Trekking in Nepal best time of the year

When you decide to visit Nepal, you need to know first when the best time to travel to such place. Before you book a hotel, make sure you are aware when to travel there. The climate in Nepal differs with its altitude as well as topography. It runs from the tropical up to the Arctic. Let us say, for example, the low-land Terai area which has an altitude of around 305m maximum, which can be found in the country’s tropical southern part has got a hot as well as humid weather condition that may increase for about 45 Degree Celsius or 113 Degree Fahrenheit amid summer. In Midland areas, you will find it very relaxing most of the year, despite the fact that it’s frigid during winter nights. The northern mountain part has an altitude for above 3, 300 m features an alpine weather which acquires a significantly minor temperature during winter as may be anticipated.

In times of worry as well as stress, family members have a tendency to concentrate on their troubles instead of enjoying quality moments together. Travelling or going somewhere is a wonderful way for you to have a time-out and most of all, to enjoy the amazing things that life can give. It’s continued tested that people are usually at their most positive and most of all receptive once they’re relaxed as well as accompanied by loved ones. 

Travelling will able to give you and also your family an excellent way to bond or spend quality time with each other. When planning to visit, make sure to plan ahead and think of a beautiful place to go with your family. Now, speaking of a nice place, Nepal is an excellent place to travel with your loved ones and bond and also enjoys the beautiful sceneries and a lot of tourist spots.

Before you get excited to go to Nepal, it is important that you know the place very well most especially if this is your first time. There are a lot of ways you can do to acquire info about a particular location Nepal mainly. The best thing you can do is search the web or online. By doing so, you will be able to know Nepal’s tourist attractions, the locales, the means of transportation, their currency and so much more. In addition to that, you will also get to know the best time to travel in Nepal by reading lots of available articles online regarding Nepal. When you know a lot about the place, it won’t be hard for you and your family to explore in such a beautiful place. 

To be able to know when for your is the best time to visit Nepal, it is very important for you to note that Nepal acquires four climatic seasons. Meaning to say, make sure you know when you like to go. Below are Nepal’s weather seasons.
First is spring, and this happens between March to May. The climate is slightly warm in small areas and then average in much higher altitudes with a lot of chances to obtain tryst with the mountain sceneries. It's likewise the season for flowers to blossom along with rhododendron, Nepal’s national flower, and it will sweep the ascending altitudes with its bountiful colour and also beauty.
The second one is summer from June to August. This season is additionally the rainstorm season in Nepal. The climate is hot as well as wet now and again. It rains practically every day that includes incidental thunderstorms during the night. The rain escalated the loveliness around with rich green vegetation.

The third season is autumn between September to November. This season is definitely the best season for tourists to travel or visit Nepal because the summer already passed by and then the winter will just set in. The climate is profoundly lovely as well as the mountain sceneries. This is also the perfect season to trek in the mountains since mountain views are very visible, this means that you better book your flight ahead of time. In addition to that, this is the period of festivities because Nepal commands the greatest Hindu celebrations Dash in and then followed by Tihar.

The fourth season is the winter, between December up to February. The climate in this season is cold, and most of all the sky is very clear including periodic snowfalls at higher rises. The winter season is great most especially for people who loves trekking in lower heights. The morning, as well as night, is freezing and aside from that, the days are warm when there is the sun.

Nepal’s monsoon is not the proper monsoon of Asia. Rains, for the most part, happen amid the evening which will leave the morning sky bright and then clean, this is the reason why the Himalayan view in such climate is even more dramatic. A few areas of the Himalayas in Dolpo, Mustang, as well as Manang, are in rain shadow zones; the mountains are very high to hinder the clouds.

Now you know the different season in Nepal. It is up to you and your family which season you prefer to travel. Though, all seasons are great because Nepal has a lot to offer to its visitor no matter what season it is. After you decide what month you like to travel, you can then book a hotel in Nepal. Again, searching online for best hotels is your best option. Since the Internet is the home of thousands of information about anything, you can surely enjoy your stay in Nepal. Make sure you are well knowledgeable about the place before you go there. All you need to do is to research thoroughly about the place, and once you know everything about Nepal, you can surely enjoy the place.

Nepal is a lovely place most especially for people who like to have a great time to relax, unwind, enjoy and also bond with your loved ones. So, make sure to include Nepal in your travel bucket list now.


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