5 Mistakes every first-time traveller makes

It is natural for your excitement to skyrocket when you head off on your dream holiday. You will experience an incredible feeling as you are about to venture into unfamiliar territory. But along with this comes stress and anxiety. You start thinking about possible problems and delays that can crop up. But hey, these are part of the awesome adventure you're going to have! If you are a first-time traveller, you are bound to make mistakes. This is not a big deal, but being well prepared will help you cope with any issues that come up. The following are some of the common bloopers you need to avoid while travelling – 

1. Taking Your Entire Wardrobe

As per the old rule, you need to lay out everything you want to pack and then divide it in half. However, once your clothes are laid out, you will be tempted to empty your wardrobe and fill up your suitcases. Inevitably,  you will start bargaining with yourself and end up rationalizing the need to bring your entire wardrobe.It is important that you don’t reach the point where your suitcase is stuffed full of clothes and accessories. Before you start packing, have a plan and create a packing checklist. Make sure to pack neutral colored pieces that you can mix and match.If there are clothes that need ironing, don’t bring them. Also, you will need only three pairs of shoes - slippers or sandals, a pair of formal shoes, and comfy walking shoes. Don't worry that this might leave you with a boring travel wardrobe. It is always better to be comfortable while travelling.

2. Relying On The Travel Agent For Everything

Nowadays, it is easy to book your entire vacation online, but some people still depend on the services of travel agents. Travel companies can be helpful in some cases, but this doesn’t mean you use them for everything.You can use the services of agents to book your flights and get economical accommodation packages. However, you will end up saving money if you make these reservations yourself. There are several websites you can use, with helpful suggestions and reviews by other travellers. 

3. Packing Too Many Books

No doubt, guide books are one of the best resources for travel related information. However, they can be heavy and quite bulky. The same goes for the novels and magazines. Well, the time has come for you to embrace the e-reader. Such devices provide entertainment on the go and can make your trip enjoyable and burden-free. You can carry the entire series of Game of Thrones or Harry Potter in an e-reader that weighs less than two hundred grammes. Furthermore, you will seem less like a tourist, and no one will know that you have no idea where you are or what you are doing. Similarly, audio books are quite space-efficient, and they are a lifesaver for people who suffer from motion sickness while travelling. 

4.  Purchasing A Lot

It can be tempting to walk into travel shops and spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary things like compression sacks, travel shirts, money belts, hiking shoes, carabiners, and more. However, these will only take up space and make your bag heavier. Carry what you need and purchase only essentials that you can't do without. 

5.  Not Opting For Insurance

Most people don't think of insurance, even if they are planning to spend more than a week travelling. A million things can go wrong when you are in an unfamiliar place.  You could be involved in an accident, get sick or your suitcases could go missing. It is better to shell out a small amount on a good insurance policy to be safe. 

When planning a trip, it is important not to have unrealistic expectations. Don’t get stressed out if things don’t go as planned. All you need is to go with the flow. Don’t expect the trip to be perfect or have too many expectations. 

By avoiding these 5 travel mistakes, you can ensure that your trip is relatively stress-free. Packing light and planning ahead can help you avoid any travel related mishaps. Be prepared and start your trip with an open and fresh mind.

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