Kanchenjunga Trekking Permit

Government policies in Nepal require some of the trekking areas to have a special permit especially if the trekking area is an open border or have a connection with another country. Mount Kanchenjunga, the 3rd highest mountain in the world, also shares the border with India and China (Tibet). However, major climbing peak routes and best trekking trails including the Kanchenjunga Base Camp lies on Nepal’s side. If you are planning to explore Kanchenjunga, then you should be prepared for a special trekking permit. In this article, we are giving you some essential ideas on how and where to get the Kanchenjunga trekking permit. Please scroll down below for further answer of following details.Kanchenjunga trekking permit All you need to know.


Permit Cost 

Kanchenjunga trek requires two different kinds of a permit, which are:

Permit Types Foreign SAARC Nepali Child under 10
Kanchenjunga National Park fee USD 20 NPR 1,000 NPR 100 Free
Kanchenjunga Restricted Area Permit Fee USD 20/week USD 20/week Free Free
Minimum of 3 Week permit USD 20x3 week USD 20x3 week Free Free
Total cost USD 80/per person USD 70 USD 1 Free

Note: The restricted area permit for Kanchenjunga Trek has recently increased  (17 July 2019) from the previous figuer. Based on recent change the breakdown above was taken from Nepal immigration official page.

Do I need TIMS Card for Kanchenjunga Trek?

TIMS card is not necessary for a Kanchenjunga trek. As long as you hold a special trekking permit, TIMS card isn’t required in any restricted trekking region in Nepal. But it is always advisable to check in advance with your local company (Contact Us). For example, if you have a connecting trip after Kanchenjunga, such as Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp, then TIMS card is compulsory. 

Where can I get Kanchenjunga trekking permit?

All restricted trekking permit including Kanchenjunga trek permit will be issued in the trekking department of the Nepal immigration office in Maitighar, Kathmandu.  For your information, Nepal Tourism Board and TAAN don’t issue a restricted permit, but other trekking permits such as ACAP, MCAP, and Everest base camp permit are issued here. 

Can I apply independent trekking permit for Kanchenjunga? 

This is a very important question that every traveller should know.  Please note that individual trekkers are not allowed in Kanchenjunga.  You must meet the following restricted area permit requirements by the Nepal government to file the permit:  
1. You must hire at least one authorized person from the local trekking agency, either a professional guide or a registered Porter/ Guide.
2. You must be at least two people in one group (not including the guide or porter). Or Pay for the "Ghost permit"
3. You must file your special permit through an authorized local trekking agency. 

What documents are required

If you are able to meet the government requirements as discussed above, you should also provide these documents to your local trekking company in order to apply for your permit.  
1. Original passport with your Nepal entry visa with the arrival stamp. 
2. Two passport size photos  (if you have one online passport photo, you will only need one printed ID photo)
3.Travel Insurance that covers emergency evacuation up to 6,000m. (Not mandatory but recommended for your safty)
4. Of course, money

Can I apply in advance? 

This completely depends on the local trekking company you choose and whether they are able to deal with the situation. As Immigration policies change very often. You should check in advance with your company or (contact us).  But in our company’s experience, we are able to issue Kanchenjunga trek permit in advance upon the request of our clients. Please be reminded, however, that this is also not under our control and will depend on who we might be dealing with in immigration or what the situation might be.  The documents we require are:
1. Clear scanned copy of passport 
2. A copy of your return flight ticket that clearly shows your arrival and departure date. 
3. Consent letter from the local trekking company (Contact us), which guarantees that after your arrival, you will provide a copy of the document they would need. 

It is understandable that this might be required due to the traveller’s required time frame.  Other reasons could also be that the immigration office opening time and public holidays could affect your application. Note that the immigration office only opens from Sunday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. It is also closed during public holidays and Saturdays so it’s always a good idea to check in advance if you are arriving during holiday time. 

If everything is on track and all requirements are complete, the Kanchenjunga special permit should be ready within a 2 to 3-hour timeframe.  If you need to know anything apart from we mention above, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to give you additional information.  

About Rajendra Khanal (Raj)

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4 + 8 = ?

I want to know about permit for Indian.
- Sameer Patel

Hi Sameer, 

Thank you so much for the comment. A restricted area permit fee will be the same but national park will be Cheaper for Indian Tourist. For more information please send us a private message so we can guide you through the booking options. 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.


I want to do peak summit of Mt. Kanchenjunga on 2nd Jan 2018. Is it possible for you to help me with all the bookings and permits I needed for this trek?

- Sourabh Gonga

I'm planning to do the  Kanchenjunga trek this October with my girlfriend.
I've some questions regarding the permits. Like I read you can't get the RAP without a licensed guide or porter. I'm ok with getting a porter or guide but I would search for somebody in Taplejung because I  don't know which day we'll actually arrive there. 

Do you have some idea's how to get the permits?
Grtz Len

- Grtz Len

Hello Mr. Len, 

Thank you so much for your inquiry about the Kanchanjunga trek. This is what you can't do with any restricted trekking area in Nepal. Before we issue the Kanchenjunga trekking permit we should let the immigration office know that, who you travelling with. Also, we have certain guide porter who insured for certain trek and altitude. We can't guarantee your safety with the unknown person. 

As you said you are fine to trek with someone guide or porter, we can arrange that, but you should know that you need a certain time, Otherwise, permit can't be issued. Your trek departure date and arrival date should be fixed in advance. You are only allowed to stay in Kanchenjunga area within  that certain time period . Kanchenjunga trek is not something you can just walk and get in. There are some certain rules and conditions to follow by immigration.  

I really hope that this is helpful for your further planning. Do not hesitate to ask us if you required anything. 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

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