Annapurna Circuit Trek Vs Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek or Annapurna Circuit Trek lets share some opinion about choosing these two famous Trekking in Nepal whether to Trek Manaslu or Annapurna. First deciding which one to choose lets look at some facts about trekking in both areas with their highlights and fact and there we will calculate the weight of each trekking and choose one either Manaslu Trekking or Annapurna Trekking.

Annapurna Circuit Trek 

Round Annapurna Trek or Thorong Pass Trek is alternatives name of Annapurna Circuit as it encounters with world’s widest pass as well as it makes one complete round for Annapurna Ranges. Not only this there are several other trekking regions in Annapurna,  In a previous time, Annapurna was the best trekking across the globe with its perfect 21 days Annapurna region trekking itinerary with enough room for acclimatization before traversing Thorong La Pass and descend to Mustang. But nowadays there is a well-developed motorable road on both sides of Thorong La Pass on Manang and Mustang, which had dramatically reduced the days needed for trekking entire Annapurna Circuit. So nowadays people complain about more traffic of local jeep and dust from the road that dominates beauty of Annapurna Circuit Trekking.

Fig - Tilicho Lake, Side trip during Annapurna Circuit Trekking
Facts about Annapurna Circuit Trekking
Region – Annapurna Ranges Nepal
Start Point – Beshisahar
End Point – Beni
Maximum Elevation – 5416 m from sea level at Thorong La Pass
Possible Side Trip – Tilicho Lake, Nar Phu Valley Trek, Upper Mustang Trek and Ghorepani Poonhill Trek
Number of days – 14 to 22 days
Mode of transport – Local Bus, Private Jeep, Local Jeep and Optional Flight at end on trek
Permit Needed – TIMS Card and ACAP Permit
Option to Trek Solo – Possible, can walk single and alone without being accompanied by Nepali Citizen. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu CIrcuit Trekking used to be restricted region for travellers to trek before 1992 but nowadays with development on necessary infrastructure for tourism it is open under control tourism policy with some special restricted permits and rule to be accompanied at least by one Nepali Citizen. Before due to lack of lodges Manaslu Trek used to be camping trekking with all entire trekking crew like cook, assistant guide, leader etc. but nowadays Manaslu trek itinerary is even lesser in day and it is possible to trek Manaslu Circuit depending on teahouses but single teahouse on Dharmasala is like a bottleneck for Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek. Possible side trip during Manaslu Circuit Trekking is Tsum Valley Trek, which is one of the best and sacred places in Nepal as nobody kills even microscopic animal knowingly. This link about Tsum Valley Trekking might be useful to generate some idea about side trip of Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Another plus point of Manaslu Trekking is it will merge with Annapurna Circuit at Dharapani from where one can either continue toward Annapurna Circuit or retrace back to Kathmandu.

Fig - Local homestay in Tsum Valley, side trip during Manaslu Circuit Trek
Facts about Manaslu Circuit Trekking
Region – Manaslu Ranges Nepal
Start Point – Arughat
End Point – Beshisahar
Maximum Elevation – 5169 m from sea level at Larke La Pass
Possible Side Trip – Tsum Valley
Number of days – 14 to 22 days
Mode of transport – Local Bus, Private Jeep, Local Jeep and Optional Flight at end on trek
Permit Needed – Manaslu trekking permit and separate one for Tsum and ACAP Permit & MCAP Permit
Option to Trek Solo – Impossible cannot be trek single, must be two trekkers and need to be accompanied by local Nepali Citizen. However,  Manaslu trek only with porter or guide is possible. 

Annapurna or Manaslu Trekking

As it is very hard to choose one as an alternative for another because Annapurna Circuit Trekking has its own glory and used to be best trekking trail across globe before motor road destroy its beauties in lower area whereas on another hand Manaslu Circuit Trek is developing its trail on aspects of housing and communication details.
# Higher elevation, more alternatives for side trip then choose Annapurna Circuit Trekking where as little bit lower elevation with few but excellent side trips then choose Manaslu.
# If it is all about mountain then choose Annapurna Circuit whereas if it is about mountain and culture then go for Manaslu Trek
# If it is single trekkers in a group then either look for the group to join for Manaslu Trek or go for Annapurna Circuit.
# If you have short holiday go for Annapurna Circuit, where if little long holiday then can go for Manaslu Trekking and then continue toward Annapurna Circuit from Dharapani.
# If you want to trek on the motor road, the wide trail goes for Annapurna, whereas if natural small trekking trails go for Manaslu.

# If more visitor and more crowds go for Annapurna Circuit Trek whereas less visitor and less unspoiled area go for Manaslu.
So as a summary of the entire discussion with facts about both Annapurna and Manaslu Trek we can conclude that if one is looking for natural beauties only then Annapurna Circuit Trek will be best alternatives whereas in another hand if one need a fusion of culture and nature then no doubts Manaslu Trek will be a perfect choice. Here is link for both Annapurna and Manaslu Trekking, which are worth to browse for more details about each trekking in term of itinerary and cost, browse Manaslu Trekking for details about Manaslu Trek and Annapurna Trekking for more details about Annapurna Trek.

About Rajendra Khanal (Raj)

Rajendra Khanal (Raj) Born and raised in Gorkha, Nepal, I am proud to call the Manaslu region my home! I have been in the travel business for over a decade from being assistance guide to being a guide/leader to being a manager and finally a founder of NEST Adventure. So you could say, I know my way well enough in the Himalayas especially in some of the off-the-beaten trails in Nepal like Manaslu, Kanchenjunga or Mustang

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