Top 5 Things You Need When You Go Camping

If you are a camping expert then you already know that packing your stuff before you leave is one of the most important (if not THE most important) things to do. In this list, let's try and break down the top 5 most important pieces of equipment you should carry with you during your adventurous trip.

Critical Stuff First

In my personal experience, I've been backpacking all the way from Berlin to Moscow and trust me, during those 3 months, I saw things. That's why my personal advice would be to start by preparing all your medicines and relative first. In case you suffer from some serious pathologies, then you should include that particular medicine in your bag since the chances that you will not be able to find it are pretty high.

Comfort While Travelling

Travelling is a magnificent experience but could be also very stressful. If you combine that to the fact that camping also includes the struggle of finding a place in which you will be able to safely sleep, then the stress level could reach a major peak. First of all, get yourself a quality backpack, that is spacious enough, strong and waterproof. Then, if you are driving, get yourself a travelling pillow, if it's not already in your camping equipment. Last but not least, your sleeping bag must be ready for any possible extreme scenario, so buy one that has quality in its features.

The Tent

If you are camping and the tent is up to you, then these are my pieces of advice: avoid ultra big ones, as they are hard to fold and this could be time-consuming and stressful. Also, forget about the "easy to fold ones" as they are (guess what) NOT easy to fold at all. When buying a tent, be sure to grab one that has a high percentage of waterproof materials, because is a must if you are planning on camping in some extreme, cold, rainy places.

The Clothes

This to all the camping girls who are reading this article: camping is supposed to be an experience that brings you closer to nature and therefore, it has to be done limiting all the fancy stuff. For clothes, in particular, it's important to bring comfy ones, possibly easy to wash, not heavy and most importantly, made of quality.


This may vary based on where you are planning to go, but this general setup works: bring one pair of boots (since mud is always a problem), one pair of trainers and one pair of flip-flops. In this way, you will be sorted in any possible scenario.

About Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews Paul Matthews is a freelance writer in Manchester. His aim is to inform people about the beauty of travelling and camping. You can often find him mountain biking or at the local library.
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I like your blog as we are all in need to discover new adventure from time to time such camping but we don't know how to start or prepare for interesting camping trip and your blog present us main tips to do so easily.
Thanks for your great talent and your efforts to present such valuable content

- Reem Zeyad

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