Why is Manaslu Circuit Trek a Must Experience

# 1. Because it is surrounded by snowcap mountains towering at above 8,000m.  Not to mention the above 5,000m pass crossing!  Very few places on this earth will have these combinations!

# 2. Because it is a remote and off-the-beaten-path compared to the other well-known teahouse treks in Nepal. Manaslu trek gained popularity since tea houses were built here in 2010. Prior to that, you had to camp. 

#3. Because it is not crowded as other popular trails in Nepal. little Less than 8,000 tourist visits Manaslu every year unlike EBC Trek has over 30,000 visitors every year. 

# 4. Because it is relatively cheaper than Everest Base Camp. You don't have to spend more than $320 alone on flight ticket to Lukla. 

# 5. Because it is rich in culture. The Tibetan origin Nepalese live in the area called Tsum Valley.  They practice their own ancient form of dialect, art, culture and religion. 

# 6. Because  Manaslu trek offers a lot more side-trips than any other base camps. You can spend more than 3 weeks and venture into different places such as Tsum Valley, Manaslu Base Camp, Pungeen Gomba, Tibetian border, Birendra lake etc. 

# 7.  Because it follows a circuit trail.. so unlike other base camps, every day is a new route as you make a loop in this trek. 

# 8. Because it is generally safer... There is a lower chance of altitude sickness due to the long days of reaching high elevation. 

# 9. Part of The Great Himalayan Trail... Manaslu is one of the major parts of "The Great Himalaya Trail' - a single long distance trekking trail from the east end to the west end of Nepal, includes a total of roughly 1,700 km long path.

# 10. Expedition As of 2003, the peak has seen only 240 successful ascents and 52 fatalities, making it the 4th most dangerous 8000m peak, behind Annapurna, Nanga Parbat, and K2.

About Rajendra Khanal (Raj)

Rajendra Khanal (Raj) Born and raised in Gorkha, Nepal, I am proud to call the Manaslu region my home! I have been in the travel business for over a decade from being assistance guide to being a guide/leader to being a manager and finally a founder of NEST Adventure. So you could say, I know my way well enough in the Himalayas especially in some of the off-the-beaten trails in Nepal like Manaslu, Kanchenjunga or Mustang
I am passionate about travelling and I strongly believe that seeing the world shouldn't break the bank (at least not too much!).  I studied in the UK and three years of living experience in the United States taught me how to deliver quality customer service in the business. I have backpacked to over 15 countries in Asia, Central Americas USA and Canada, one-third of Europe, Caribbean Island and  Latin America. As a backpacker myself, and travel expert of Nepal Himalayas I'm happy to share my experience with you. If you believe I can be helpful in planning your next trip to Nepal, then please do not hesitate to contact me. at nestadventure@gmail.com. I am also available 24x7 on Whats app and Viber +977- 9851052042 Or direct phone call +1(702) 465-9789. If you are interested to know more about my travel journey follow me on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
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