Upper Mustang Trekking Nepal

Upper Mustang Trek Nepal is one ideal destination for trekking within Nepal that belongs to the restricted region for trekking and special permits are needed for Trekking in Upper Mustang Nepal. Because of the policy of Nepal Government as control tourism in Upper Mustang, there are quite a few number of trekkers in these regions of Nepal. The Last Forbidden Kingdom, Upper Mustang Trek is famous for its deserted landscape and dusty terrain with uniquely shaped smooth hills. Each trekker needs to pay a royalty of USD 500 for restricted area permits for Upper Mustang which will be valid for first 10 days of issued dates and needed to be issued by the department of immigration and each extra days will result in the charge of USD 50 per person. Since the destination is listed on top 10-travel destination around the globe number of trekkers has increased quite dramatically. According to the census of Nepal number of trekkers who had trek upper mustang hit 3,266 on fiscal year 2013/2014 that was 3,266 last years.

 Upper Mustang if full of such Chortens which herald settlement nearby

Picture - Red Chorten on Upper Mustang Trekking Trail which heralds settlement nearby

Development is an obvious process as there is motor road connecting Jomsom and Lomangthang that has not affect trekkers for Upper Mustang Trek Nepal as the number of trekkers had increased recently because of its own glory and beauty. Although permits of Upper Mustang is expensive foreigner are not hesitating to pay cause they are definitely worth each single penny spent. Again according to census largest country from which people had visit Mustang Nepal are mainly from France, German, and USA with number 730, 394 and 387 trekkers respectively. 20.8 million revenue collected from entire trekkers district development committee of Upper Mustang, which is spent for development and preservation on heritages in Upper Mustang. From static data of Department of Nepal Immigration, close figure of 25000 foreign travellers had explored Upper Mustang from the date it was opened for travellers on 1992.

Caves on Upper Mustang Trekking Trails

Picture - View of settlement area on Upper Mustang from centuries old cave 

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Hidden Kindome of Nepal Upper Mustang Trek

As seen on the picture these types of terrain are quite familiar during Upper Mustang Trekking Trail, where the status of people used to be measured by piles of wood with absolute zero value for money because during winter one cannot burn paper money to generate necessary warmth as a wooden flame. Similarly, animal husbandry is in practice so people with a number of animals are considered to be wealthy.

Nay fhu Gumba During trek to Upper mustang

These type of monastery are quite familiar too, as normally nearby settlement area in the village of Upper Mustang such monuments are built which herald the arrival of settlement. For example, if we are heading for Charang then nearby Charang Village such red Chortens exist which herald after a couple of minutes we will be Charang which is the similar case of an entire village in Upper Mustang.

Upper mustang Trek

Theses kind of terrain is familiar during Upper Mustang starting from kagbeni which is considered as a gateway for Upper Mustang. Mainly because of the rain shadow of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Massif rainfall is quite rare in this area who knows there might be cave inside all those rocky barren hills.
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