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It has been long due since I was thinking of posting a new blog on my page.  When I wake up, the first things I will do is to check my emails and prepared for work. One of my first emails this morning was about very frequently asked questions over the internet highlighted today's topic. After I finally respond to those questions, I quickly realised I should publish an article, so more people will find out what it is about. Here I am with the detailed "How do hikers trek Kanchenjunga solo" Or even is it even possible to trek Kanchenjunga without a guide?. 

 The third highest mountain in the world, Mount Kanchenjunga is located in eastern Nepal. Little less than 3,000 tourists only visit this national park makes one of the most popular off the beaten trail in Nepal. After the tea house starting to spring up in this region, trekking in Kanchenjunga is a privilege. Many of my blog readers asked me if the Kanchenjunga trek can be done independently? In this article, I am so keen to offer everything I know about Kanchenjunga and the rule and regulation of its the area to hike. Kanchenjunga trek solo image

Is it Possible to Hike Kanchenjunga Solo 

The answer to these questions is both YES/NO. If you are independent hikers, you can't trek Kanchenjunga without a trekking partner or a registered guide. In order to get the permit to hike this national park, you have to be at least two hikers in the group plush the guide.  Let's say you are alone but willing to hire a guide you can pay double the permitted amount and travel with a ghost partner plush the guide. This may sound confusing, but the fact is Kanchenjunga region is one of the parts of the restricted area of Nepal's great Himalayas so you must meet the trekking permit guidance. But, if you don't want to hire a guide, hike entirely on your own is that possible? The answer is no. You will not get the permit. 

How Expensive to trek solo in Kanchenjunga

Trekking alone is indeed expensive in Nepal compear to if you trek with just one another person.  There are cost-sharing factors trekking alone may cost higher when you are solo, but it also gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to planning an itinerary.  In Kanchenjunga, If you decided to trek alone with a ghost permit, you are required to hire a guide or a porter/guide which you have to pay the full amount on your own including his flight ticket from Kathmandu to the trek starting point, transportation and of course his salary.  However, the reason restricted permit cost for Kanchenjunga is cheaper compear to the other restricted area in Nepal, so trekking with ghost permit is quite common in this region. If you decide to trek for three weeks you will pay USD 10 per week, which means USD 30 for one person. If you have to buy a ghost permit you have to pay another USD 30, then you are good to go! 

In overall, Kanchenjunga trek cost could be compear with Everest Base Camp in Nepal in terms of the flight, cost of the guide, food, accommodation etc. But what you can't compear Kanchenjunga with any other trek in Nepal is the view, culture that this trek has to offer, remoteness and the less crude.

Can I hire a Porter Guide in Taplejunga  

Someone who has previously explored the Everest region of Nepal, They often ask me if we can hire a guide in Taplejunga. It is so common to hire a porter or even a guide in Lukla Nepal (which is the gateway for EBC trek) in the Everest region. But in Kanchenjunga it is different, you may hire a porter from Taplejunga, but you can't hire a guide there. It is all because the Kanchenjunga region required a registered guide who has been trained, skilled, received a licence from the government for that region.  You can hire a guide in Taplejunga only if the person is insured or has the authorised licence from the government. Which usually the case local people don't have all requirement that restricted area trek requires in Nepal. Due to the various reason you have to consider hiring a guide or a porter from Kathmandu and pay for their flight fair and ground transportation. 


No doubt Kanchenjunga trek is getting popular each season, as it sits on the base of a third highest mountain in the world. More and more hikers drown to this magical place that this region has to offer. It is indeed the number of tourists are increasing in the popular trail in Nepal. So, the Kanchenjunga Base Camp is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a peaceful trek in Nepal. By chance If you are looking for an experienced guide for Kanchenjunga, and perfect itinerary NEST Adventure is one of the local operators who operate multiple treks each season in this area. We are happy to help you get along with one of our experienced guides. Visit our Tripadvisor page to find out more about our team and their skills. 

About Rajendra Khanal (Raj)

Rajendra Khanal (Raj) Born and raised in Gorkha, Nepal, I am proud to call the Manaslu region my home! I have been in the travel business for over a decade from being assistance guide to being a guide/leader to being a manager and finally a founder of NEST Adventure. So you could say, I know my way well enough in the Himalayas especially in some of the off-the-beaten trails in Nepal like Manaslu, Kanchenjunga or Mustang

I am passionate about travelling and I strongly believe that seeing the world shouldn't break the bank (at least not too much!).  I have backpacked to over 15 countries in Asia, Central Americas USA and Canada, one-third of Europe, Caribbean Island and  Latin America.

I studied in the UK and moved to the United States. During that period, I had an opportunity working with multinational companies which taught me, how to deliver quality customer service in the business? As a world travelling backpacker myself, and travel expert of Nepal Himalayas, I started writing about my own country.  Incase, If you required free information about Nepal, please do not hesitate to visit my office in Thamel. We are located in the centre of Kathmandu Thamel. I am happy to share a cup of Nepali tea and free information.  Our team at NEST has earned 5/5 star ratings on TripAdvisor from about 200 satisfied customers. Don't forget to visit our customer feedback page on TripAdvisor.
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