Top 5 Highest Peak in Nepal for Expedition

# 1 Mount Everest 1st Highest in Nepal , 1st Highest in World

Mount Everest Nepal is crown of entire world with highest elevated across globe that is located on eastern border of Nepal with Tibet. Not only for expedition,Everest is equally famous for Trekking around its Base Camp and Gokyo Lake on next valley. Some major peak climbing is equally famous on Everest Region Trek, which are likes synonym for Climbing in Nepal. Here is some general available Trekking in Everest Region Itinerary where you can build some idea about Everest Base Camp Trekking.

Summit of Mount Everest from Kalapatthar

Fig – Summit of world’s highest mountain, i.e. Mount Everest

Mount Everest Fact

Ranked – 1st Highest on World

Location – Solukhumbu-Nepal, Asia

Elevation in meter – 8848 m

Elevation in feet – 29,029 ft.

First ascend – 1953 May 29th

Other name – Sagarmatha in Nepali, Chomolongma in Tibetan, Peak XV and Third Pole

Major climbing routes – Southeast ridge and North ridge from Nepal and Tibet respectively

Base Camp of Mount Everest – Nepal Everest Base Camp 5368 m and Tibet Everest Base Camp 5180 m

# 2 Mount Kanchenjunga 2nd Highest in Nepal , 3r Highest in World

Kanchenjunga Peak, which lies on farthest east point of Nepal with border to Sikkim, is third highest mountain in the world. Apart from expedition Kanchenjunga is also renowned for its remote Trekking, Out of five ridges of Kanchenjunga Series, Kanchenjunga I, which lies entirely on Nepal, is highest among series. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek had multiple options with north and south base camp as well as Kanchenjunga Trek combining multiple Base Camp of Kanchenjungas. This link of Kanchenjunga Trekking might be useful to know more about Kanchenjunga Trekking.

View of Kanchenjunga, Nepal

Fig – Summit of Kanchenjunga, world third highest peak

Mount Kanchenjunga Fact

Ranked – 3rd Highest on world

Location – Taplejung-Nepal, Asia

Elevation in meter – 8586 m

Elevation in feet – 28,169 ft.

First ascend – 1955 May 25th

Base Camp of Mount Kanchenjunga – Kanchenjunga North Base Camp 5310 m and Kanchenjunga South Base Camp 5100 m

# 3 : Mount Lhotse 3rd Highest in Nepal , 4th Highest in World

Mount Lhotse, which lies close to summit of Mount Everest, is in its rain shadow with base camp of trail toward Island Peak. There is no such specific Lhotse Trekking, as one will view Lhotse Peak during his/her Mount Everest Base Camp Trekking. Some of climber who are ascending Mount Everest first summit Mount Lhotse from South Col from acclimatization and traverse back to Summit of Mount Everest via same south col. Here is a link of Everest Base Camp Trekking during which one will witness summit of Mount Lhotse.

Lhotse Face

Fig – Summit of Mount Lhotse, 4th highest mountain in the world

Mount Lhotse Fact

Ranked – 4th Highest on world

Location – Solukhumbu-Nepal, Asia

Elevation in meter – 8516 m

Elevation in feet – 27940 ft.

First ascend – 1956 April 30th

Base Camp of Mount Lhotse – Lhotse South Base Camp 4970 m

# 4 : Mount Makalu 4th Highest in Nepal , 5th Highest in World

Makalu, from Mahalangur Himalayan Range is 5th highest mountain on entire world with technical climbing routes to summit of Makalu. Makalu Base Camp Trek is one of remote trek in Nepal, which can be now conducted as teahouse trek with establishment of small huts on Base Camp Area. Almost 2 miles east from Everest Summit, Makalu Trekking is one of the most remote as well as adventurous trekking in Nepal, this link of Makalu Base Camp Trekking might be useful for more reference about Makalu Trek.

Mount Makalu from Shresong

Fig – Summit of Mount Makalu as seen from Makalu Base Camp Trekking

Mount Makalu Fact

Ranked – 5th Highest in the world

Location – Shankuwashava-Nepal, Asia

Elevation in meter – 8463 m

Elevation in feet – 27,766 ft.

First Ascend – 1955 May 15th

Base Camp of Mount Makalu – Makalu Base Camp 4800 m

# 5 : Mount Cho Oyu 5th Highest in Nepal , 6th Highest in World

Cho Oyu, which lies again west to the summit of Mount Everest, is in its rain shadow however it is famous for Gokyo Valley Trek. Series of Gokyo Lake lies just next to glacier of Cho Oyu, which is often known as Nogzumba Glacier. One can trek to Cho Oyu Base Camp, which is one-day hike from final destination of Gokyo Trek, i.e. Gokyo 3rd Lake just beneath Gokyo RI. Expedition on Cho Oyu is mostly done from Tibet Side where trek to Cho Oyu Base Camp is still possible. Here is one useful link for Gokyo Valley Trek from where you can continue toward base camp of Cho Oyu.

Cho oyu as seen from Gokyo

Fig – Summit of Mount Cho Oyu, also known as Tortoise Mountain

Mount Cho Oyu Fact

Ranked – 6th Highest in the world

Location – Solukhumbu-Nepal, Asia

Elevation in meter – 8201 m

Elevation in feet – 26906 ft.

First Ascend – 1954 Oct 19th

Base Camp of Mount Makalu – Cho Oyu Base Camp 5100 m


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