Renting or Buying Hiking Gear in Kathmandu

Every time I receive a new email, one of the frequently asked questions from my client is, Can we rent a hiking gear in Kathmandu Nepal? The answer is YES! You may not have complete gears yourself that is appropriate for high altitude treks in Nepal. Or even if you own hiking gears, it might be hard/ expensive to carry especially if you are travelling to multiple countries in Asia including Nepal. Since I am being repeatedly asked the same questions by my customer, I want to throw a complete guide about renting and buying hiking gear in Kathmandu.

Where can I rent or buy hiking gear in Kathmandu Nepal?

Thamel street in Kathmandu is core backpacker’s destination in Nepal.  This is where you start your hiking journey and where your hotel would likely be located!   It has virtually everything a traveller would be looking for from a one-star (or standard!) guesthouses to luxurious 5-star hotels, groceries, hiking and trekking gear, local food stalls and restaurants, laundry facilities, local markets, hair salon, spa center and many more! 

The hiking gear rental cost in Kathmandu

You can get gears that are OK for the duration you intend to undertake as is appropriate if you are on a budget travel. These are the list below you can save money and space in your bag if you consider renting hiking gear while packing for Nepal trip.
   Gear    Size & Temprature    Cost per day
Sleeping bag 10'C to -15'C USD 1 per day
Down Jacket 5'C to -10'C USD 1 per day
Hiking boots Any size USD 1 per day

(Depending on the quality and size the cost might vary +/- $ 0.5C  (NPR 50)

Buying hiking gear in Kathmandu

They are mostly Nepal or China made knockoff brand of Northface, Mountain Hardware, Marmot etc are available to buy.  The quality you get is almost like the original, you cannot tell the difference, and they are good enough to last at least 5 different long treks unless you are a bit on the extreme. The prices are fair. You will also be able to find original Mountain Hardware, Northface, Marmot stores in Kathmandu and they may be more expensive than in your own country due to import and other taxes. 

Cost of Trekking Gear in Kathmandu

   Gear    Size    Cost Items
Backpack 55l to 65l USD 45-65 per bag
Daypack  25l-35l  USD 25-35 per bag
Hiking shorts Any size USD 20-25 per pice
Hiking pants Any size USD 25 - 30 per pice
Hiking shirts Any size USD 15 - 20 per pice
Thermal set Any size USD 10-15 per pair
Warm fleece uper wear and bottom Any size USD 20-25 per pear
Warm hat Any size USD 3-5 per pice
Trekking pole Any size USD 5 - 10 per pair
Windproof gloves - USD 5-7 per pair Any size USD 5 - 10 per pair
Wollen hiking shocks Any size USD 2-4 per pair
Scarf Any size USD 2 - 5 per pice
Sun Glasses Any size USD 5 - 10 per pice
Head light  Any size USD 15 - 20
Water Bottle Any size USD 3 - 7 per bottle

Note: The retail prices are in local currency but this is to give you some idea in equivalent USD. On average USD 1 = NPR 100. Please open the link here for the day to day conversation rate of NPR with different major currency which is accepted in Nepal. Some shops may accept major currency (USD, CAD, AUD, GBP and Euro) but the exchange rate might be slightly lower than what you could get in a bank or money exchange counters.

How to find hiking rental shop in Kathmandu

You must be around Thamel streets, or if you live outside, you should consider travelling to Thamel (a small touristic town in Kathmandu). It is relatively easy to find a store to buy but not easy to find a rental store. A rental warehouse is generally not on the main street. They are behind the wall, hidden beneath the main road.  The best way to find them is to ask your guide or the agency you belong. No deposit or advance payment is required for renting.  For independent trekkers, you can ask your hotel for the locations.

Should I bargain when buying or renting gear in Kathmandu?

The answer to this questions is a bit tricky, and sometime it might turn out otherwise if you do not know the market prices. It will be helpful if you could first visit a couple of trekking shops and inquire about the prices. Another best approach would be to let the shopkeeper know that you have already been to a couple of other places for the same gears. That means it's a business and they are willing to go as low as they can consequently you will have a higher chance to get the best deal. However, the prices for rental gears are mostly fixed and fair. There is no space for haggling as the cost depends on the quality and differences is very small.


I remember, when I was in China we stopped by one store to check the price,   I was scolded and miss behaved by the shop owner because she thought I wasted her time not buying anything from her. But remember Nepal is not like that at all.  They might tempt you to buy their stuff as this happen anywhere in the world, but no one will misbehave for just checking their prices. Wherever you go or even if you do not buy a thing from them they will still send you home with a big smile.
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Hi How much should I budget to get all of my trekking gear when I arrive in November this year "excluding boots, sleeping bag and puffy down jacket" thanks 
- Micheal Edwards

Hi Micheal, Thank you for the comment. If you exclude Down Jacket and Sleeping bag, and boot you are looking for somewhere between USD 80-100 for everything. 
- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Hi How much should I budget to get all of my trekking gear when I arrive in November this year "excluding boots, sleeping bag and puffy down jacket" thanks 
- Micheal Edwards

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