Nepal Itinerary 2 Night 3 Days

What would you do if you have only 2 night and 3 days holiday in Nepal?
This might be a common question for short time traveller to Nepal. The answer is you are still going to explore the city and a few places nearby Kathmandu.
In 3 days Nepal itinerary you have more flexibility than 1 night 2 days Nepal itinerary. You will be able to cover the major world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley and a bit of Nepali countryside. Just a few hour driving away from the main capital Nepal already gives you a splendid view of the Himalayas and typical countryside life in Nepal.
Following this itinerary, you can plan 2 night 3 days in Nepal. The common itinerary that every tours and travel company offers to their customer:
Day 1 in Kathmandu
Day 2 in Bhaktapur and Nagarkot.

Based on my experience, I would like to offer some more options.

Option 01: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur & Nagarkot

Day 01: A full day  (6-8hour) Kathmandu sightseeing in 5 major places
Day 02: A full day Kathmandu to Bhaktapur and Nagarkot day tour.
Day 03: Departure

Option 02: Kathmandu city & 1 day Nagarkot hiking

In this itinerary, you will visit all the world heritage sites in Kathmandu and hike to Nagarkot.  You will make night halt at Nagarkot and watch the sunset and sunrise from the beautiful mountaintop lodges there. On a clear day, it is Mt. Everest is visible from Nagarkot including many other smaller peaks.
On the way back Bhaktapur sightseeing could be done shortly after or just before heading to Changunarayan.  In this respect the itinerary would be as following:
Option 03:
Day 01: Bhaktapur sightseeing, drive to Changunarayan and 3-4 hours of hiking to Nagarkot Overnight spend in Nagarkot.
Day 02: Drive back to Kathmandu and full day World heritage site tour. Overnight spend in Kathmandu.
Day 03: Departure

Option 04: (Kathmandu & Pokhara)

This option allows you to visit two major cities, Kathmandu and Pokhara. However, due to the short time frame, you are recommended to take the flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu.  Although it might be a bit expensive but it saves your time to see these two historic places just in 2 night and 3 days.
Day 01: Fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara and full day (4-6 hour) Pokhara tour. Same day in the late afternoon sunset view from stupa. Overnight stay in Pokhara.
Day 02: Early morning sunrise view from Sarangkot and fly back to Kathmandu and full day Kathmandu sightseeing.
Day 03: Final departure. 
The above itinerary is a rough guideline only for your short vacation in Nepal. We might be able to suggest more precisely if you would let us know your arrival and departure date?. If you have any questions about how to plan 2 night 3 days Nepal itineraries please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help plan your travel itinerary and answer your questions. If you enjoy reading this article don't forget to click our rating box on the right corner. or leave a comment below.
Visiting Nepal or spending your time in Kathmandu is not just about mountains, sunrise, sunset or heritage site visit, you can always try many other things from casinos to street food or you could also:

1. Take a rickshaw tour around Thamel, Asan, Indra choke, and Kathmandu Darbar Square. (Local's market)

This could be a lifetime memory from Nepal. The best way to roaming around this area would be by foot, however, in 1 day and 1 night you may not have enough time to effective cover more places on your own in which case the “rickshaw” ride would an ideal option. If you take a 1-hour tour by ricksaw that would already be a good amount of travel rather than by slow pace walk.
2. Shopping around Thamel
If you love handicraft items, Pashmina clothes or some souvenir for family and friends.  The singing bowl, knock off trekking and hiking gears or genuine North Face or Mountain hardwears gears are available cheaper than your hometown. You might be tempted to try.
3. Try some local food,
If you walk around Thamel Street there are plenty of Nepali cuisine restaurants serving typical "Thakali Kitchen" that provides authentic Nepali Dal Bhat. Northwest from Thamel is a local Momo centre called “Everest Momo Center”. Here you get the most mouth watering famous local Momo flocked by the locals. All you need to do is just get inside and grab a seat. One plate of Momo is already in order while you enter. For the first time when I tried Momo in that place I was only 8 years old and up to now, this is my favorite place for Momo.  This place is widely known and recommended by traveller's guidebook such as lonely planet, trip advisor etc. You always find many tourists eating Momo with the locals in this place, and the price is only NRs. 70 per plate (10 Pieces). Which is less than $1.
4. Visit to the “Dreams of Garden”.
Located in Kaiser Mahal (Palace) across the street from the former Royal Palace at the entrance to the Thamel touristic area, the Garden also known as “Garden of Six Seasons” was created for Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana (1892–1964), in early 1920. It's a very small garden in the middle of the busy area. It only cost you Rs 100 ($1) entry fee per person.
5. Travel Nepal during “Off Season”.
If you are travelling in Nepal only for 1 night 2 days or even for  2 night 3 days you probably spend time around the city only. There is another advantage of Off season travelling in Nepal.  Most of the hotels offers offseason discount offer accommodations, also if you buy anything in the shops they offer a good discount.  Accommodation cost can go as cheap as half (50%) only.  However, you don’t travel long distance just to enjoy a small discount and therefore we still recommended travelling in peak season time, (October, November- March, April).
6. Try to experience “Flying over the Mount Everest”.
Ever thought of how it looks from the top of the world? Flying over the Mt Everest is one of the extraordinary experience in Nepal. A couple of air Travel Company operates “Mountain fights in Nepal” on daily basis. Usually, the flight takes off around 06:00 - 08:00 am for about 2-3 hour. The cost would be roughly USD 200 per person. This flight will guarantee that you will be able to see Everest.  In case of bad weather and not able to see the Everest, the company will refund 100% money back into your account. You can purchase ticket from any travel agency(s). Depending on the season, some company also provides 10-20% discount on the ticket (Contact us for the discount flight rate). Don't worry even if you have to do sightseeing in the afternoon, Everest flight will not be going to affect your itinerary.

All 6 options recommended above is possible to be incorporated even if you choose any one of the options. We might be in a better position to suggest you if would let us know your arrival and departure. If you have any questions about how to plan 2 night 3 days Nepal itineraries please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you plan your travel itinerary and answer your questions. If you enjoy reading this article don't forget to click our rating box on the right corner. or leave a comment below.

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