Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek, without any doubt world’s best trekking trail will takes to the heart of Annapurna Sanctuary mesmerizing hHimalaya surrounded entirely by snowcapped mountain. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking can be varied depending on personal time span and preference as shortest one will last for seven days which is also known as Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 Days while on other hand Ghorepani Poon Hill Base Camp Trek will last for 13 days. Annapurna Base Camp located at elevation of 4130 m from sea level is considered as sacred area so no more meat product are allowed to carry on ahead village name Sinwa. Another mandatory side trip during Annapurna Base Camp Trek is Fishtail Base Camp, which mostly serve as lunch camp on the trail from Deurali to ABC Trek.
Annapurna Sanctuary trek had multiple option, Confused!! As Mount Annapurna entirely lies on Nepal there are two Base Camps of Annapurna, i.e. Annapurna Base Camp South & Annapurna Base Camp North. The one we are going to trek is Annapurna South Base Camp as climbers who are aiming to summit Mount Annapurna mostly use North Annapurna Base Camptrekking. Starting from Fedi, traversing through Dhampus one of the most beautiful village on Annapurna Base Camp Trek Route with first night camp in Pothana from where Fewa Lake is visible on distance. Nepal Annapurna is perfect for ideal trekker as altitude is in average, temperature is mild and trek is fine as well as scenery is magnificent day by day. Following simple rule of acute mountain sickness one can easily accomplished entire Annapurna Base Camp Trek with ease. Annapurna Base Camp Route, Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost and Annapurna Base Camp Trek Package does directly differ with several factors however you can see all detail   costing on tab as per tab name on top. If you have still some queries about Annapurna Base Camp then please do mail us at where our expert travel adviser will provide in depth information about Annapurna Base Camp Trekking.

Itinerary for Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Day 01 – Arrival in Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel at Thamel
Day 02 – Guided Kathmandu Sightseeing exploring world heritage sites
Day 03 – Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara by Bus
Day 04 – Short drive from Pokhara to Fedi and Trek to Pothana
Day 05 – Trek from Pothana to Lhandruk
Day 06 – Trek from Jhinu to Chomrong
Day 07 – Trek from Chomrong to Bamboo
Day 08 – Trek from Bamboo to Deurali
Day 09 – Trek from Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp via Fishtail Base Camp
Day 10 – Trek down from Annapurna Base Camp to Dovan
Day 11 – Trek from Dovan to Chomrong
Day 12 – Trek from Chomrong to Sebai
Day 13 – Drive from Sebai to Pokhara
Day 14 – Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu by Private Jeep or Car
Day 15 – International Departure / on your own

Day 01 – Arrival in Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel at Thamel
Thamel, probably one and only touristic area in Kathmandu is around 7 km far from International Airport at Nepal so our airport representative and transport depart will assist you on relocating at Thamel. As soon as you accomplished necessary visa formalities as per arrival in arrival terminal get out of terminal and find person-holding board one of either NEST or your personal name. Depending on time schedule of arrival either same day or next day we will throw a welcome dinner on one of famous restaurant in Thamel with live cultural show performing traditional Nepali dances and music.
Day 02 – Guided Kathmandu Sightseeing exploring world heritage sites
Kathmandu although relatively small in term of area but being Capital of Nepal it is densely populated but rich in term of cultural heritages as five different place are listed on UNESCO world heritage sites. While you are busy on Kathmandu Sightseeing some employee will be issuing necessary permits for Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Late afternoon pre meeting will be held for discussing about all details of trek, code of conduct and introduction section with guides and porter.
Day 03 – Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara by Bus
Scenic bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara will shift us to Pokhara gateway for Annapurna Region Trek where our hotel will be located on side of Fewa Lake. It will take around six hour to traverse from Kathmandu to Pokhara by Bus however option of Flight Kathmandu to Pokhara is also available which will cost extra from cost mentioned but can be arranged just let us know your preferences so that we can customized accordingly to suit your needs for wonderful Annapurna Base Camp Trek.
Day 04 – Short drive from Pokhara to Fedi and Trek to Pothana
Fedi, start point of Dhampus Trekking is similar for Annapurna Base Camp Trekking too as we start from Fedi and take a lunch in Dhampus from where we further hike to Pothana. From certain part of Pothana we can view minimized version of Fewa Lake just because of distance, however mountain range that one can see from Pothana is mesmerizing. First day of Annapurna Base Camp Trek will come on end with getting checked in some lodges, which are pre booked.
Day 05 – Trek from Pothana to Lhandruk
We start from Pothana and head toward Deurali from where trail get divided, one toward Mardi Himal Base Camp and one toward Annapurna Base Camp Trek. We will descend toward Lhandruk, which is on flat area some hotel offer excellent grassy ground with view of Annapurna South. Just on the next of Lhandruk on high we can see massive Ghandruk Village and further on north there lie a Jhinu where we will be heading tomorrow which is really famous for its natural hot spring can close view of Mount Fishtail.
Day 06 – Trek from Jhinu to Chomrong
We will start bit early in morning from Lhandruk and head to Jhinu where we will have a lunch camp and depending on time span we will either visit hot spring same day or next time on the way back from Annapurna Base Camp. Just before arriving Jhinu and after Jhinu up to Chomrong might be the most difficult portion of Annapurna Base Camp Trek Route cause it is steeply up and toward higher elevation, but once we managed to reach Chomrong view is just like medal as reward of hard trek cause all the way down we can see raging Madi River, hotels of Jhinu and Mountain Range in front of dinning windows.
Day 07 – Trek from Chomrong to Bamboo
Starting with descending downhill trail soon we will cross one small suspension bridge and start hiking up again up to Sinwa, from where residential area on Annapurna Trek Route is over as from there one countable hotel and loges are on operation with purpose business as even talking about Sinwa it do had only three hotels. Onward from Sinwa trail is gentle with minor up and down in certain portion only rest is easy flat. Bamboo as name indicated it is full of Bamboo Tree not exactly big bamboo but similar kind of species of bamboo in form of small bushes. On the trail we might encounter with common white face monkey.
Day 08 – Trek from Bamboo to Deurali
As it is high area now we should descend our speed so our next itinerary will be Deurali, which is at around elevation on 3500 m from sea level and landscape start to change into high alpine eco system. Passing via Dovan and Himalayan where only two hotels are located we will mange to hike up to Deurali passing via big Hinku Cave. Small micro hydropower is on operation near Deurali where only 6 hotels are located. Just one more days to go for Annapurna Base Camp we will manage to adjust of climate of Deurali.
Day 09 – Trek from Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp via Fishtail Base Camp
We will start hiking toward Annapurna Base Camp slowly and gently cause one might feel less oxygen because of high alpine area with absence of tree and bushes. All rocky mountain on right hand side of trail we will slowly hike up toward Fishtail Base Camp, where we will stop for lunch. During lunch break we can hike up a little toward ridge on glacier near Mt. Fishtail and have a close up look of west face of Mt. Fishtail. Our final destination Annapurna Base Camp is now more realistic and closer as just couple of more hours to walk for final destination. May be walk slowly but continuously as sunset from lodges near Mount Annapurna is all about gold painting over Fishtail Range.
Day 10 – Trek down from Annapurna Base Camp to Dovan
No more chances of high altitude sickness, we will cover almost two camp in one day on the way down in compare to time duration while we were hiking up for Annapurna Base Camp in previous days of our trek. Right after sunrise over Annapurna South and Annapurna I we will have most delicious breakfast before descending down from Annapurna Sanctuary. All the way down we will easily make up to Dovan.
Day 11 – Trek from Dovan to Chomrong

Here we go again for another overnight stay in Chomrong but depending on time span if team is interested then we will descend down to Jhinu, which is around another one and half hour steep downhill through ladders. May be we should focus on Jhinu cause soaking on natural hot spring is kind of relief. Almost second last day of Annapurna Base Camp Trekking cause tomorrow we will divert to Qmi and get a jeep to drive back to Pokhara.
Day 12 – Trek from Chomrong to Sebai
Even if we manage to stay in Chomrong today when we reach Jhinu we will soak in hot spring cause trail onward to Sebai is all down hill and flat only as well as not so long too. We will walk slowly with great ease and comfort all the way up to Sebai from where next morning we will leave Annapurna Region and head to Pokhara Nepal.
Day 13 – Drive from Sebai to Pokhara
Although still some people used to trek up to Naya Pool we do not do same cause we are extra, not only that of being extra it is all about walking on dusty road where most of the people are using jeep. So better we too use jeep and save time, save energy as well as get rid of dust and other factors too. From Naya Pool we will switch the vehicle and further drive back to Pokhara and spent a relaxing night in Pokhara.
Day 14 – Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu by Private Jeep or Car
Depending on size of group we will either arrange car or jeep or coaster with guaranteed ease and comfort. Driving all the way back to Kathmandu from Pokhara with help of private transport will be great ease and comfort unless some disturbance on traffic which might delay the schedule than pre assumed for Pokhara to Kathmandu. Pose meeting after Annapurna Base Camp Trekking mainly to share your experience, suggestion and feedback.
Day 15 – International Departure / on your own
As per your international flight schedule our transport depart will arrange all necessary ground transport for international drop on individual requirement, just in case if you are ending Annapurna Base Camp Trekking with some extra day on Nepal let us know we will arrange accordingly. 
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Equipment for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Major things you need to manage and some things, which we manage for great adventure trekking. Since you will be exploring mostly high alpine area some things should not be missed for comfortable trek. Lets make a list of some basic things –
Duffel / Rucksack Bag – We provide water and windproof duffel bag for all individual hikers throughout trekking duration, however it will be necessary for one hard suitcase bag in order to leave unnecessary things and stuffs in Hotel or storage of NEST ADVENTURE.
Day Bag Pack – For your basic daily stuffs during walking you will be needing one small day bag pack which should be good enough to fit camel pouch for water, some paper, sunscreen, your valuable like passport, money etc. Normally it should be around 2500 to 3000 cubic inches.
Down Jacket – Personal down jacket is recommend for trekking however we provide down jacket for each individual throughout trek duration and should be retuned at the end of trek. We provide down jacket good enough up to minus 15 degree Celsius and we hope this is good enough for trekking.
Sleeping Bag – Personal sleeping bag is recommend for trekking however we provide sleeping bag for each individual and should be returned at the end of trek. We provide sleeping bag good enough up to minus 20 degree Celsius and we hope this is good enough for trekking.
  • Sunglass with UV protection, Sun hat and Fleece hat.
  • Good hiking shoes, thin as well as thick pair of socks.
  • Thin and thick gloves with waterproof outer shell.
  • Tissue paper, toilet paper, hand-wash & basic first aid kit.
  • Light trouser, thick as well thin for multipurpose use.
  • Thick as well as thin jackets for multipurpose use.
So these are basic things, which one needs to know in general before heading for the trek and we hope this is good enough for basic info, for further particular queries send us email at

Weather in Annapurna Base Camp Trek Nepal

Normally weather can be divided into four different quarters through out the year, we would love to provide some more information details regarding weather condition and others which makes you easier to decide what shorts of clothing, equipment are necessary as well as wise to carry.
Spring – March to May
Second best season for Trekking in Nepal is from March to May, which is considered as spring season in Nepal. Just before rain hits trekking trail in Nepal during March to May Nepal used to be bloomed with rhododendron forest with clear blue sky. Especially base camps of eight thousanders used to get lots of crowd especially for expedition purpose, as weather is clear most of the time with suitable temperature for expedition. Average city temperature during March to May ranges as
Average Daily Temperature – Ranges from 24 to 28 (Degree Celsius)
Average Night Temperature – Ranges from 8 to 16 (Degree Celsius)
Rainy – June to August
Normally high mountain flights in Nepal used to get canceled during these periods because of poor visibility and rainfall. Heavy rainfall in lower alpine as well as frequent snowfall in high alpine region trekking is almost stopped during this trek. As chances are high for rock fall in alpine passes and closing of teahouses make more difficult too for treks. However city tour are still feasible with help of vehicles and for more adventure rafting as most to do list for extreme adventure.
Average Daily Temperature – Ranges from 21 to 24 (Degree Celsius)
Average Night Temperature – Ranges from 14 to 18 (Degree Celsius)
Winter – December to February
Extreme snowfall and low temperature is totally unfavorable for high alpine trek as most of the trails are blocked by heavy snow making almost impassable. Another major obstacles is closing of teahouses as during such periods of year most of the teahouses on start and end of passes. So either way you need to walk two days trail is same days but it is almost impossible so simple trekking in Ghorepani Poonhill, Nagarkot Chisapani are more feasible and attracts lot of people. City area and sightseeing are ok with freezing cold especially during morning and late night. Views are ok everyday with clear sky and snowy peak far beneath horizon. Do not forget to get winter clothes before you departure for Trip in Nepal.
Average Daily Temperature – Ranges from 19 to 20 (Degree Celsius)
Average Night Temperature – Ranges from 3 to 5 (Degree Celsius)
Fall – September to November
Right after monsoon is over sky is greeted by light blue color, one of the most favorable weather periods. Trekking trail are full of trekkers, hotel are sometimes overbooked everybody are busy with tour trekking stuffs, hard to get airlines ticket as well as bus ticket to major cities. Warm days snow free elevation even up to base camps. Be prepared in advance for all necessary booking and reservation stuffs as it is peak season all quality things are either booked in advance or might be busy. One of the best weather periods in Himalayas with average temperature as below
Average Daily Temperature – Ranges from 19 to 27 (Degree Celsius)
Average Night Temperature – Ranges from 8 to 17 (Degree Celsius)
More information for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

As per arrival
As per arrival representative of NEST ADVENTURE will greet you in airport’s arrival terminal and shift to hotel in Thamel for first overnight stay in Nepal. For this you need to finish paper work inside arrival terminal in order to get Nepal Entry Visa, which is always arrival visa. So next day will be followed by sightseeing in Kathmandu and preparation of trek, introduction with crew member of trek and short pre-briefing of trek and continue trek starting from 3rd day of arrival in Nepal.
As per booked package either deluxe or budget we will arrange the hotel in Kathmandu accordingly on 3 star / 4 star of budget hotels, as well as accordingly in mountain too on twin sharing basis. As per available and booked we will provide attach bathroom and common bathroom on mountain. While sharing the room with fellow trekkers we will try to arrange for same gender and age group and if someone is looking for single supplement then let us know we will arrange accordingly and let you know the extra charge of single supplement. As well as sometime in mountain during peak season time hotel owner especially in high alpine area refuse to provide single supplement just for shake of business mostly because lack of plenty of rooms and monopoly to, so in such case we might need to adjust.
Meals and drinking water
Regarding the case of meals during city we provide accommodation on bed & breakfast basis so in Kathmandu we offer breakfast where lunch and dinner will be on your own as per your choice preference and selection of restaurant. In case of mountain area while trekking we offer three meals a day i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner from free selection over menu as per available in lodges and tea houses in trekking trail. So normally in such trekking days you can consult with your guide regarding the specialty of dishes so that he can assure for the best-valued dishes. Wide range of food are available ranging from veg item to non-veg and other energetic stuffs like cheese, egg etc.
Regarding the case of drinking water normally bottled mineral water as available for purchase of very expensive almost 20 times expensive in last belt of Everest as bottle of mineral water sometimes cost Rs. 380-400 /- so it is better to carry water purification stuffs with you which can be utilized on purifying tap water as there are enough tap water in trekking area as well as hotels offer cold tap water free of cost.
Visa Requirement
Out of one visa year tourist visa can be obtained of maximum 90 days, which you can directly get as per arrival in international airport or can apply from your home country too but as per arrival will be fine too. It is recommend carrying accurate USD and don’t forget to bring two copies of passport size picture. Extension of visa from middle of stay in also possible for this process of visa extension all you need to do is fulfill form from website of immigration and submit it there with original passport copy. Multiple entry visas will be cheaper in case of money you can consult there directly.
International flight to Nepal
Nepal is easily accessible from entire word via flight, as we don’t deal with international flight ticket you can consult some other flight booking agencies for detail of cost, transit and other details. For your information no airport tax is applicable for international flight where as Nepali Rs. 200 is applicable for domestic flights which is equal to US $ 2 on basis of exchange rate of 1 USD equals Rs. 100 but sometime might get different by 0.10 / 0.20 USD on basis of exchange rate. Most of time especially in rainy season domestic flight gets canceled because of bad weather however it does not affect international schedules most of the time.
Currency and foreign exchange rate
In Nepal both coin as well as paper notes are in used however coin are of low value only. But regarding the case of paper note for day-to-day used are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 & 1000. Do not worry about damaged paper note as it there exist clear number of currency on both side it is applicable, one can do anything with paper notes like squeezing, writing over it etc.
Since Nepal has fixed exchange rate with Indian currency exchange rate doe directly depend on value on Indian currency, now a day exchange rate of USD is 1 USD equals Rs. 95 in approximate, can check everyday over internet for current exchange rate. And for information about currency that are majorly accepted in Nepal are Indian currency, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, Euro, Swiss Frank, Riyal etc.
Travel Insurance
Normally while walking in lower elevation steadily, taking enough acclimatization days we can avoid chance of acute mountain sickness however we cannot totally avoid mountain sickness instead we can lower the chance of occurrence by following some rules and paying lot attention for personal hygiene. Since the remote mountain area are not facilitated by motor roads and modern hospital so incase of strong mountain sickened one and only option is to descend as down as possible which is feasible with use of helicopters only. Such kind of expenses in high elevation area extremely off the edge and cannot be offered easily as sometime cost more than one million rupees, so it is better to have a personal health insurance. As we do not deal with such kind of health insurance but we do have good enough information about insurance providing company as some deal very quickly promptly for case where as some try to avoid and create some unnecessary delays in evacuation process. So as per need of information we will let you know some good provider from your region so that it will be easy in worse case in mountains.
High altitude sickness
Often known as acute mountain sickness are most dangerous things and any one can be victim of AMS apart from their physical strength. There is no such specific medicine for AMS so one needs to be careful from beginning. Major Symptom of AMS is dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite, weakness and insomnia so in order to rid of AMS major thing is to drink plenty of water and enough acclimatization in high alpine area. Although our crew leader will have adequate first aid medicine and kit sometimes one might need to cancel the trip and descend down in case of increasing symptom of AMS and in case of emergency situation clients will be airlifted immediately for further treatment in hospital at Kathmandu.

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Trip Facts

Price: $ 1150 USD
Duration: 16 Days
Accomodation: Normal Tea House and lodge
Altitude Height: 4130
Seasons : March / April / October / November
Level: Moderate
Trip Departure: February /March / April / September /October / November
No. of Pax : +2 People
Activities: Driving / Trekking / Walking
Mode of Travel: Driving / Hiking / Trekking


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