the vegetation to develop well while it additionally expands the challenge on the way. The heavy rain might create some landslide; in some cases, it might turn out to be increasingly troublesome.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

The internet says the month of September is the best time to hike in Nepal. But in the past couple of years, the monsoon doesn’t stops until the last week of September. Especially for Manaslu, transportation is no longer the issue, since there is a permanent road connection to the trailhead. September is the end of the monsoon, but still, some rain is possible. From the third week of the month, monsoon finishes and autumn begins. In this month, one can encounter both the seasons relying upon which time of September you are trekking. 

Further, the temperature cools with days. The course to Manaslu dries slowly and becomes ideal for trekking. Additionally, the climate causes you to enjoy the environment with delightful all-encompassing perspectives. 

 In any case, if you are planning to trek to Manaslu in September, you should be set up as it might rain at the start of the month. Nevertheless, the crowd will be less, and you can trek in a peaceful environment getting a charge out of every single moment of the trek. 

 Manaslu Circuit Trek in October 

 October is the best time to trek in Manaslu, also a starting season of autumn. It is likewise the best season in Nepal for Trekking. The climate is by all accounts high during this month. Temperature between 12-18 degrees this month makes it ideal for trekking. 

  Similarly, the brilliant and cool day makes the visibility of the astounding perspective clear. The climate becomes stable, with neither too cold nor excessively hot. In like manner, mountain, forests, waterfalls, streams, cascades, birds flying, can be an excellent experience for those who love nature.

 However, the trail might be busy with trekker as October is the peak season. So before going for Manaslu trek, pre-book your tea houses and lodges earlier. 

 Manaslu Circuit Trek in November 

 November is probably the best month to trek Manaslu. It falls under the great month of trekking as the temperature is cool, and it is the driest month of the year. It will be easy to walk for the trekkers in the dry path. Also, the sky turns out to be clear with the visibility of various beautiful scenes and mountain ranges. If you want to avoid the crude but still the best time, November is the ultimate time to trek in Nepal. 

The first week to till the third week of November, “the annual Manaslu trail race is in Manaslu could be observed. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek in December 

 Although not a lot of information available online, which says December is the best time but in fact it is. Weather change is real, and the season has been pushed. For instance, the monsoon was supposed to stop by the 23rd of September, but it doesn’t end until the first week of October. The same way December remains a very clear sky. Also, the crude in the Himalayas is way less compear to October. However, In December, the temperature is slightly colder. It ends up coldest, particularly toward the beginning of the day and night time. As you go higher elevation, the temperature falls from 8 degrees and makes it cold for the trek. 

 Despite the cold, nature seems immaculate. The days and evenings are cold this month. You can appreciate the perspective of hills and mountains. 


Spring and autumn is the best time to trek in the Manaslu circuit. Ideally, between mid-October to until mid-December for the autumn window. While mid-March until the first week of June is the perfect time for spring. If you are willing to consider a little bit, Manaslu trek is also possible during the winter. It’s just a matter of cold, but the clarity in the sky is the best in December until mid-January. Used to be a challenging task to get to the trailhead during monsoon, but a newly build road construction between Kathmandu and Arughat might also help to get easy access for Manaslu Circuit Trek in the future. It is true more and more trekkers are visiting Manaslu compear to the number a few years back. And they said the charm of Manaslu might be gone in a few years since there is new road construction. 

NEST Adventure has established experience with all local guide who is born and raised in the area. If you are looking for a local experience at a reasonable price, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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