Pokhara to Lumbini Bus

"Lumbini" a birthplace of Buddha, Located in southern Nepal near the city called Bhairahawa.  Lumbini is one of the most popular pilgrimages destinations in the world. About 1.55 million tourist visits Lumbini every year. While international tourist number is only about 300 thousand which covers the highest number of tourist from India.  

Due to the market syndicated by the local bus operator, Lumbini was not connected with any deluxe tourist bus. Any tourist willing to travel Lumbini from a major city like Kathmandu or Pokhara they had to travel either via local bus or an expensive flight. 

The thing has changed by 2018! The new government has changed the rule of what local bus trade union's monopoly market. According to the new rule, the private company now can operate a deluxe tourist bus in this sector. In this article, I will break down all available transport option between Pokhara-Lumbini-Pokhara with Deluxe tourist bus option. 

Pokhara to Lumbini Flight 

Every day in the morning there is one flight from Pokhara to Bhairahawa Lumbini.  It is only 20-minute flight departure at 11:25 AM.  Only Buddha air conducted 1 flight a day.  Lumbini as one of the most popular touristic city in Nepal. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to reach Lumbini from Pokhara city.  Majority of travellers visit Pokhara but not a lot of tourist visits Lumbini.  Anyone willing to make a day tour there is a daily flight between Pokhara -Lumbini and Kathmandu.  

For some travellers with limited time in Nepal and looking to go to Pokhara, the good news is, you can actually fly there...  And it will probably be the shortest flight you may have experienced as it is not even 30 minutes!! It's about 20 minutes to be exact.  

Pokhara to Lumbini Tourist Bus

Jagadamba Travel has recently announced 20 seaters deluxe tourist bus between Pokhara-Lumbini-Pokhara. Officially the journey will start on 27th August 2018. The bus has bigger leg room and reclining sofa-like seats. They also offer tea, coffee, unlimited drinks, breakfast and Lunch on the way. 
   Pokhara Departure point     Tourist Bus Park
Lumbini Departure Point Gate no. 1 
Pokhara Departure time 8:00 AM 
Lumbini Departure time 6:45 am
Total Travel Time 6-7 hour 
Cost for local tourist NPR 2260 with TAX
Cost for tourist USD 30 with TAX 

Pokhara to Lumbini Local Bus

Before deluxe tourist bus came into operation this was the only option available between Pokhara and Lumbini. A local bus is a relatively cheaper comper to the tourist bus but you may not get the same service and legroom for this long journey. Every morning from Pokhara bus park the local bus leave for Lumbini which is only USD 10 (NPR 1000 per person). This journey might take you 7-8 hour while Tourist bus only takes about 5-6 hour. 

Pokhara to Lumbini Private car 

This might be an ideal option if you are travelling in a group of at least 2 or more. Renting a private car from Pokhara to Lumbini might cost you in between USD 80-100 per trip. It will only take about 3-4 hour if you take the private car. It could be picked up from door to door and indeed the journey will be much more comfortable than any other overland option available as mention above. You can simply organise this at upon your arrival at your hotel or look for some travel agents who may provide better price with a brand new vehicle. 


We have been waiting for over a decade, to see the deluxe tourist bus in this section. Finally, the time has come true. Jagadamba Travel is one of the leading bus service operating multiple deluxe bus service all over Nepal. They were the first company who started a deluxe tourist bus between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Largely they have been able to extend their service to several other tourist destinations like Kathmandu to Chitwan. Kathmandu to Lumbini or Kathmandu to Nagarkot.  This is indeed a milestone for comfort service provider as a bus company adding more service also helping promote the Nepal tourism. 

About Rajendra Khanal (Raj)

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3 + 7 = ?

Myself with two family members has planned to visit Nepal in the first week of Oct. 19. What is Taxi (budget segment) fare, including driver allowance and all expenses for the following tour:-

First Day: Bhairawah Boarder to Lumbini,  sight seeing and night halt at Lumbini.
Second Day: Travel to Pokhra. Sight seeing, Night halt.
Third Day: Sight seeing at Pokhra and Sagarkot etc. to cover all tourist destinations.  Night Halt. 
Fourth Day: Travel to Kathmandu in early morning and half day sight seeing. Tour end.

- Chander Mohan

I would like to book 2 bus tickets from Pokhara to lumbini for Tuesday April 23...is this possible?
- Mel Gillespie

Hi, I was looking for 2 seats from Pokhara to lumbini on tues April 23 on the tourist bus that is $30usd (The bus has bigger leg room and reclining sofa-like seats. They also offer tea, coffee, unlimited drinks, breakfast and Lunch on the way.) is this possible?
- Mel Gillespie

Hi, I was looking for 2 seats from Pokhara to lumbini on tues April 23 on the tourist bus that is $30usd (The bus has bigger leg room and reclining sofa-like seats. They also offer tea, coffee, unlimited drinks, breakfast and Lunch on the way.) is this possible?
- Mel Gillespie

My husband and I would like to travel from Lumbini to Pokhara on Wednesday November 28th. 
Do you have a bus travelling on this day that we could book two seats on ?
Thank you, Caroline 

- Caroline Hancock

Hi Caroline, Yes we can help you reserved the ticket. Please contact us our private email. info@nestadventure.com
- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Hi, I would like to travel from Pohkara to Lumbini on 27 Nov, please advice if there is bus service, the time of departure, cost and exact location of pick up and drop off point so I can book accommodation as well, thanks.


- Grace

Hi Grace, - Thank you so much for the comment. The tourist bus to Lumbini departure at 8:00am from Pokhara bus park. As of now, there is only one super deluxe tourist but to Lumbini. It will be USD 25 per ticket. Let us know if you need anything. 
- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Good information, the latest one I got.

Still one thing is missing, is their any night service tourist buses?If at all it will save some time and give a little cushion for any tome loss for a tourist. Please mail me if at all because I want to travel on 8th of October

- Vasudeva Chikkanayakanahalli

Hello Vasudava, Thank you so much for the comment. Unfortunately, there are no night tourist bus available between Pokhara Lumbini Pokhara sector. If you want to travel at night you have to travel on a Local Bus. I hope this helps.  
- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

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