Khopra Danda

 Khopra Danda, Also know as Khopra Ridge Trek is a new alternative trekking destination in Annapurna region. It is the perfect alternative trail of Ghorepani Poonhill Trek with less crude on the path but offers one of the best views. If you are looking for something, short hike with the best possible view in the less crowded area of Annapurna, Khopra Trek may fulfil your request. The trail follows from Ghandruk to until Tadapani on the same route as classical poon hill trail. From Tadapani the path splits off to the north of Khopra ridge.  It only lasts for a week to nine days and still offer the best view of the Dhaulagiri range and Mt. Fishtail along with other Annapurna Himalayan Range. Starting from Ghandruk instead of Ghorepani one can continue toward Tadapani, further toward to Dobatae (Often known as Dobato). Sunrise over Mount Dhaulagiri can be a perfect spot at Dobatae, and a side trip to the hidden lake in front of Annapurna South (Khayer Lake 4,660m) is probably the path least travelled yet. The trail can be continued toward Ghorepani and Poonhill or end the trek on Tatopani and drive back to Pokhara. Dobato at the elevation of 3,420 from sea level is day camp from Tadapani from where next destination will be Bayeli and finally Khopra Danda from where Tatopani is one camp down before we drive back to Pokhara on the following day.


⇒ Amazing view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri including many other Annapurna ranges 
⇒ Short off the beaten trail in Annapurna 
⇒ Inherited local cheese and dairy product and walked through the beautiful mountain village 
⇒ Great opportunity to spend a night in one of the most panoramic tea houses. 
⇒  An excellent side trip to Khayer Lake 4,660m
Khopra Danda

Where to start Khopra Trek 

The only international airport in Nepal is Kathmandu. You should plan to arrive in Kathmandu and travel to Pokhara. You can travel to Pokhara from Kathmandu via tourist bus, flight or in the private car. Once you get to Pokhara, you have to drive again to the trailhead, which is Nayapul. From Nayapul you can hike to Ghandruk. Ghandruk is the village where you would want to start Khopra danda trek. 


To complete Khopra trek, you only need two permits. One ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area permit) and the other one is a TIMS card (Trekking  Information Management System. ACAP permit only cost NPR 3,000 (USD 27), and TIMS card cost USD 10 per person. 

Food and Accommodation 

It is a complete tea house trek so no need camping. Food and accommodation are basic but good enough to survive. Ghorepani, Tadapani and Tatopani offer comfortable tea houses while, Dobato, Bayle and Khopra Danda has the primary housing. It will be roughly USD 5-7 per night to rent one room in this region. The tea house in Khopra Danda is probably one of the most panoramic guest houses in Nepal as it lies on top of the mountain. On a clear day, each of the corners of the window would offer the best-overlooking view of the Himalaya you have ever seen. Basic food, Dal-Bhat, and other continental foods are available on each tea houses you can choose from the menu. Per meal cost around USD 4-5 (NPR 400-500). You can rent a hiking gear in Kathmandu. A sleeping bag is recommended but not necessarily mandatory as you will be provided blankets in the tea houses. 
Khopra Danda

Guide and Porter 

Professional trekking guide is recommended as hikers do not much explore the trails. The trail after Tadapani to all the way up to Khopra danda is not well dotted. A side trip to Khayer Lake (4,660m) is the best day of this trek, so make sure the guide you are hiring knows the trail well. Not a lot of guides has been studied this trail very well. You may want to find the best company or (Contact us) who has the guide knows this trail very well.  It will only cost USD 25-30 per day to hire a guide and USD 20 for the porter that includes their fees, food, accommodation, and insurance. 

Best Time 

If you genuinely want to enjoy this trek with the best possible view, you should plan to hike during the best time of the year. March to until the last week of May is probably the best time.  During this time you will not only be rewarded with the mountain landscape but also the jungle and colourful trees with a rhododendron flower would cover the entire forest. The third week of September to until the last week of December is also the best time to explore Khopra Ridge. During this time, the sky remains Christal clear but no rhododendron flower views. Some hikers also explore this trek during the monsoon of June to August but the mountain views often disturbed by the clouds during the day. But the mountain floating dramatic views is only possible during monsoon. Depending on personal choice some hikers prefer spectacular views running through clouds rather than still mountain views. So nothing wrong If you wish you can trek Khopra even in a monsoon.  

How Difficult is Khopra Danda Trek

Khopra Danda Trek is a moderate hike. It is not difficult for a regular hiker. However, you have to be ready to gain, 3,640m in 4 days, which comes an average 700m of elevation each day and 7-8 hours of walk. Basically, there is no flat or gradual hike. It is all the way ascending every day until you reach the top. Especially if you decided to make a day trip to Khayer Lake (4,660m), you have to hike 1,010m and back to Khopra danda on the same day.  But the hardship you would put in this trek, would worth rewarding. 

Khopra Danda Trek Without Guide

I was often being asked from a visitors "If I can hike Khopra Danda without a guide". The answer is YES!. Yes, you can hike Khopra without a guide. If you are an independent hiker reading this article, we would recommend you to read a map very well before embarking on a trail.  You might find the path easy until Tadapani but not after the Tadapani. You may find a guide or other hikers along the way if you choose to trek during the main season. So for independent hikers, we would recommend planning this trek during the main season. Make sure to have two different kind of permit, one is ACAP, and another is an independent TIMS card which comes with green in colour. You have to purchase this permit in advance either in Pokhara or in Kathmandu. 

Khopra Danda Trek Itinerary

Day 01 – Drive or flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and overnight in Pokhara.
Day 02 – Drive from Pokhara to Naya pool and Trek to Ghandruk
Day 03 – Trek from Ghandruk to Tadapani
Day 04 – Trek from Tadapani to Dobato
Day 05 – Trek from Dobato to Bayeli
Day 06 – Trek from Bayeli to Khopra Danda
Day 07 - Rest day in Khopra danda and a side trip to Khayer Lake (4,660m)
Day 08 – Trek from Khopra Danda to Tatopani
Day 09 – Drive from Tatopani to Pokhara and drive or fly back to Kathmandu

Khopra Danda Trek  7 Days Itinerary

At present, the local jeep to Ghandruk is accessible. So If you want to make it this trek in 7 days you have to drive from Pokhara to Nayapul and change another local jeep to Ghandruk. If you have enough time, we would still recommend to spending one night in Ghandruk. As Ghnadruk village renowned Gurkhas inheritated village and reach in Gurung culture. It is not only the culture but also the view from Ghandruk is the best. However, if you are running out of the time, you can jump straight to Tadapani on the first day. Here is the seven days outline itinerary for Khopra danda trek. 

Day 01 – Drive or flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and overnight in Pokhara.
Day 02 – Drive from Pokhara to Ghandruk and trekd to Tadapani
Day 04 – Trek from Tadapani to Dobato
Day 05 – Trek from Dobato to Bayeli
Day 05 – Trek from Bayeli to Khopra Danda
Day 06 – Trek from Khopra Danda to Tatopani
Day 07 – Drive from Tatopani to Pokhara and drive or fly back to Kathmandu

Khopra Danda Trek 9 days detailed Itinerary 

Day 01: Since we need to start the trek from Pokhara, first we should plan to arrive in Pokhara. There are two alternatives, ways to reach Pokhara i.e. via land or a flight.  If you choose to fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara, it only takes around 20 minutes. If we take a bus ride, it takes roughly 6-7 hour to reach Pokhara. If you are in a short time, you can even start the trek on the same day from Kathmandu to fly to Pokhara and drive to the trailhead.  
Day 02: Today we will drive to Nayapool, and hike to Ghandruk. Which takes around one full driving hour. There are also two options to reach Pokhara, i.e. via Local Bus or via Private Jeep or car as per group size. After the trip from Pokhara to Naya Pool, we officially start Khopra Danda Trek, head northeast of valley and hike up toward Ghandruk. Ghandruk is a beautiful village accompanied mainly by Gurung and Poon People and offers a fantastic view of Mt. Fishtail and Annapurna South with unique housing of Gurung people and their traditional museum
Day 03: After amazing sunrise and breakfast in Ghandruk, we will slowly hike up toward Tadapani, which is connecting point of Ghorepani, Chomrong (From Annapurna Base Camp) and from Ghandruk. Its about four to five hour trip from Ghandruk to Tadapani where we will stop for the overnight. As we already mentioned, it is the meeting point from the Annapurna base camp and poon hill trek. The guest houses are overcrowded. 

Day 04: Now very few people entre toward the Khopra ridge of Dobato, while most of them follow toward ABC or back to Pokhara via Ghandruk. Today the trail offers the magnificent view of Dhaulagiri and South Annapurna is a significant attraction of Dobato, where peace and calm accompanied entire area of Dobato.
Day 05: Today we further enter inside thick ridge of Khopra via forest full of juniper and other trees with tropical forest line. It is entirely into the wild with few marks on tree as a signal to identify the trail if you are on your own, although it is not recommended to trek on your own especially during off-season periods where there is less mark on the path and covered by snow in winter and high bushes on rainy season time.
Day 06: A Final destination of Trek, Khopra Danda it about six hour walks from Bayeli. Khopra Danda is the close view of Dhaulagiri Range that is perfect for watching sunrise and sunset over the summit of Dhaulagiri I and its other ranges.

Day 07: Today we are going to make another optional side trip to  Khayer Lake 4,660m. The trail goes toward the hidden lake in front of Annapurna South.  From this point, we can view the south face of Mount Annapurna with reflection on the lake. 
Day 08: Instead of heading toward Ghorepani Poonhill we will descend further down toward Tatopani as we had already enjoyed the view of sunrise and sunset of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Ranges with different perspectives and angle in compare to Ghorepani Poonhill. So we descend toward Tatopani that lies on ending point of Annapurna Circuit and offer great hot water ponds where one can soak in natural hot water ponds. It is the perfect place for recreational and getting fresh, hot shower and perfect foods too, final days of our trekking.
Day 09: It’s an off-road trail from Tatopani to Beni.  From  Beini to Pokhara we travel thought the well-cemented road.  It will be a unique experience to share with other those who had done Ghorepani Poonhill Trek instead of Khopra Danda Trek. The itinerary is highly changeable as instead of descending toward Tatopani we can trek back toward Ghorepani from Khopra Danda, explore Poonhill and drive back to Pokhara. 

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