5 Best Yoga Trekking in Nepal

The Landlocked destination of Nepal has long beckoned daredevil adventurers and spiritual seekers. The land of Immortals and Trekker’s paradise, Nepal is a scenic concoction of the towering Himalayas, glistening temples, charming hill villages, and breathtaking vistas watching to offer one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations.
Home to the world’s eight highest peaks, including the Mt. Everest dominated at 8, 848 meters above the sea level surrounded by deep valleys and glaciers, majestic Nepal is a dream destination. Rugged trails,  avalanches, and some of the iconic hiking is available on offer here. Trekking in Nepal is an exquisite experience with the downhill treks, steep slopes, an exquisite wildlife, etc., providing a sensation of pleasure and adrenaline rush.

The land of fluttering prayer flags, it is a country with the densest concentration of World’s UNESCO heritage sites and also the virgin land filled with spiritual and religious shrines. Nepal is the ultimate kingdom of divinity and the domicile of Lord Buddha and Rishi Nemi. Owing to its heritage and natural beauty, Nepal hosts a bountiful of monasteries, relaxing spots, yoga centers, and waterside cafes for spending heavenly moments and revitalizing the soul in the most charismatic manner.

1. Annapurna Circuit Trek

The fascinating Annapurna Massif is a rich piece of land flourished with verdure, stunning natural beauty, and exceptional biodiversity. It is a classic trek suitable for beginner level to intermediate level trekkers that takes you through a distinctive regional scenery of flora and fauna on the Annapurna Ranges. Starting on the Besisahar side with beautiful meandering valleys and lurking mountains through Pokhara to Annapurna and back to Kathmandu through Synaje. Crossing the mystical mountains, passing the deep gorge, poon hills, Buddhist villages, and Holy Sites, Annapurna circuit trek engrosses the Mountaineers in its untouched beauty of alpine trails and magnificence allowing you to savor a timeless experience. Lose your soul in the town of Pokhara, a white town blessed with the mesmerizing Phewa Lake and spectacular beauty, also a perfect spot to recharge the energy levels and to calm the beating soul alongside the eastern shore decked with yoga centers and cafes

2. Manaslu Circuit Trekking

The Great Himalayan Trek, Tea- House Trek, or the best all-around trek-- are the distinctive features of the Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal. Combining the flavors of the other treks in Nepal, Hindu & Buddhist culture, protected wildlife, wildflowers, murmuring rivers, and precarious bridges, Manaslu is appropriate for individuals who love to play with challenges. A tester of strength, resilience through the 19-day long trek starting from Kathmandu to Arughat, it is a perfect getaway for the adventure junkies, alluring their eyes with colorful cultures and dramatic valleys against the backdrop of the classic Himalayas. Tamang and Sherpa settlements are other highlights that make the Manaslu circuit the best general trek in the country. In the course of the trek, trekkers will come across Buddhist temples, architecture, and tradition that quenches the thirst for peace and contentment.

3. Everest Base Camp Trek

Trek the beauty of Hills and fantastic mountain range-- The Everest. One of the best trekking sites in Nepal providing ample spaces for laudation and relaxation, the Everest Base Camp Trek is surrounded by beautiful villages with the friendliest residents to help you in any possible manner. It exposes the travelers to elaborate views of the towns of Nepal, exquisite Buddhist monasteries, and so much more making the sport of trekking pleasant and adventuresome simultaneously. Flocked with trekkers all around the year, the time period between Mid-March to May and between Septembers to Mid-November is ideal. Soar high by taking the highest and daunting Everest summit, if your body allows. Spend a few days discovering the treasures of Kathmandu, get acquainted with the culture of Sherpas, learn their spiritual perspective on mountains they call their home and walk by the trails lined with stones engraved with Tibetan Buddhist Prayers.

4. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Make your way to the snowy Poon Hills by paddling the rivers and crossing the farms. Trekking the Ghorepani Poon Hill is worth every grueling step as the beautiful Rhododendron Forest soothes the eyes and the hospitable Gurung Village people melt the heart with their warmth and affection. A short adventure trip from the waterfall town of Tikhedhunga to Ghorepani and to Ghandruk, Poon Hill trek provides a wonderful opportunity to the travelers to witness the sublime beauty of the Annapurna Hills. Conclude your journey in the beautiful town ‘Pokhara’ where you can undergo yoga sessions at the best yoga centers of the country. Pokhara provides the treasure of both worlds, yoga, and adventure for the gratefulness of the body, mind, and soul.

5. Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

Last but not the least, unravel the unique path on the Langtang Gosaikunda trek. The beautiful valley of Langtang with spectacular mountain lakes at Gosainkunda, the Langtang Gosaikunda Trek exposes you to splendid mountains and valley views. With flora and fauna, glaciers, history, culture, and so much more, it is the most accessible treks of Nepal and full of wonders and surprises. The Gosaikunda Lake holds a spiritual significance for both Hinduism and Buddhism alike and is visited by many. Experience a sense of holiness unfolding deep within your heart as you cross the Gosaikunda Lake making it a perfect adventure with traces of thrill, beauty, and spirituality.


Feed the intrepid trekker in you by hailing to the trekking capital of the world-- Nepal. Find out the best yoga trekking places in Nepal through this blog. Travel to Nepal and live an experience of trekking the highest and also the most breathtaking trails blessed with affection, warmth, and spirituality. 

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