Hot Air Ballon in Pokhara Nepal

Home to the extreme adventure activities, Pokhara Nepal, is one in the list of most famous tourist destinations in Asia. Surrounded by two of the highest mountain in the world Mt. Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, the Pokhara city, is also the gateway to the most beautiful multi days trekking trail in the world.  The town itself surrounded with beautiful landscape nature, a dozen of snowcap mountain, green hill terraces, and the beautiful lake in the middle of the city. This beautiful city often compear next to Zurich from Switzerland. Not to mentation, Pokhara city is number #1 cheapest city in the world according to Forbes Magazin. Pokhara is the only city on earth offers multiples adventure activities, in one spot such as paragliding, ultralight flight, skydiving, bungee jump, zip line, rafting, hiking, mountain biking etc.  

Adding to the list of hot tourism activities in Nepal, Hot air Ballon in Pokhara Nepal has just begun.  Very few places on this earth will have the combinations of a perfect nature and such extreme adventure to make your holiday perfect. 

In this article, I am keen to offer some of the best knowledge I have about Pokhara and especially everything you should know about the Hot Air Balloon. I hope to answer all of the fundamental questions you may have about Hot air balloon in Nepal. Stay with me until the end of this article. If you enjoy reading this article, don't forget to click our rating box on the right corner. Or if you may have any questions. Please leave a comment below. Before discussing further information, let me quickly bring through this 2 minutes quick video of Ballon Nepal.


⇒ A single flight takes you to the closer look of, two of the highest mountain in the world Including Annapurna (8,091m) and Dhaulagiri (8,168m

⇒ Stunning view of Himalayas, of Nepal’s five major mountains: Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, Mardi Himal, Himchuli and several other small peaks.

⇒ 500m above the ground and fly up to 2,650m of elevation from the take-off point.

How does it work? 

As of now, there are two hot air balloon flights every day, with the passenger capacity of 8 at a time. The first flight will depart early in the morning for sunrise and the second flight will take off at 9: 00 am in the morning for the sightseeing. The company will pick you up from your hotel and drive you the take-off point call Dhampus 1,650m (A small mountain village 32km Northeast of Pokhara ). After 30 minutes, a flight will land at the bank of Mardi River and drive back to the hotel.  

Types of flight 

There are mainly two types of flight; one is the basis they call Tether flight and the other call Free Flight, covers long distance and more time in the air. The difference between this two flight is flight time, budget and landing point. Both flights take off from  Dhumpus/Laurukh  (depending on weather) while the basic one is only for 15-20 minutes, takes off from Dhampus and land at the same point. While the advance flight is about 1 hour and landing point at the base of Dhampus by river bank of Mardi river.

The flight will take you 500m above the ground from the take-off point. It offers a splendid view of Mt.Annapurna 8,093m and other range,  Dhaulagiri 8,168m, Mount Fishtail, Hiunchuli, Lamjung Himal etc. 


The price has set, USD 90 for the 20 minutes flight and USD 160 for 1-hour trip for the foreigner,  While local tourist pays NPR 6,000 for 20 minutes flight and NPR 11,000 for one hour flight. It includes pick up and drop off to the hotel and complimentary tea coffee on board. For the family and small group, the company also has six passenger capacity balloon package of a 20-minute flight. For the full bucket, it will cost USD 450 for the foreigner and NPR 33,000 for local. 


As of now, online booking is not available through the company's website. The company only offers walk-in reservation from their contact office located in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Or at the same price, the travel agency in Kathmandu will offer Pokhara tour package including flight as well. If you are looking for the last minute booking options, you may want to check with the travel agency or Contact us. We are happy to check the availability in your desired date and let you know the possibilities. 

Best Time

In order to get the best possible view, time and season are crucial. It is also true that flight may be delayed or even cancelled if the weather is not safe for the flight. Especially if there is a high-speed wind or the sky is foggy or cloudy. The balloon could fly any time of the year depending on a current date weather but during Autom (September- December) and Spring (March-May) is the best. During monsoon, the sky is probably not clear every day, but frequent rain in Nepal falls at night leaving morning sky nice and clear.  It is still a perfect time to enjoy the dramatic mountain view with a cloud and green hill terraces during monsoon. 

What to bring

During four season in Nepal, the temperature in Pokhara (827m) regularly changed every three months.  On average it is 29°C - 4°C (84°F  - 39°F) throughout the year. However, the hot air balloon takes off point Dhampus (1,650m) is colder then Pokhara. You should also remember the higher you fly, the colder it becomes. I am sure it depends on the person how they would like to pack. But just a simple reminder here is the list you should consider bring during the flight. 

⇒ A windproof jacket or down jacket for winter 
⇒ Warm and comfortable pants 
⇒ Shocks and shoes  
⇒ Warm hat/ head cover
⇒ Day backpack
 ⇒ Scarf
 ⇒ Sunglass
 ⇒ Lip guard
⇒ Sun cream
⇒ Windproof gloves (During winter)
⇒ Water bottle
⇒ Camera accessory and extra batteries 

Cancellation policies due to bad weather condition 

Typically, there is a high chance of flying in a hot air balloon in Nepal.  But in case the weather is terrible, due to the reduced visibilities, your money will be 100% refundable or schedule for the next day. 

Can I bring Infant, Child in this tour? 

Yes, a child under two years can travel for free of cost and child above two years required to pay the full amount same as an adult. And it is entirely safe. However, parents may need to watch kids to avoid a possible accident. It may be a good idea hold them on your lap during the flight so the infant also can enjoy the view. 

Should I worried about altitude sickness? 

Not at all! Let me tell you why? The hot air balloon only could fly up to 2,600m from the sea level for maximum for an hour.   Altitude sickness is not something appears instantly when you scale up. It is the matter of a long period when your body changes altitude need more time to adapt with thin air. The elevation hot air balloon will gain is entirely safe. 

Operators experience and safety 

As this is the first experiment in Nepal, the company has hired an experienced team including a pilot from outside. And most of them have more than ten years of flying experience in the sky so you can be trust in their expertise. 

How about someone with Hyponatremia, Asthma or physical disabilities? 

The answer is YES! Someone with Hyponatremia and Asthma could still do this tour without extra oxygen.  Hot air balloon tour experience could also be a lifetime experience for an elderly or senior citizen. If you want to give a lifetime surprise to your elderly parent's grandmother or a grandfather, this is the tour you should consider taking them in Nepal. 


While visiting Pokhara Nepal, a lot of tourists thought hiking around Pokhara. However, you wouldn't regrate from this package. If you enjoy reading this article, don't forget to click our rating box on the right corner. Or if you may have any questions. Please leave a comment below.

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