Snow blizzard Kill 12 in Annapurna Circuit 2014 Nepal 200 Still Missing



Annapurna Avalanche 2014 October

      Fig : Snow blizzeard in Annapurna Circuit Trek with the dead body of Neplies porter 

Right after couple of months after tragedy hits Everest that had swipe more than fourteen climbers Annapurna Avalanche right beneath the top of Thorong La Pass that had already claim life of 24 trekkers till late evening on 15th of October and according to the official news agency still more than two hundred trekkers are missing.
As a consequence of hurricane on India weather of Nepal was affected and on last day of unexpected rainfall as well as snowfall strong avalanche hit the Annapurna Circuit Trek claiming life of trekkers.
According the news five dead bodies are identified from following nationality right now.
Israeli – 3 people
Polish – 1 people
Indian – 1 people
Nepali – 9 people
Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN)had already standby search and rescue operation with number of helicopters. Numbers of trekkers are being rescued from risk zone we hope for the rapid recovery.
Annapurna Avalanche 2014Fig - Area affected by avalance on 2014 picture Source from BBC 
From local checkpoint and entry permits more than five hundred trekkers had start traversing toward Mustang from Thorong Pass and two hundred fifty had made entry on Muktinath so statically more than two hundred are missing on avalanche section with number of unidentified Nepali.
It is still not sufficient time to collect exact information but according to most of the local agencies in Nepali number of trekkers are missing on Kang-La Pass, Mustang and other.

Fig : The dead body in Jomsome Airport after the evacuation from the Thorong-La Snow Blizzered .Pic source from Seto Pati 

Three local from Nar Phu VDC are missing who are on high alpine area looking for yak and sheep, hope they are safe out there and make a retrace traversing through snowstorm and avalanche.
“2014 has not been good a year for Nepal's trekking and mountaineering industry. An avalanche on Mount Everest in April killed 16 Sherpa and resulted in a near complete halt to expeditions to the world's highest peak during the spring season.”
Above source is from BBC see the link below to read the article.
Annapurna avalanche 2014

Due to the massive snowfall in Annapurna Circuit Trekking Region, the condition is even more complicated to evacuate although the dead body can be seen from the helicopter. The local news source says the evacuation will be normal from Thursday. At the elevation of 4500m Nepal army evacuation force could see more then 30 dead body under the tent. Due to the bad weather condition the helicopter couldn’t land and rescue to them, the member from the Nepal army evacuation team says. 

Fig : Dhaulagiri base Camp Nepal Army Evacuation tam try to evacuated the dead Slovakian Trekker's 

Fig : Along the way back from Tilicho lake , Trekker's trying ti make their trail.


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