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Tour in Nepal can be amazing with spiritual experience with several prehistoric sites of excellent medieval history as well as supernatural story. Although slowly Nepal is emerging as popular travel destination across the globes, especially Kathmandu as a major touristic hub where Kathmandu is one of the cheapest destination for budget travellers. Mount Everest – world’s highest mountain represent the country all over the world as probably there are no such people in the world who are unknown about fact of Everest and its glory. Gautam Buddha – light of Asia was born on Nepal who is founder of Buddhism and his birthplace Lumbini is another ideal spot to explore on Nepal. Pokhara city of lake is one famous honeymoon destination where one can simply paddle the boat over reflection of Annapurna Range and Fishtail on Fewa Lake. Surrounding ridgeline of Pokhara offer unmatched aerial view of Annapurna and Fewa Lake where adventure activities paragliding can be attended from Sarangkot. Chitwan National Park is renowned for its own glory of jungle activities like jungle walking, boating along with bird watching and elephant back safari. Nagarkot that is nearest hill station from Kathmandu offer view of entire Langtang Himalayan Range along with Manaslu Massif and Gaurishankar Range on east of valley.
Apart from general natural sightseeing Nepal had lot more to offer especially in term of adventure activities during Nepal Tour. Within Kathmandu Valley rock climbing, cycling and paragliding can be done. If one relocated out of Kathmandu Valley bungee jumping, canyoning, and ultra light aircraft and some caves are the best way to endure your performance test of Adventure. People might be wandering what to see and do in Nepal during their stay. Here are five different facts about Nepal Tour that might help to build knowledge about what to expect and what not to expect.
Fig - Largest white dome on entire Asia - Bouddhanath Stupa

Nepal Tour Fact

Nepal is ideal destination for adventure stuffs like trekking where most popular one is legendary Everest Base Camp Trek. It have lot more to offer on trekking sector from couple of days hike to month long expedition and trek. Other manmade artificial adventure activities like bungee jumping, canyon swing, paragliding, rock climbing, zip flyer are available on major city area of Nepal within short time frame.
Charm of local people is unmatched probably the most hospitable people across the globe who are always smiling and willing to help other. Different ethnic people on different region of Nepal had their own culture and tradition along with ethnic local language. In past task used to allocated on basis of cast like some group involve on tailoring, some on metal works, some do leather work, some are for soldier, some for stone carving, wood carving etc.
Apart from highest mountain on the world Nepal had some distinct identity especially for Hindu and Buddhist People. It is gateway for Tibet and Bhutan where every year increased number of people are exploring for ancient Buddhism and Bon culture. Not only that people thousands of Hindu Devotees explore Tibet for Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake. Cultural and historical experience on Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan are unmatched to other place in term of architecture and surrounding.
Wide variety of flora and fauna can be found on Nepal, there are several types of butterflies and bird that can be found only on Nepal. Number of conservation area and national park area are defined with one special hunting reserve on Dhorpatan. Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park stand out of crowd that had attract number of visitor for major jungle and recreational wildlife activities. There are several resort located on countryside for chill out on short holiday. Migratory bird from Russia and Siberia came during extreme winter on those countries.
Geographically diverse terrain on Nepal offer different climate with in short displacement from one place to another. Northern territory of Nepal that share border with Tibet is accompanied by number of high himalayas and have cold climate with complete absence of tree line that turn entire area into rugged terrain and alpine. Where as on the southern side of Nepal that share border with India had very flat terrain and low level of elevation from sea line, as a result area it hot and tropical climate can be found. Just in between high himalayas and flat terrain there located a hilly ridgeline with moderate climate rocky green hills.


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