Where is Bhutan

Bhutan is the last Himalayan Kingdom where Mahayana Buddhism is the official religion of the majority of people with a small percentage of Hinduism.  Bhutan is a landlocked country with an area of 38,394 km2. It has east-west dimension stretching around 300 km and north-south dimension around 170 km maximum. Located in the eastern Himalayan range it is mostly mountainous. It shares 470 km long border with Tibet (China present) in the north and India to the rest. This small country is a journey in the mountains and valleys from an average altitude of 160 m above MSL in the south to snowcapped peaks above 7000m  in the north.

About Bhutan 

Today, Bhutan is known to the world through the concept of ‘Gross National Happiness’. GNH is a development Philosophy and a benchmark for progress with the objective to achieve wellbeing of the population through a combination including psychological and spiritual wellbeing too. Bhutan has a democratic constitutional monarchy system of government. Environmental protection and cultural preservation is the foremost policy in the planning of development activities. Bhutan is also referred to as a ‘Carbon Negative’ country due to the absence of heavy carbon polluting industries and density of cars on the road. Tourists entering Bhutan feels reinvigorated immediately by scenic mountains, fresh air and peaceful natural surroundings.  The population density in contrast to neighbouring countries is small, the overall population of the country itself stands around seven hundred fifty thousand only.

Geographical Profile

About 70 percentage of the kingdom is covered with forests. The country is divided into three distinct climatic zones: alpine, temperate and subtropical zone.
Temperatures vary according to elevation. Most of the central portion of the country experiences a cool, temperate climate year round. In the south, a hot humid climate helps maintain a fairly even temperature, the four season remains distinct for most of the country.
Glaciers in the north which cover about 10 percentage of the total surface area, are an important renewable source of water for Bhutan’s rivers.

Quick Fact About Bhutan 

Total Population 792,374 (2017)
Density 21 per km2 (2017)
Spoken Language Dzongkha
Independence Year Bhutan was never colonised, (National day on 17 dec)
Capital City Thimphu (Thimphu)
Currency Ngultrum
GDP Groth ‎6.49% (2015)
GDP per Capita $2,719.11 (2015)
Land Area 38,394 km2 (14,824 mi2)
Border Countries India, China
Minimum Longitude 88.77
Maximum Longitude 92.13
Mininum Latitude 26.71
Maximum Latitude 28.33

About Padam Bhadur Chuwan

Padam Bhadur Chuwan Padam Bdr Chuwan, served the govt and various other development partner agency(s) as a civil engineer in Bhutan.  Trekking has always been a part of my life and works perhaps because of the rural childhood and foundation. I am being referred to as a dictionary for hikes around Bhutan. I was also assigned to trail design of campsites to the remote but ultimate trekking destination “Merak-Sakteng” located in the northeast Bhutan. Talking about trekking, I am a regular trekker myself whenever I have free time.  Drukpath has been introduced to me by the same man who supervised the construction of the trail when Bhutan opened up for tourism in the 70s. My quest for adventure in the Himalayas finally turned to take me to the exotic and ultimate destinations like Everest base camp, Manaslu Circuit and Annapurna circuit etc. in Nepal. Semi-retired now from the long associated professional service, it is an adventure once again to be associated with NEST Adventure and their Team of tourism experts from Kathmandu as their associate based in Thimphu at WOW-Bhutan Travels . If you think we can be helpful planning your trip to Bhutan, then do not hesitate to contact us. at nestadventure@gmail.com
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Is it a safe place to travel for holiday?
- cleo

Yes, it is! Probably one of the safest country in the south Asia. feel free to reply if you need any additional information about Bhutan Tour. 
- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Bhutan is one of the last Global hot spots. Tourists are completely safe in Bhutan. Even CNN has mentioned Bhutan as one of the best countries to visit in 2017.

Bhutan is one of the happiest counties in the world. The concept of Gross National Happiness was born in Bhutan. Bhutan has many surprises.

- Wow Bhutan Travels

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