10 Reasons to Travel Bhutan

Bhutan, otherwise known as the “Land of Thunder Dragon” is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Though landlocked, the country is known for its legendary ancient fortresses and temples, stunning landscapes as well as colorful festivals.
It is one of the amazing places to visit whenever you want to steal away from your fast-paced lifestyle, away from the hustles and bustles of our modern world. The Buddhist kingdom is located on the eastern edge of Himalayas and provides a wealth of cultural realms.
There are many reasons why you should travel to Bhutan including the followings:

1. Enjoy Zuri Dzong Hike

Many tourists who visit Bhutan will tell you that a trip to this country isn’t complete without a hiking trip to Zuri Dzong. If you want to enjoy a perfect bird’s eye view of the popular Paro Valley, climbing all the way to Zuri Dzong will be a great idea.
As you stand at the peak, you will have the Himalayas with its splendor in the background, an experience that’s truly breathtaking. There are several caves in Zuri Dzonga dating centuries back.
Enjoy the extraordinary views as well as a serene, tranquil environment. Image Source: Pixabay.com

2. Taktsang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest Monastery)

One of the surest places you will have to visit and which many tour companies such as BookMyTour will have lined up for you is the Taktsang Goemba. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery as it’s commonly known happens to be an important religious and historical establishment in Bhutan.
The Buddhist monastery is built on a 3000m vertical cliff north of Paro and this gives you a perfect view of the valley below. Built in 1692, the monastery is of great importance to the inhabitants of Bhutan.

3. Tshechu festival

Held on the 10th day of the Linar month, Tshechu is religious Bhutanese festival that will leave you entertained as you witness the historical culture of Bhutan. The festivals normally help in each Dzongkhag or district and in the major monasteries.
You can witness the mask dances and also see different cultural items on display as you understand the rich culture even more.

4. See some of the highest mountains in the world

Image Source: Pixabay.com
With mountains such as Jitchu Drake, Mount Jhomolbari and others being located in Bhutan, there is every lesson for you to organize a trip there at least once in your life (I’m not sure you won’t have the urge to visit again).
These mountains are not only some of the highest in the world but also are unclimbed but the government doesn’t allow for mountaineering to the peaks which are believed to be the abode of spirits and deities by the Bhutanese.
5. Museums and monumentsThe museums of Bhutan are a sure sign of the tremendous Bhutanese history. You can visit museums that are custodians of rich history right dating back to the 8th century at the arrival of Guru Padmasambhava.
There are many museums closely situated next to each other and as you visit the ever-present Lhakhangs and Dzongs, you will learn a lot about the history of the country and its beliefs.

6. Art and craft

If you are a lover of arts and crafts, then you will find Bhutan to be a great place to visit as you enjoy the 13 Bhutanese arts of Zorig Chusum which are deeply rooted in the philosophy of Buddhist.
The 13 arts and crafts were introduced by a treasure discoverer, Pema Lingpa and they include papermaking, stonework, woodwork, and painting among others.

7. Dochula Pass

Image Source: Pixabay.com
In 2003, a war broke between Bhutan and Indian insurgents. In memory of the Bhutanese soldiers who died, a concentration of 108 stupas (chortens) was constructed and this is a great tourist attraction.
From the pass, you can enjoy a stunning 360 scenic view of extensive valleys overlook the imposing mountains covered with snow.

8. Thimphu

Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan and a very unique one for that matter. For starters, it is a small town and stands out as the only capital without traffic lights in the world. You can enjoy an exploration of quirky shops and colorful weekend markets where you can do a bit of shopping for different items.
Thimphu is the home to Bhutanese’s rich culture, art, and tradition. It also features amazing architectural works with the city being decorated with traditional Bhutanese styled concrete buildings as well as wooden houses. The capital is unique in its own way and you can enjoy the amazingly friendly people who live there.

9. Beautiful landscapes

Image Source: Pixabay.com
If you enjoy nature and breathtaking landscapes, Bhutan is the place to visit. The perfect valleys spread across the entire country and whose beauty you can enjoy right from where you will be staying. Bhutan is blessed with rustic alluring nature and everyone who visits the country can testify to this fact.
Everywhere you go in Bhutan, the strikingly beautiful landscapes will be an attraction that you’ll never get enough of.

10. Wonderful people

The wonderful people of Bhutan will make you feel welcome and loved. Bhutan has a Gross National Happiness philosophy which will surely endow you with genuine bliss as you visit.
The little kingdom is considered to be among the happiest places in the globe and this happiness will definitely rub on you. Everywhere you turn in Bhutan you’ll be faced by smiling faces of people wearing colourful traditional clothes for both men and women.
Bhutan is the home to several natural wonders which will make your travel worth every single cent you put in it. As you trek on the mountainous regions, you can enjoy some amazing views of unique birds and mammals most of which are protected in the local national parks.
There is also a wealth of flora and fauna which is absolutely dazzling and captivating to the eyes. A visit to this small country will give you amazing memories especially if you are able to book the best tour packages that will help make every moment count. 
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