Ways to Eat Healthy While Travelling

Travel is not only a much-needed rest from the constant demands of life but also a refresher for the mind, body and soul. Without travel and vacations, we would get tired of our daily life quickly. We all need little escapes. Unfortunately, travel can become stressful very fast when the only options for food are expensive burger joints, fast food, or the over processed junk food you keep in your bag. Whether you’re going to a resort or trekking across the Incan Trail, you’ll appreciate these ways to eat healthy while enjoying a much-needed respite.

Have a budget set before you travel. Instead of pulling money out of your wallet or swiping your card every time you see hot food, take a step back. Starting your vacation with a food budget will help you avoid that mouth-watering, but fattening dinner and start to rethink a healthier option. This will also help you save a little money that you can put towards your next vacation or that you can use to make your current one more memorable!

Pack your own food.

This is especially useful if you’re going on a trek or if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities while travelling. Keep a section of your bag devoted to dry food. You can pack trail mixes, long lasting fruits and other healthy foods. Remember to carry plenty of water with you in case you get held up on the trail a night longer than expected. If you’re staying at a hotel, check to see if they will have a refrigerator in a room before you go. Most will, which will give you more healthy food options to keep with you. Refrigerator blog here  

Portion your food before you travel.

If you’re keeping snacks in your bag, portion them out in smaller bags so that you don’t overeat. When someone’s hungry, they can just get a snack-size bag of almonds and continue on the trail. When food is portioned out, you know when you’ve had enough. When you’re faced with an entire bag, you don’t know until it’s too late. Portions will save you from overeating which will save your health and will keep you from being the villain of your camping trip.

Make a plan before you travel.

When you’re starving, you’ll eat most anything in the spur of the moment even if that means breaking your diet. Before you travel, look into the areas or pit stops you’ll be staying at to find healthy food options. Make a list before you leave so that you have options when you get there.

Keep food hygienic on the trail

If you’re going on a trek or bringing your own food with you on vacation, make sure that it’s sealed well. It’s devastating to find that all your food has been invaded by ants on the fourth day of your trek. Equally as bad, it’s terrible to find that some water got into the food and is beginning to grow mould or stink. Either means you have to throw away a ton of food and get to civilisation fast. Keep all your food in airtight bags or containers. If you plan on portioning out your food, put all the portioned bags into a larger airtight plastic baggie for some added protection. As for water, keep it out of the way, preferably in a different bag. If you travel alone, just make sure that your water is sealed well and protected from leak .
Eat healthier options and avoid temptations.
If you plan to stop along the way, make sure that you chose healthier options when you eat out. While it may be tempting to eat a burger every day, remember that it will drain your energy and make you more sluggish. If you have trouble finding a restaurant that serves healthy food, notes that most places will make you a plain chicken breast or salad is you ask them nicely.

Visit the grocery store to stock up.

If you’ve eaten the food in your backpack or need a quick and healthy meal, visit the grocery store. Most grocery stores have healthy food options or hot meals ready to pick up—just make sure that they aren’t fattening. There are also ingredients for salads, trail mixes, fruits and veggies. You can also buy dried fruit and jerky (search for ones that aren’t loaded with sodium—they exist!). Many health food stores will have meals ready to eat that are always healthy and fresh. A lot of times they will have salad bars or trail mix bars in-store as well. How convenient!

Drink plenty of water.

Stock up on as much water as you can for your expedition. If you’re a seasoned trekker, you know the importance of keeping plenty of water with you at all times. Drinking water will keep you feeling fuller during your expedition, so remember to drink up even if you’re not that thirsty. It’s good for you!

Pack up and clean up.

If you’re going on an expedition or trek, you’re going to need to eat. Eating can be one of the best parts of an expedition. After a long day of travelling and sightseeing, you get to sit down with your travelling companions, or just by yourself and mull it over under the stars by the fire. If you’re going to eat a proper meal, you’ll have to pack up plates and silverware. Buy some inexpensive plastic plates and forks. They’re sturdy and lightweight. After you eat, make sure you clean them well with water and dry them off. Being sanitary is key to your health.
Eating and living healthy while travelling doesn’t have to be stressful or cause you a burden. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, and if you make it part of the way you live and solve your challenges than a healthy life at home and on the trail can be easy and convenient. Don’t stress about travelling. Take a much-needed vacation and go sightsee without the added worry of eating.

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