WANTED: Trekking Partners for the Manaslu Trek 2018

Every year, travellers who are interested in the Manaslu Circuit Trekking have been increasing rapidly.  Indeed, it is starting to gain popularity and to us, this is no surprise because the trail itself is very scenic and you will not feel that you've fallen into a tourist trap.  Much of the region remains remote and unexplored.  

Every now and then, we would also receive inquiries from solo travellers who are looking for trekking partners with fixed departure and even more so after we published our previous article about the Manaslu trek cost. This is because single trekkers are not allowed in this area.  Of course, there is always a workaround that but you will have to pay the permit for two people! To help everyone out, we decided to put all these inquiries in one page so that everyone and anyone looking for a trekking partner could find the dates suitable for them. So if you are looking to join another trekker for the Manaslu and Tsum Valley trek in 2016, please leave your comment (contact us) with detailed requirements.We will publish these on in this page and will try to match you with another trekker. 

Further updates of departure date and group information below...

What information we need from you!

If you are looking for the trekking partner for the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek,  provide us with your plan details:  

a. Estimated arrival date in Kathmandu 
b. Estimated departure date from Kathmandu 
c. Your full name (first name will be disclosed) and country of origin 
d. How many days of Manaslu trek itinerary you are looking for? 
e. How do you want us to organise your trek? (e.g. including of guide, porter, permit, transportation, accommodation, food)
f. Are you an experienced hiker/trekker?
g. Any other requirements you would like us to know? 

Trekking group to join for Manaslu Trek (share: guide, porter, permit)

Here are some trekkers looking for trekking group to join. send us an email with your detail information we will publish here that's the way other trekker's find you.

September 2016 

Jae from Canada
Arrival Date in Kathmandu: 22 September 2016
Trekking requirements: 
- Ideally looking for 14 days of Manaslu trek.
- Willing to stay for 2 weeks or more days in Nepal.  
- Requires both guide and porter
**Trip Status: Booked but still looking for trekking partners to join him and share the cost!!**

Wolfgang from Germany
Arrival Date in Kathmandu: 16 September 2016 
Departure Date: 13 October 2016
Trekking requirements:
- Manaslu Circuit/Tsum Valley or Kanchenjunga trek
- Would like to use public transportation
- Requires guide only
- Willing to fit in side trips such as (e.g. Gumba Lungdang in Tsum, Pung Gyen Gompa, Manaslu base camp, side trip from Samdo/Larya Bazar)
- Willing to share Manaslu Trek permit
**Trip Status: Still looking for trekking partners**

October 2016

Juliana from Colombia,
Currently living in Ireland and traveling around Asia for the next 3 months
- Arrival date in Kathmandu: October 8, 2016
- Trip: 14- 22 days Tsum Valley - Manaslu Circuit
- Preferred start date: October 9th - 11th
- Duration: 22 days (have some flexibility on departure dates; however I need to be back in Pokhara by 1st of November 
- Looking for: Sharing a guide, porter and permit costs
- Experience: trekking Argentina, Patagonia region, The Andes 
*Trekking Status: Still looking for trekking partners!!**

Carson from the UK (The Photographer) 
Arrival Date in Kathmandu: Beginning of October 
Departure Date: 17 October 2016
Trekking requirements:
- Manaslu Circuit/Tsum Valley for 22 days 
- Experienced trekker
- Requires guide only
- Loves photography!
**Trip Status: Trekking with Reggie, but happy to welcome other trekkers to their group!**

Julien from France (The Professional Trekker) 
Arrival Date in Kathmandu: 15th October 
Departure Date: 15 October 2016
Trekking requirements:
- Manaslu Circuit/Tsum Valley for 22 days 
- Experienced trekker / professional mountaineer in France
- Requires guide only
**Trip Status: Trekking with Veronika/Carrie's team, but happy to welcome other trekkers to their group!**
So let me begin by telling you about my story that how I became alone for Manaslu circuit  trekking. I was supposed to do this trek with a party of 5 other friends. So we all bought our plane tickets and plan the trek:we had a very specific schedule for each day, et to be checked with a local guide. But you know how life is: unpredictable! Two of them got wounded, one other got seriously seek, one got pregnant and the last one was the boyfriend of the pregnant girl. I was advised 10 days ago that the last couple of friends would not make it to Nepal, due the pregnancy. So I found myself alone for this trek. Now I am looking for join with someone or someone can join with me for this schedule. 

Veronika from Austria
Arrival Date in Kathmandu: Mid October 2016
Trekking requirements:
**Trip Status: Trekking with Carrie and 3 others! **

Carrie from Canada 
Arrival Date in Kathmandu: 13 October 2016 
Trekking requirements:
- Interested in 22 days Manaslu treks with Tsum Valley
- Need to be in Kathmandu by 4 November
**Trip Status: Part now of Veronika's team!**

Barty Lambert
Arrival Date in Kathmandu: Ideally October 10th onwards
Trekking requirements: 
**Trip Status: Already booked!**

Arrival Date in Kathmandu: 19th of October  2016 
Trekking departure: Happy to leave between 20 October and 23 October
Trekking Requirements: 17 days Manaslu Trek, guide, permit and transport only!
**Trekking Status: Still looking for trekking partners!!**

November 2016

Private Group
Fixed Departure: 15th of November 
No. of Trekkers: 2 
Trekking requirements: 
- Private group but could join other group for permit purposes only, but will hire their own guide/porter
- 17 Days Manaslu trek
**Trekking status: Booked! Any solo trekkers can join for purposes of getting permit only. **

Ben from the U.S. 
Arrival date in Kathmandu: November 02, 2016
Preferred start date: November 3rd or 04th
Duration: 22 days (open to longer trip with side hikes; up to 25 days. 
Trekking Requirements:
- 22-day Tsum Valley - Manaslu Circuit but open to longer trip  (up to 25 days) with side hikes
- Need to be back in Kathmandu by December 7th
- Share a guide and permit, does not require a porter but could share one
- Ben is an experienced trekker who backpacked and trekked in the US, Chile and Peru.  He completed JMT (225 miles/ 360 km) in California's Sierra Nevada.  
**Trip Status: Booked! Any solo trekkers can join with me**

Arrival date in Kathmandu: 13th November
Trekking Departure: 15th November
Trekking Requirements
- Share a guide and permit
17 days Manaslu trek with some side trip to  Base camp  and Tibetan border
**Trip Status: Will be joining Vianne, but happy to welcome other trekkers to their group.**

Manaslu Trek Review 2016 

It was a simple afternoon when the concept of Manaslu trekking partner came up.  Last trekking season, it turned out to be a huge success and NEST was able to help a number of single trekkers create groups to share a permit and a guide.   We created a page and summarized the requirements from each single trekker so we could match them with another.  In the next paragraphs, I would like to highlight what happened and include a review of the experience from the trekkers who participated that season. 

The first departure on that site was on the 23rd September.  A single trekker named Jay from Canada signed up with 3 other single trekkers for the Manaslu trek.  Unfortunately,  due to the recent landslide in the Manaslu area, the other 3 single trekkers cancelled their trip and went instead to Annapurna Base Camp Trek.  In the end,  Jay trekked by himself with a "Ghost Permit."

Our second departure was on the 15th October (4 people): Veronica, Carrie, Julian and Chelsea decided to trek Manaslu Tsum Valley for 22 days.  Based on their feedback, this trek also went very well. 

Our third departure was on the 17th October 2016 with 2 people:  Reggie from Australia and Carson from Hongkong (the Photographer team) decided to trek Manaslu Tsum Valley together.  It turns out, they are actually both photography enthusiasts!  From their feedback, the trek went beyond their expectations. 

On 4th November (3 people): Ben and two other single trekkers, Berry from the USA and Rob from the UK decided to trek for 22 days Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. We had the time to collect the feedback from all 3 of them.  They said the trek went very well. 
Our last single trekkers' group departed on 15th November (2 people):  Alessandro and Vianne for a 17-day Manaslu trek.  As we speak,  Alessandro actually continued trekking to Annapurna Circuit after the Manaslu trek and Vianne just got back to home. From the feedback coming from Vianne and guide, the trek went very smooth. 

Over 90% single trekkers who inquired with us and who requested to join a group, managed to find a trekking partner this season.  You can read all of the comments and trip reviews on TripAdvisor coming from our satisfied clients here

April 2017

Padam Bdr Chuwan, 51/male, Nationality-Bhutan. 
Arrival date in Kathmandu: March 29, 2017
Trip: Manaslu Circuit
Preferred start date: April 1st or 2nd
Duration: 14 days Manaslu Circuit trek (will continue with Annapurna circuit from Dharapani including a side trip to Tilicho lake at Manang.) 
Looking for: Sharing a guide and permit.  I don't plan on using a porter but I'm open to sharing one.  
Experience: Backpacking/ trekking/bicycling in similar places in Bhutan.  Have done many trekking of similar nature crossing over 5000 mtr in Bhutan including half snow man trek (17 days) and also Everest base camp in Nepal (2014).    
Language spoken:  English, Nepali, Dzongkha, Hindi and Sherchogpa.
**Trip Status: still looking for a trekking partner Any solo trekkers can join with me**
Leisha Shiner, 27/female, British, 

Arrival date 10th April in Kathmandu, 
Trip: Manaslu Circuit preferred 
start date 11th April. 
Duration: 14 days Manaslu Circuit trek   
Looking for: Sharing a guide and permit.  I don't plan on using a porter but I'm open to sharing one.   
Experience: Backpacking/ trekking/runner.  Have done some easier treks in UK, Kenya, Tanzania and Indonesia. No extensive experience of long treks but am relatively fit, running on average 50-60km a week.  
Language spoke:  English. 
Harley from Australia
Arrive date in Kathmandu: April 19 2017
Trip: 22 Day Manaslu / Tsum Valley Circuit
Preferred start date: April 20 / 21
Duration: 22 Days 
Looking for: Sharing a guide and a permit. Open to sharing a porter.
Experience: US National Parks, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand. Long day walks / overnight treks.
Also looking at completing Annapurna Base Camp, Mid or late May.
**Trip Status: Already found a trekking partner**

March 2018

Chris, from Australia
Arrival date: Kathmandu 3-5 March
Trip: 22 days:  Manaslu/Tsum Valley Trek 
Preferred start date: 7-9 March
Duration: 22 days
Looking for: sharing a guide, private jeep and permits. Open to sharing a porter.
Experience and fitness: enough of both!
**Trip Status: still looking for a trekking partner Any solo trekkers can join with me**
Emile, from the US
Arrival date: Kathmandu 17-19 March
Trip: 22 days:  Manaslu/Tsum Valley Trek 
Preferred start date: 20-22 March
Duration: 22 days
Looking for: sharing a guide, private jeep and permits. Open to sharing a porter.
Experience and fitness: fit enough! Some overnights but first long trek.
*Trip Status: still looking for a trekking partner Any solo trekkers can join with me**

April 2018

Zlatica from Slovakia, 42 years
Arrival date in Kathmandu: April 1, 2018
Preferred start date: April 2nd - 5th
Duration: 22 days (open to longer trip with side hikes; up to 25 days). 
Trekking Requirements:
- 22-day Tsum Valley - Manaslu Circuit but open to longer trip  (up to 25 days) with side hikes
- Need to be back in Kathmandu by April 30, 2018.
- Share a guide and permit, does not require a porter but could share one
- Zlatica is an experienced trekker who backpacked and trekked in Kenya, Tanzania, Caucasus, Altai, Kamchatka, Alps.

About Rajendra Khanal (Raj)

Rajendra Khanal (Raj) Born and raised in Gorkha, Nepal, I am proud to call the Manaslu region my home! I have been in the travel business for over a decade from being assistance guide to being a guide/leader to being a manager and finally a founder of NEST Adventure. So you could say, I know my way well enough in the Himalayas especially in some of the off-the-beaten trails in Nepal like Manaslu, Kanchenjunga or Mustang

I am passionate about travelling and I strongly believe that seeing the world shouldn't break the bank (at least not too much!).  I have backpacked to over 15 countries in Asia, Central Americas USA and Canada, one-third of Europe, Caribbean Island and  Latin America.

I studied in the UK and moved to the United States. During that period, I had an opportunity working with multinational companies which taught me, how to deliver quality customer service in the business? As a world travelling backpacker myself, and travel expert of Nepal Himalayas, I started writing about my own country.  Incase, If you required free information about Nepal, please do not hesitate to visit my office in Thamel. We are located in the centre of Kathmandu Thamel. I am happy to share a cup of Nepali tea and free information.  Our team at NEST has earned 5/5 star ratings on TripAdvisor from about 200 satisfied customers. Don't forget to visit our customer feedback page on TripAdvisor.
If you believe our expert team can be helpful in planning your next trip to Nepal, then please do not hesitate to contact me. at nestadventure@gmail.com. I am also available 24x7 on WhatsApp  +977- 9851052042. If you are interested to know more about my travel journey follow me on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  
2 + 8 = ?

Jonathan from London, 52. Currently living in Bangkok
Arrival date in Kathmandu: Between April 1st - 15th, 2019
Preferred start date: Between April 3rd -15th
Duration: Around 22 days (open to longer trip with side hikes; up to 25 days). 
Trekking Requirements:
- Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit but open to longer trip with side hikes and days allowed for bad weather, acclimatization etc.
- Need to be back in Kathmandu by around May 15th
- Share a guide and permit only, does not require a porter but could share one.
- Experienced hiker. Have done most of the treks it's possible to do in Nepal solo as well as treks in Borneo and Indonesia.

- Jonathan Galvin

Hi Jonathan - Thank you for sending us a request. We will update in our system and let you know. Thanks Raj 
- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

a. Estimated arrival date in Kathmandu : October 26
b. Estimated departure date from Kathmandu: October 26
c. Your full name (first name will be disclosed) and country of origin : Jay, USA
d. How many days of Manaslu trek itinerary you are looking for? 5 to 7
e. How do you want us to organise your trek? (e.g. including of guide, porter, permit, transportation, accommodation, food): Thinking a guide, maybe a porter
f. Are you an experienced hiker/trekker? No
g. Any other requirements you would like us to know? 
- Jay Kay

Hello Jay, 

Thank you so much for the request, Please follow us in private email. We have a few options available for you at the end of October. We will be able to hook up with other backpackers. 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.


im arriving in Katmandu on the 6th of May and would like to start the Manaslu Circuit Trek pretty soon after that.
I did a lot of tramping in New Zealand so I would call me a fit and fast hiker.
Im not 100% in how may days I want to walk the Circuit also would depend on you!
Personally I would prefer to do the walk independend and quit cheap as im a poor backpacker.
If you are interested contact me!
Have a wonderful day

- Fabian Bundschuh

I would like to do the trek around the 22 of November 2016
can I go alone (no guide,porter,other trekkers) or can I join a group at that time?

- Robert

Hello Robert, 
Thank you so much for your comment. We have recently one girl from Italy looking for a trekking partner on the 22nd of November. She is planning to do 17 days Manaslu trek, and she is also a single trekker like you. As you know a single trekker's are not allowed in Manaslu. That means it has to be minimum 2 people in the group and one Nepali support staff. Annalisa is looking for sharing  a guide permit & accommodation if that is matched with you interest stay in touch with us. We will let you know further detail via email. 
Thank you

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

I'm Annalisa from Italy. I'll be in Kathmandu on the 22nd of November and I'd like to do 18 days trek in Manaslu area and I'm looking for other trekkers to share the experience. !!!
- Annalisa

Hello Annalisa, 
Thank you so much for your comment. I am afraid we only have a private group around that time, The last group with joining possibilities only available on the 15th of November. What can I do in this situation is give us your detail which we need to post on our website and look for the another trekking partner same time as your time frame. I can't guaranty that I will be able to find out a trekking partner  for you in your time frame but I give it try. Thank you!

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

I am a 36 year old American arriving in Kathmandu around October 20th (90% certain) to visit friends and then want to do the Manaslu Circuit. Ben's trip on November 5 would be perfect for me. My return date is open ended. I don't need a porter but will share guide costs. I have previously hiked the Annapurna Circuit and other hikes in New Zealand and Patagonia. My highest altitude reached was 19,000 ft so I know I can handle the altitude. Please let me know if he still has space available and how many people are going. My apologies if I created multiple posts. - See more at: http://www.nestadventure.com/blog/96/wanted-trekking-partners-for-the-manaslu-trek-2016.html#trekking-group-to-join-for-manaslu-trek-share-guide-porter-permit
- Barry Rogge

Hello Barry, 
Sorry about the issue you had to face, But Thank you so much for trying to reach us. Our IT team recently editing some features on our website. That's probably the errors occurs.
YES! there is still some availability  on that date. So far only 2 people have been confirmed the trip on that date. You will be the 3rd person if you join with Ben's Group. This trip comes with, Permit, Guide, Porter, and Accommodation, Which is for 22 days Manaslu and Tsum Valley. Let us know via email if that is Ok with you. I will send you the detail via email. 
Thank you (Raj)

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

I'm from the UK and interested in joining the Manaslu Tsum Valley trek Is a space still available? I'm 36 and have previously trekked up to about 10 days (Inca Trail/Tour du mont blanc/Torres-del-paine 'W' trek), but have not previously been to Nepal. I'm particularly interested in the 22 day Manaslu - Tsum valley trek (I have up to a max of 4 weeks free), but haven't booked my flights yet, so have some flexibility. Starting 14th/15th is ideal, but may also be available for a slightly later start in October. I do however need to finalize plans soon before flights get very expensive!
- Rob Younger

Hello Rob, 
Thank you so much for your interested, I am here with some available option for the group join.  

10th or 11 October: Juliana is single trekker's from Irland she is looking for joining the group with others. She is a very experienced hiker and love to trek in a group.  
15th October: We already have 5 people in the Carrie and Veronika's group. I have to check with the group leader whether she will accept or not. You only have 50% chance in this group. 
17th October: This is one of the best team to join trek for 22 days Manaslu Tsum Valley, So far there are 2 people fixed in this group. One from the guy Carson is from the UK and another guy Reggie from Australia. Both of them are a professional photographer.  If you have some interest in photography you will enjoy in this group and learn the skill from them. I would highly recommend you on this trip.  As your intended date is also close by. 

We have some private group in between 20 Oct to until 30th October I can still check with them and asked if they accept group. 
November 04th: Ben from the USA he just confirms the trip with us. He is also going Manaslu Tsum Valley. Happy to have someone in the group. (This is another best time and recommended for trek, personally, I like this time as this is the best time and very clear sky view and mountain) 

Please let us know which date you like since you have not booked the flight ticket yet. You have many options to join with anyone you are interested. 
Thank you! (Raj)

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.


I' m currently in Pokhara and looking at doing the Manaslu trek 14 or 21 days. I'm looking to trek late September to early october. Have Jae or Wolfgang found any treking partners?


- Matt Humphries

Hello, Matt, 
Thank you so much for your comment, You actually contact us at the right time.  Jay is arriving in Kathmandu on the 22nd of September and trekking with us on 23rd. He is actually by himself but decided to trek. with paying double permit. If you want to trek with him he will be more than happy than anything to share permit,  porter and guide, Wolfgang also hasn't found trekking partner yet. but If you want me to check with him I can check  and let you know. Let us know with whom you want to trek and  whose timetable suite on you. 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

I saw on your website that this trip will be running on 16 October with Carrie and Veronica. Is there still space for me to join? I am a 32-year-old woman from Australia, with lots of hiking experience (including in Nepal).

What date will the trip finish? Does it start and end in Kathmandu or in Pokhara? What is the approximate cost? I don't need a porter (two years ago I hiked in the Annapurna region for 15 days carrying my own pack, but with a guide).

- Kathryn

Hello Kathryn, 
Carrie and Veronika leaving on the 15th of October. So far we have few people already sign up for this date. 5 person is the maximum group size of this  date. You are lucky to catch me up on time. I am receiving a lot of inquiries for this date. if you are interested. you must arrive Kathmandu on the 13th of October or at most 14th in the morning before 10am. This trip ending on 4th of November. That means 20 night 21 days trip. If that is reasonable for you, we are happy to give you the detail. Please email 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

I was talking to Carson, and was curious if you have room on the Manaslu + Tsum trip? I'm assuming it's with Veronica and Carrie?

I'm Canadian, 33, have done a few longer treks, but nothing quite at this length. Most recent was the Tour du Mont Blanc in July, which is 10 days, about 190km with about 12 000m of altitude gain given the variant routes I took. Altitude isn't very high, though. Hovering anywhere from 500 to 2600m. I did some day treks in the Spiti Valley as well, but day tours with a jeep between villages. Slept at 4500m a few nights, hiked at this same altitude.

A few years ago I was in Tibet and did day hikes to about 4800m. I've also done some lower Andes day hikes, some white Mountains 3 to 5-day trips and some short treks in the Rockies, usually at around 3000m as well.In all cases, I'm usually not affected by altitude. My blood oxygen was at 98% after a day of acclimatisation.

I'm very easy going. I'd like to have some time to meditate in the morning is my only request.I've also mentioned it to a few others who were looking to do the trek, so maybe we can get a bigger group together. Let me know if that's possible.

- Chelsea MacDonald

Hello, Miss MacDonald! 
Thank you so much for your inquiries! Yes, recently Carson and one other Mountaineering guy Julien join the trek. with Carrie and Veronika. If you had a discussion with Carson he might have already told you about the group detail cost and 22 days itinerary

I am quite not sure about your plan. I could sense you are an experienced hiker, I could tell you will not have any issue in Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. So far everyone sharing one guide, Veronika and Carrie hired one porter as well. I am quite not sure whether you need a porter or not? if not your cost will be same as Carson. 

As long as you will not disturb the departure time of the group in the morning, we are fine even if you do Yoga. But you should know that our guide is not a yoga instructor. If you are planning on Manaslu circuit Trek and can't find a group, Then it's a last chance, you are the last person there will be no more than 5 people in this group. 

Thank you! 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Hi! Namaste!
I'm french, I'm Julien Defois. I'm 37.I'm looking for some partners to hike around Manaslu and Tsum Valley (22 days).I arrive at Kathmandu on Oct the 15th, at 8:50 AM. And I leave on Nov the 5th.I visited your website and noticed that 2 girls Carrie and Veronica were going to trek Manaslu Tsum valley on oct the 15th. So I'm would be happy to join them. But the point is I arrive on the very same day they start trekking so the best option for me would be to leave on the 16th. And I'm not sure I have enough time to get the permit on my arrival day. Do you think I have enough time to get it? Maybe I can take a bus to Soti Khola by the afternoon. 
I'm a trekking guide in France and I've been many times in the Himalaya, more than 20 times above 5.000 m elevation.I do not need a guide because I've already done trekking on my own in Nepal but I will comply with what the girls have decided if we manage to make it together. I do not need a porter. I surely would need you to organise permit and transportation from and to Kathmandu. 
So let me know what is possible and about the cost if I join the girls.
Regards, Tashi Delek,

- Julien Defois

Namaste Julien, 
Thank you for a bit complicated types of  comment, I am very happy to join with them, but there is some condition you might have to  consider, The conditions are: 
1. You have to travel to Soti Khola, by Bike or by private 4/4 jeep with the help of someone. As soon as we finished the Manaslu trek permit on the 15th of October to catch the group. Since there is no bus service in the afternoon to Soti Khola or Arughat. 
2. You have to pay  the rent of Bike and someone who is going with you to drop until Sotikhola along with single supplementary accommodation during the trek. 
If you consider that option please let us email us at info@nestadventure.com. I can go with the further process. 
I hope you will understand this issue. 

Thank you, (Raj) 
NEST Adventure 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

I just read on your page above you have a Manaslu trek starting on the 15th of November 2016. As I will reach Nepal alone, I have nobody to share the permit with. Is it possible to join that group?
I read that the guide and porter should be arranged individually. I don't think I need a porter but the guide would be enough, would that be arranged by you? Might I have a price prospect for that?

Thank you very much for your help!
Best Regards,
Alessandro Susca

- Alessandro Susca

Hello Alessandro, 
You are absolutely correct, two brothers they booked the trek with us, they are also going with a guide,  But I can't join you along with them as they prefer their own trip. But I can issue a permit and if you wish to hire your own guide. 

Do you have any idea how many days Manaslu trek itinerary you are planning for? We will help you to issue a permit as much as we can. 

Thanks (Raj)

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Je suis Français, I'm alone and want to go a treck after the October 20 to 23. The Manaslu or the Kanchenjunga is ok for me if you have a group. Tell me.I think a treck 18 - 20 days; I am arriving Kathmandu oct 19 to oct 23, not before. Give me all the trecks confirmed and the dates if I can join.
- Pierre Haenel

Hello Pierre, 

Thank you so much for your comment, we recently don't have any group departure for the Kanchenjunga Trek at this time, but we have someone interested around in your timeframe for Manaslu trek. I will check with them first before I give you any confirmation. Meantime, if you are able to come earlier either the first week of October or second week. We have fixed group leaving for Manaslu trek. Let us know if you can join with this group.  

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

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May 30th, 2019 - The Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary could vary greatly depending on the chosen route and the places one would like to see (for example a side trip to Tsum Valley and rest days in between).  There ...

Manaslu Trek Difficulty Review and Trail Route

Jan 19th, 2019 -  Hiking in Nepal Himalayas, it's not a rocket-science but just a passion.  You don't have to be a professional athlete or mountaineer to complete the Manaslu Circuit Trek.  On ...

Trek Du Manaslu

Sep 25th, 2014 - If you are thinking to travel in Nepal and looking for trekking then we recommend you Trek Du Manaslu, very beautiful trekking on Gorkha. We organize Tour Du Manaslu as well as Trek Du Manaslu on ...

Tour Du Manaslu

Sep 24th, 2014 - Tour Du Manaslu Si vous envisagez de voyager au Népal et à la recherche de trekking alors nous vous recommandons Trek Du Manaslu , très belle randonnée sur Gorkha . ...

Manaslu Trek Without Guide

Aug 30th, 2019 - If you are looking for Manaslu circuit Trekking in any season then this idea of trekking Manaslu without a guide is impossible to cause area from Jagat to Bimthang is declared as a restricted region ...

Manaslu Trekking in July

May 11th, 2018 - My Name is Dan from Spain. I am a regular traveller whenever I have time I like to explore a different part of the world. In 2013 I trek Annapurna Round by myself, exactly one year after on 2014 July ...

Annapurna Circuit Trek Vs Manaslu Circuit Trek

Jan 23rd, 2018 - Manaslu Circuit Trek or Annapurna Circuit Trek lets share some opinion about choosing these two famous Trekking in Nepal whether to Trek Manaslu or Annapurna. First deciding which one to choose lets ...

Top 10 facts about Manaslu Trekking Nepal with Tsum Valley

Aug 13th, 2014 - Are you thinking for some off the beaten trail in Nepal, and then Manaslu might be your good choice with easy access and more remoteness within it. Manaslu Trekking is really famous for its virgin ...

Trekking Permit Nepal Restricted Regions

Jun 26th, 2019 - Although you might find online says trekking in Nepal without a guide is possible, some regions are specially categorized as restricted area trekking. There are several such restricted trekking in ...

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