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If you want to give a delightful treat to your loved ones, we must suggest you to give them a charming tour to Manali. Soaked in the amazing beauty of majestic Himalayas, the place is featuring as one of the exotic hill stations of India that enhances the beauty of your north India tour package. The hill-station of Manali is filled with the scintillating valleys and snow peaked mountains along with the mesmerizing tranquility. The beauty of this amazing place will take you to the fairy tale that will transport you to the land of luxury, devotion and fantasy.
The place has numerous attractions houses in it that are visited by travellers on the daily basis. One such place is Mall Road in Manali. Exciting, fun-filled and a place full of life, Mall Road makes everyone go gaga over its enchanting aura.

About Mall Road Manali

Famous as a paradise for shopping lovers, Mall Road in Manali is a must visit place for all those who love doing shopping. This place has its own charm when it comes to North India Tourism. One can also be called Manali a mini cosmopolitan compacting with numerous of foreigners and Indian tourist where they can come, shop, eat and enjoy the fullest.
Mall Road, Manali is situated at the downtown of Manali near very famous Hadimba Devi Temple. Compacting with city’s main bus stand, Mall Road is very easy to reach. Due to its hustle and bustle, Mall Road often called as the heart of Manali. Numerous people visit this place especially for doing shopping. The Mall Road is compact with brand new stores on the one hand and also with the old shops on the other hand. These old shops here are run and managed by the same family for various generations.

Shopping in Mall Road

Famous as a tourist hub and a heaven for shopping lovers, Mall Road boasts with numerous shops which can be categorized in a huge range. The shops here are crowded and sell a plethora of items that are ranging from woollen items like gloves, sweater, socks, mufflers and shawls to handicraft items like Tibetan handicrafts, rugs, caps, footwear, Kulli and Kinnauri Shawls and much more.
There are numerous of other markets which can be found on the Mall Road, these markets are Snow Lion Underground Market, Shangri La Shopping Complex and many others including Dragon Shopping complex, Thai market and Hong Kong Market.  If you wish to purchase some really amazing woollens markets such as New NAC market, Tibetan market and Lama Underground are the perfect places for the same. Amber, Musk and Saffron can also be purchased from here. Shopkeepers might quote a higher price, but all you need is to do the bargaining if required.

Tibetan Market and Food Centers

As Manali is situated close to Tibet, one can find a huge influence of the place on Manali and its surroundings. The place houses with some of the best shops from where you can purchase local handicrafts such as handicraft shawl and rugs which are made by Bhuticco Weaver’s Co-Operative and Himachal Handicrafts Emporium, these places are located at Manali Mall.
One can also find a huge and amazing collection of carpets at the Tibetan Carpet Center and Tibetan Bazaar which is organized and run by the refugee community. Travellers can find different items such as local tweeds, prayers wheels, Buddhist Paintings along with thangkas and rugs. A large collection of turquoise and silver jewellery is something of worth purchasing from here and so the Chinese goods.

Food Places and Eateries at Mall Road Manali

The cuisine of Manali is very rich as its culture, filled with numerous of authentic Manali cuisines, Mall Road in Manali is something that will make your tour memorable. Food of Manali also holds a major place in the cultural and heritage walk in India. All food lovers can find n numbers of hotels and restaurants located at the Mall Road. Along with the local delicacies, people can also savor some other different cuisines such as India Italian, Chinese and Continental that soothes all your palates. Travellers on a visit to Mall Road and also purchase local jackets, jellies and jams made with fresh fruits from here. The opening time of Mall Road is in between 10 am to 7 pm every day.

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