Top 5 Peak Climbing in Nepal

Mountain Peaks Climbing in Nepal can be divided into two categories mainly on basis of elevation as an Expedition in Nepal and Peak Climbing in Nepal. Although there are several open Mountain Peaks in Nepal for climbing but here we will be listing top five climbing Mountain Peaks in Nepal. Mera Peak is one of the highest trekking peaks in Nepal. Lets list out top five Mountain Peaks In Nepal with particular image of each Nepal Peak Climbing with some description of each.

Island Peak Climbing 

Island Peak Climbing in Nepal Island peak is located near Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail, which is easy grade climbing peak with elevation of 6189 m from sea level. Basecamp of Island peak is at 4990 m from sea level from where climber will scale entire summit with in seven to sight hour time duration.
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Mera Peak Climbing 

Mera Peak Climbing is another best top peak in Nepal Mera Peak climbing  is also located on Everest Trekking Region, which is east of Lukla airport and it is little bit remote in compare to Island Peak Base Camp. It is highest trekking peak in Nepal with difficulty level almost zero as entire trail is not technical from climbing aspects however several camps are needed to be set at trail from Mera Peak Base Camp to summit of Mera Peak.
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Lobuche Peak Climbing 

Lobuche Peak Climbing Lobuche peak Climbing is , another famous climbing peak with two summits, i.e. Lobuche East and Lobuche West. Similar to style of Island Peak Lobuche is also easily accessible from trail toward Everest Base Camp, somewhere nearby from village of Lobuche. It is listed on open climbing list of Nepal Mountaineering Association.

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Pisang Peak Climbing 

east nepal the pising peak is lies in Annapurna Region and listed top 5 best peak climbing in Nepal Pisang peak Climbing , which just lies above the village of Pisang in Annapurna Circuit Trek, which can be summited with bit hard final ascending ridge toward the summit of Pisang Peak Climbing. Listed on open peak categories of Nepal Mountaineering Association on group B categories Pisang peak is one good alternative for adventure seekers in Annapurna Region of Nepal.
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Chulu Peak Climbing 

stop by churi leather chulu peak climbing is another climbing in Nepal Peak Chulu peak climbing with two different summits of Chulu West and Chulu East is optional side trip apart from Pisang Peak. Listed on Group “A” categories of Nepal Mountaineering Association different permits are needed to scale individual permits for each Chulu East and Chulu West climbing permits.
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Well apart from these suggested peaks there are several other alternatives of Peak Climbing in Nepal, for which you can browse categories list of Nepal Mountaineering Association’s Official Websites. For further higher Expedition in Nepal apart from Peak Climbing in Nepal you can consult with us at We wish you a memorable Nepal Peak Climbing trips, climb safe, happy Nepal Climbing.


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