Top Tips to Have an Incredible Solo Motorcycle Travel Through Asia

If you’ve never travelled solo before, then you’re in for a big adventure. You will meet lots people in your travels and will have the freedom to explore on your own terms. Fortunately, travelling solo across Asia is easy. This is a great starting point if you have never travelled on your own before because it is so cheap to travel there. The locals are very accommodating and chances are, you’ll find other solo travellers on the way too. If you are motor biking your way to get there then that is just upping the adventure and can be even your initiation into becoming a solo motorcycle traveller. So what do you need to motorbike your way across Asia? I’m going to let you in on lots of travelling tip so that you can ride without worries.


If the motorbike is your primary medium of travel, then you’ll need gear which can help you stay comfortable during your travels. While a helmet is definitely a must, you can opt for a snowmobile helmet. Snowmobiles helmets are insulated helmets with breath deflectors and lenses. The thermal insulation of a snowmobile helmet is way better, which is why you will feel warmer during lower temperatures. The double pane shields, breath deflectors and insulation are meant to lower fog build up, which is particularly useful if you are travelling in winter. Your motorcycle boots are also crucial, especially if you need ankle protection. Pick a shoe with thicker leather for greater abrasion resistance. Velcro closures or buckles will fit you better than show laces and will not come undone during your ride. Double stitched or triple stitched motorcycle boots will stay together even if you suffer from an accident. Having sown on soles is also a huge plus because they will stay on to protect your feet.

Travel Insurance

While you don’t legally need insurance to travel, if you are smart, then you will get one. That’s because motorbiking is dangerous, and you might think that you won’t get into an accident or the medical bills won’t cost a lot, but if you get seriously injured, then you’ll need all the help you can get. You should seriously consider getting travel insurance before you start your journey.

Crossing Borders

While many have motorbiked their way across Vietnam, not as many take the time to visit Laos or Cambodia. You might think that crossing the borders is illegal but it is actually very legal. If you want to cross between Laos and Vietnam, then keep a Vietnamese plated motorbike. If you have a Lao plated motorbike then you’ll have to be the registered owner of the vehicle. Laos and Vietnam share 6 international borders between them which you can use to cross. They are:
  • Tay Trang/Sop Hun
  •  Nam Xoi/Na Maew
  • Nam Khan/Nam Can
  • Cau Treo/Nam Phao
  • Lao Bao/Dansavanh
  • Ngoc Hoi/ Bo Y
If you are going to Vietnam and Cambodia, then you’ll need a Vietnamese plated motorbike. Vietnam and Cambodia have five international border crossings:
  • Moc Bai/Bavet
  • Tinh Bien/Phnom Den
  • Xa Xia/Prek Chak
  • O Yadao/LeThanh
  • Trapaing Sre Border Crossing
If you want to cross between Laos and Cambodia, it won’t be as easy because there has been an increase in regulation because of corruption. They have one international border crossing which they share:

· Dom Kralor/Veun Kham

If you want to go to Thailand with a motorbike, then it is possible to have a Vietnamese or Cambodian-registered bike, but it will be comparatively difficult. You will need your bike to be registered in your name, and if you manage to get in, you will have to get out in a month. 


Asia has some great places to visit which are very cheap and extremely exotic. If you happen to travel to Vietnam, stop by Phong Nha Ke Bang where the locals are friendly or Pai in Thailand with its exotic natural beauty. You could also try the Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Siam Reap, Cambodia or Don Det in Laos for its beautiful surroundings and easy lanes for biking.

There are lots of beautiful places to see in Asia with lots of rugged beaches and ancient temples. Asia is one place you have to be at least once in your life, so go there the moment you get the chance.

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6 + 9 = ?

hello Laura. i have a Thai registered Big Bike. i want to drive it to Vietnam. is that possible to cross the border into VN , what kind of paperwork needs to be done-`thank u.
- niklas blume

can you advise me in relation to border crossings in my trip from Australia to Nepal and back. I am not sure if I should go via Myanmar or Via China. Any suggestions, what would be the easiest in relation to costs of crossing the countries due to agents or guides fees. 

- Robert Corry

Hi Robert, - Thank you so much for the comment. Your question is quite not clear. Could you please let us know in detailed from which country do you want to cross the border. Happy to help you, From Myanmar to Nepal, you must take the flight and they are not connected by land. However, from Tibet China, you can cross the border to Nepal. You must have to get the Tibet travel visa. Please, remember China visa wouldn't valid for Tibet. I hope this helps! 
- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Hello there. I’m wanting to buy a new Honda motorbike in Thailand and registering it in my name, because I’m considering teaching English throughout Asia. My question is a lot of forums say it’s not possible to go on a Thai registered bike into Cambodia into Vietnam then into Laos back to Thailand. Thanking you in advance.
- Peter Gillies

Hi Peter, Thank you so much for the comment! 

Yes, you can buy your own vehicle in Thailand and registered under your name. However, there are many processes before you registered your own vehicle as a foreign citizen in Thailand. Please open this link for more detailed about the process and required document. I hope this helps. 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Do you know anything about border crossings if I buy a bike in Thailand? I've heard in a few places that Laos -> Cambodia you probably won't see your bike again.

How about Thailand -> Laos -> Thailand -> Cambodia -> Vietnam?
- Rob Matwiejczyk

Hello Rob, 

Yes, You can buy it in Thailand and across the country. But it might be expensive in Thailand Probably Cambodia, Vietnam might be cheaper.  You really need be extra careful especially in the Border. Sometimes you can also find a tourist seeling a bike this might be a good deal too. There is massive number of scammer along the way. You might be even stopped by the police looking guy even in the middle of the road but don't trust them and don't ever gave any of your valuable things. Especially passport don't take out unless you are at the immigration checkpoint. Even most of the case those scammers and real government police work together. we survived I am sure you can probably do a lot better than us.  Don't ever park your bike outside at night, find the hotel who has indoor safe looking parking and don't leave it unattended. Good luck on your journey! 

- Nepal Explore Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Very informative post Laura.

I've nerver traveled using motorbike in Aisa, but reading your post makes me want to try it for the first time. About crossing borders, thanks for valuable information about international borders between Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. You rock!

international borders
international borders

- Ryan Smith

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