Permit details of restricted trekking in nepal

Planning a multi-day hike in Nepal requires a trekking permit.  Are you wondering what are those different trekking permit applies to a different region?  In this article, we will let you know all different types of license and for each trekking region.  Generally, there are two regions one is a restricted area, and then another is a nonrestricted area permit. 

What is Restricted Area Permit 

Government policies in Nepal require some of the trekking areas to have a special permit especially if the trekking area is an open border or have a connection with another country.  Some of the mountain areas in Nepal is a declare restricted area, not only because of the open border security but also to craft down the quality of the tourist and preserved archaeological site such as Upper Mustang

When China took Tibet in 1959, the large number of Tibetan refugees enter Nepal and India using the open border. Later in those days, It believes Tibetian refuses made a massive long-distance protest in Nepal demanding free Tibet. Since then under Chinese political pressure, Nepal made border security even stronger. As of now any tourist who would like to visit near open border area they must keep Nepal governments rules and regulation. 

Rules of Restricted Area Permit 

As I mentation earlier, If you wish to visit a restricted area in Nepal, you must meet the following guidelines. 
> You must have a valid visa to get the permit 
> You must get this permit, through the authorised local Trekking/Travel agency in Nepal
> You have to trek with an authorised guide 
> You must be at least two in the group to get the permit 
> You must plan your itinerary ahead of time and remember you can't overstay in the restricted area. 

Which Trekking Area in Nepal Under Restricted Trekking Permit 

Kanchenjunga Area Trek permits: Eastern Nepal Kanchenjunga area of Taplejung district required a special permit. It cost USD 10 per person per week  (Restricted area are VDC of Olangchungola, Lelep, Papung and Yamphuding)

Makalu Base Camp Trek in Sankhuwasabha:  Per person per week US $ 10 up to four weeks and onward per person per week US $ 20 (Restricted Area VDC Kimathangka, Chepuwa, Hatiya and Pawakhola)

Everest Khumbu Region: North of Thame there is one pass call "Nangpa-la" which connects to the Tibet.  It will cost US $ 10 per person for the first 4 weeks after that It will be  US$ 20 per person/week. Everest Classical trek doesn't require a restricted permit. You can trek with TIMS card and National Park fees. 

Gaurishanker Chhorolpa lake area: Lamabagar Ward No.1 (Lepche) Gaurishanker Ward No. 1 (Beding 9 and Chhorolpa lake) area    US$ 10 per person /Week

Langtang region of Rasuwa district: Thuman and Timure Region    US$ 10 per person /Week. This is the north of Langtang valley close to the border.  Regular classical trek Langtang valley trek and Gosainkunda area don't require a special permit. 

Manaslu Trekking PermitSeptember to November – US $ 70 per person per week, and US $ 10 per day per person in case of more than 7 days. December to August – US $ 50 per person per week, and US $ 7 per day per person in case of more than 7 days

Tsum Valley Trek: September to November – US $ 35 per person for first eight days. December to August – US $ 25 per person for first eight days

Mustang Trekking Permit: Per person per 10 days US $ 500 (in case if days get extended then US $ 50 per person per day)

Narphu Valley Trek Permit: September to November – Per person per week US $ 90. December to August – Per person per week US $ 75 (Restricted Area VDC Nar and Phu along with northern part of Tilicho VDC)
Lower Dolpo – Per person per week US $ 10
Upper Dolpo  - Per person per 10 days US $ 500 (in case if days get extended then US $ 50 per person per day)
Simikot and Yari in Humla: Per person per week US $ 50, additional US $ 7 per person per day in case of extended days (Restricted Area VDC are Limi, Muchu and Dharmakhola)

Mugu Region: Per person per week US $ 90 and per person per day US $ 15 for an additional number of days (Restricted Area VDC Mugu, Dolpu, Pulu and Bhangri)
Bhajang District: Per person per week US $ 90 and Per person per day US $ 15 for an additional number of days (Restricted Area VDC Kanda, Saipal and Dhuli)
Darchula District: Per person per week US $ 90 and per person per day US $ 15 for an additional number of days (Restricted Area VDC Byas) 

Apart from those restricted region trekking regular TIMS card and conservation area entry permit are required, among such general trekking in Nepal, most famous one are on Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking and Annapurna Circuit Trekking. 

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